SPE Implements Staff Reorganization

SPE recently implemented significant changes in its staff structure to maximize staff resources for future growth in programs and services. The new organizational structure regroups and consolidates activities from functional departments as well as SPE’s regional offices to provide a more seamless global staff operation. The revised structure will enhance collaboration, effectiveness, and internal communications; provide a more efficient leadership structure; and address operational challenges that have emerged as a result of the Society’s rapid growth in recent years.

Four members of the staff leadership team were named to new positions in the reorganization, announced 15 July:

A fifth new position, Vice President Member and Information Services, will complete the new staff executive team reporting to Mark Rubin, now CEO and Executive Vice President. That new position combines member services and information-technology services into a new division, where Jane Boyce and Walter Jacinto continue as Director Member Services and Director Information Technology, respectively.

As COO, Graham leads SPE’s global operations team, with emphasis on strategic initiatives and execution of events—conferences, exhibitions, workshops, and training courses. Named to new positions in this group are:

Also part of this group are:

A new position for Managing Director North America has yet to be filled.

In additional changes, several senior managers were named to new positions:

SPE last evaluated its staff structure in 2007 and implemented changes to meet the changing landscape. Since then, the Society’s growth has been dramatic—doubling the number of staff positions, adding 37,000 new members, more than doubling revenue, and adding many new programs and activities.  Additional organizational changes within departments to streamline processes and responsibilities are under way.