Screen-Handling System

The Weatherford removable collar screen-handling system uses a minimum length of blank tubular to handle, connect, and run lower-completion screens. The design results in less tubular contact than conventional handling equipment, which means that more of the tubular can be dedicated to hydrocarbon production. The system includes an ­application-specific collar, a sliding collar table, and a hydraulically operated automated side-door elevator. A large, 14.3‑in. maximum pass-through diameter enables the system to be used with completion assemblies. The system works with the company’s integrated safety-interlock system, which prevents casing and tubing strings from being accidentally dropped. A shock-absorbing system in the sliding collar table minimizes shock load on the tubular string as the string weight is transferred from the elevator to the table. The system is field-proven to handle and connect deepwater lower completion strings without marking string sections. The technology is intended for deep­water deployment but has the potential to improve the quality and efficiency of rig operations in a variety of fields.

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