Disintegrating Fracturing Balls

TervAlloy engineered disintegrating fracturing balls from Terves have been deployed successfully in horizontal fracture completions in North America since their introduction in late 2014. These new, lower-cost and higher-strength metallic tools are easier to store and handle and less prone to early degradation than previous-generation dissolvable metals. Nanocomposite metals are lighter and stronger than aluminum, and are engineered to disintegrate in a highly controllable manner when exposed to completion fluids at downhole temperatures. Terves has proprietary and patented nanocomposite technology and is a leading supplier of disintegrating magnesium fracturing balls and completion-tool components. Terv­Alloy engineered magnesium-alloy fracturing balls maintain their shape and do not begin degrading in the ball-drop system, while effectively actuating sleeves or sealing fracture plugs at pumping pressures that can exceed 10,000 psi. Once deployed, the engineered alloy tools respond to a combination of completion fluids and bottomhole temperatures to degrade into soluble micron-sized particles that easily circulate out of the well. Within 1 to 5 days after completing the fracturing, tools are completely disintegrated, leaving an unobstructed wellbore, without requiring coiled tubing drillout operations. Five formulations of Terv­Alloy magnesium alloys are available, with useable tensile strengths up to 45,000 psi and with a range of dissolution rates.

TervAlloy disintegrating fracturing balls.