Dry Emulsifier

Georgia-Pacific Chemicals introduced the new XPLOR line of dry emulsifiers that combine performance with operational benefits in terms of efficiency and total use costs. The emulsifiers have demonstrated performance in diesel-, mineral-oil-, or synthetic-based drilling fluids. They are compatible with a variety of solvents, thus reducing the need to purchase multiple types of emulsifiers. Shipped in 25-lbm bags, the product is also easier to pour than traditional liquids in barrels, allowing for more-precise dosing. Use of XPLOR dry emulsifiers eliminates drum-transportation, cleaning, and disposal costs. Typical liquid emulsifiers may contain approximately 50% base oil, but XPLOR dry emulsifiers have a higher activity level. As a result, less emulsifier is required to treat a drilling fluid than with a liquid emulsifier. XPLOR dry emulsifiers have minimal resistance to flow, even at temperatures below freezing, so they are easier to work with in cold climates than conventional liquid emulsifiers that need to be hot-boxed, steamed, or jacketed in order to pour in frigid conditions.