Digital Multimeter

Fluke’s 28 II Ex digital multimeter is safe for use inside and outside hazardous zones. The meter is constructed for rugged environments and is drop-proof up to 10 ft with a sealed, IP 67-rated case for complete protection against dust
and water. It can withstand hazardous 8,000-V spikes caused by load switching and faults on industrial circuits. The meter is also designed to operate accurately and reliably, thereby providing the test and troubleshooting capabilities necessary inside and outside of potentially explosive areas. It eliminates the need to carry multiple meters for different areas and alleviates safety problems associated with crossing through an intrinsically safe (IS) required zone with non-IS instruments. The 28 IIEx features a high-resolution 20,000 count display and true root mean square AC voltage and current for accurate measurement on nonlinear signals. It measures up to 1,000 V and 10 A, and its low pass filter ensures accurate voltage and frequency measurements on variable speed motor drives. The built-in thermometer measures temperature from –200°C to 1090°C (–328°F to 1994°F).

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