Drilling-Riser Elevator

Weatherford’s drilling-riser elevator, the DRE 500, safely and efficiently runs flanged-connection drilling-riser strings in harsh deepwater environments. Compatible with 500- or 750-ton bails, the elevator is designed for efficient rig up. Rated for drilling-riser strings up to 500 tons, the elevator handles stress joints, riser joints with buoyancy cans, and riser joints with or without strakes and fairings. The specially designed indexing dogs ensure that the riser is gripped properly, allowing it to be raised and lowered into the well. The nonmarking feature on the tool protects against stress-­concentration factors created by standard dies, which extends the life of the riser joint. Hydraulic operation of the spider and elevator eliminates the time needed to manually bolt standard lifting gear, ultimately reducing overall run times. Used with Weatherford’s integrated safety-interlock system, the elevator can be operated remotely to eliminate manual riser-running tasks and keep personnel out of hazardous zones. The interlocking mechanics also keep the elevator and spider from opening in the event of hydraulic or pneumatic failure.

Weatherford’s DRE 500 drilling-riser elevator.