Mechanized Stabbing Guide

The new Weatherford mechanized stabbing guide remotely guides tubulars to facilitate hands-free stab-in. The guide incorporates four axes of motion that are run by remote control in an automatic sequence, which removes the need for a rig hand to enter the red zone at the rotary table. It can be installed on platform, jackup, and semisubmersible rigs in any environment. Bolted directly onto a flush-mounted spider, the guide moves from horizontal to vertical while the spider base remains stationary. The mechanized guide aligns to the pipe and adjusts to accommodate different pipe thicknesses and threaded-box heights. Operational flexibility is further increased by the guide’s compatibility with a wide range of casing and coupling sizes. The tool also includes polyurethane clamping elements that eliminate metal-to-metal contact during stabbing, to protect sealing surfaces. When used in conjunction with Weatherford’s OverDrive casing-running and drilling system, the mechanized stabbing guide enables the entire casing-running process to be executed without manual handling. The full system removes personnel from high-risk zones on the rig floor, thereby enhancing safety

Weatherford’s mechanized stabbing guide enables automated stab-in of tubulars, which removes personnel from high-risk zones on the rig floor.