Unconventional-Reservoir-Drilling Motors

Baker Hughes released two new motors designed for drilling unconventional reservoirs. The 7-in. Navi-Drill Ultra XL45 motor offers high power and torque to drill long sections through hard formations reliably, and the 5-in. Navi-Drill X-treme eXtend motor provides higher power output and increased reliability in drilling slimhole horizontal sections. The 7-in. Ultra XL45 motor features a long power section that enables it to drill long vertical sections with little need to correct for deviations, and its high-torque capability also minimizes stick/slip to increase performance and bit life. The motor uses a high-performance elastomer that provides additional power output to help achieve higher rates of penetration and reduced drilling costs. The 5-in. X-treme eXtend motor easily drills slimhole sections that often present a challenge for conventional motor technologies. The unique design of the X-treme eXtend motor power section provides up to 100% greater torque than typical conventional-motor offerings. The additional power enables operators to drill with more-demanding, high-endurance polycrystalline-diamond-compact bits through long, hard, and abrasive horizontal sections such as those in the Williston basin.

Baker Hughes’ Navi-Drill motors are designed for unconventional-reservoir drilling.