High-Temperature Sealing Material

Rubberatkins’ Thermanite sealing material was developed for high-temperature applications and has proven effective in the containment of superheated steam in enhanced oil recovery operations such as steam-assisted gravity drainage and cyclic steam stimulation. Steam injection has posed challenges to elastomeric seals over the years, with conventional seals failing early in the steam-injection cycle, resulting in unsatisfactory oil recovery. Steam injected in conventional slotted liner wells disperses unevenly, with effective heating near the heel but poor heating at the toe of the well. The Thermanite cups and packing elements ensure heat distribution and minimal temperature loss across the full length of the pipe, with zero loss of steam from the injector and producer wells. Thermanite provides a sealing solution for harsh conditions in which temperatures can reach 600°F and provides resistance to sour gas and crude oil.

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Thermanite high-temperature sealing material from Rubberatkins.