Safety Valve

The Weatherford Optimax series of safety valves has a long track record of guarding against catastrophic loss of well control. More than 5,000 tubing-retrievable safety valves (TRSVs) have been provided worldwide, with zero failures. The success of the valves can be attributed largely to two aspects of the design and manufacturing process: the hydraulic system, which eliminates common points of failure, and the extensive internal testing program. The series offers a variety of valves suited for deployment in diverse wellbore sizes and conditions. The three newest valves in the portfolio extend service to environments with pressures up to 15,000 psi and temperatures up to 350°F. A 7-in., super-slim TRSV provides an effective barrier in large-bore, high-rate gas completions; a 4½-in. TRSV is optimized for high-pressure/high-temperature applications; and an additional 4½-in. TRSV is designed for deepwater applications. After undergoing a robust internal testing program, all three valves were qualified to the V1 validation grade under the new American Petroleum Institute 14A 12th Edition standard.

With rigorous testing standards and an extensive track record, the Optimax series of safety valves from Weatherford offers robust safety valves for offshore environments.