Drilling-Waste-Transportation Technology

CubeLink from Cubility safely and cost-effectively transports drilling waste directly from shale shakers or Cubility’s MudCube solids-control system to a storage unit or final processing unit on a drilling rig. The system is targeted at onshore and offshore drilling contractors and oil companies seeking greater rig efficiency in handling cuttings (particularly dry cutting), facilitating the transportation of cuttings from their drilling facilities, and reducing waste-handling and drilling-fluid costs. The system gives operators the ability to handle dry and moist drilling waste horizontally and vertically, as well as access real-time information on the weight, volume, and degree of moisture in the cuttings. CubeLink consists of a recurring belt shaped in a drop-belt configuration. The system opens up in a U-shape in the feeding station to receive drilling waste that is fed by gravity from one or several shakers or MudCubes into the feeding station. The belt is then closed and routed to the destination.  The belt opens and returns flat over a turning roller where the drilling waste drops by gravity into a receptacle.

Cubility’s CubeLink drilling-waste-transportation technology.