High-Pressure Flowmeter

Bell Technologies introduced the Multi­phase Toruswedge (MPT), a high-­pressure flowmeter for safely measuring multiphase volumetric flow rates for wellbore processes. The meter is designed to provide high-accuracy volumetric flow measurement on drilling rigs and can be used for multiple applications ranging from low to extremely high pressure. The MPT is particularly suited to mud flow where fluid is injected into the well through high-pressure and -volume injection pumps. Mud is then returned to the surface through the bell nipple, where it flows through the shaker for cleaning before being recirculated back to the wellbore. The product handles demanding applications that require robust performance combined with low maintenance. The MPT will allow operators to confidently monitor mud flow both in and out of the well and ensure long-term asset reliability as well as safe rig operation. By monitoring the complete mud-flow process, the rig operator will be able to control the drilling process safely and provide a more economically priced wellbore. The Bell Technologies MPT mud flowmeter is a primary flow element with a maximum pressure rating of 20,000 psi.

Bell Technologies’ Multiphase Toruswedge high-pressure flowmeter.