Infrared Sensor

LumaSense Technologies introduced its petrochemical infrared sensor, the Pulsar 4. Oil and gas operations are heavily dependent on combustion-based processes in supplying the world’s growing energy needs. The Pulsar 4 is intended for monitoring the refractory and gas temperatures inside sulfur-recovery units, sulfur burners, and the thermal oxidizer furnaces frequently found at these facilities. The Pulsar 4 is an explosion-proof infrared thermometer (pyrometer) with the ability to see through flames and simultaneously deliver refractory and gas temperature with precision to 0.3°C and a range of 350 to 2000°C. The Pulsar 4 Advanced features LumaSense’s proprietary Smart Flame Measurement Algorithm, which accounts for flame transparency that can affect the temperature readings for a more-precise view of activity inside these vessels. LumaSense’s updated InfraWin software interprets the data from the Pulsar 4 for analysis inside the control room. Customers with Pulsar II and III can leverage their existing infrastructure to upgrade these units to the new Pulsar 4 and its advanced capabilities.

The Pulsar 4 petrochemical infrared sensor from LumaSense can make refractory- and gas-temperature measurements, with readings unaffected by flames.