Managed-Pressure-Drilling System

National Oilwell Varco (NOV) has introduced the scalable MPowerD managed-pressure-drilling (MPD) system, which allows clients to combine MPD components into customizable, fit-for-purpose packages that provide safe, efficient drilling in closed-loop applications for land, shelf, and deepwater segments. NOV’s integrated MPD solution allows drillers to manage wellbore pressure during drilling and connections; enables early detection of kicks and losses; and reduces risk, time, and cost for operations in both conventional and unconventional plays. Wellbore-pressure management mitigates undesired influx of gas and or water into the wellbore, improves wellbore stability, and reduces the risk of hole collapse and differentially stuck pipe. The MPD system addresses the land segment by using a passive rotating control device (RCD) installed above the blowout preventer that diverts the flow through a setpoint MPD choke manifold. The choke manifold contains a pressure-­control choke, a pressure-relief valve, and a bypass line. The system comes with flowlines and valves to offer a complete tie-in to the rig’s circulation system.

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National Oilwell Varco’s MPowerD managed-pressure-drilling system.