Artificial-Lift Production Solution

Baker Hughes introduced the CENesis PHASE multiphase encapsulated production solution, which helps operators avoid production interruptions in unconventional wells. Designed to separate natural gas from the oil stream before it can enter an electrical-submersible-pumping (ESP) system, the solution mitigates production downtime and potential ESP performance issues, which can ultimately improve reserves recovery. During the production phase in unconventional plays, higher levels of natural gas are usually released from the pay zone as reservoir pressure depletes. This gas typically enters the horizontal wellbore and accumulates in the high side of the lateral, creating large gas slugs that, as they move up the wellbore, cause low-flow or no-flow conditions in an ESP system. The CENesis PHASE solution mitigates this problem by surrounding the entire ESP system in a shroud, allowing lighter natural gas to continue flowing up the wellbore while heavier production fluid flows into the shroud and is produced through the ESP system. The shroud also provides a supply of production fluid so the ESP system can continue to operate during gas-slug events when natural gas completely displaces fluid in the wellbore. Mitigating this gas interference in the pumping system stabilizes production and reduces downtime associated with pump-cycling and gas-locking conditions.

The CENesis PHASE multiphase production solution from Baker Hughes surrounds the ESP system in a shroud, reducing gas interference in performance.