Ceramic Proppant

CARBO Ceramics’ KRYPTOSPHERE LD ultraconductive, low-density ceramic-proppant technology maximizes hydrocarbon flow for the life of the well. KRYPTOSPHERE LD technology is engineered to have the same characteristics as the company’s previous KRYPTOSPHERE HD technology—monosized with excellent strength, durability, and smoothness—providing high conductivity across the entire range of low- to high-stress well conditions. It significantly exceeds the conductivity of existing low-density proppant and reduces costly wear and tear on pressure pumping equipment, ultimately providing higher production and estimated ultimate recovery. The higher flow rates and larger propped volume increase recovery and return on investment, thereby lowering finding and development costs per barrel of oil equivalent. KRYPTOSPHERE LD technology has a high crush resistance and withstands stress cycling to ensure that fracture conductivity, integrity, and connectivity are sustained long-term to optimize production. The spherical, smooth, and uniform size characteristics of KRYPTOSPHERE LD technology result in more-consistent flow paths and minimize the pressure drop caused by non-Darcy-flow effects across the fracture, further enhancing flow rates and ultimate recovery.

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The spherical, smooth shape of CARBO Ceramics’ KRYPTOSPHERE LD ceramic-proppant technology helps enhance flow rates.