Diversion-Stimulation Service

In acid stimulations, it is often challenging to achieve the wellbore coverage needed to optimize recovery. Often, mechanical isolation is not a feasible option because of operational constraints. Schlumberger’s OpenPath Sequence diversion-stimulation service sequentially diverts acid into additional clusters or zones to maximize wellbore coverage, resulting in more-­precise treatment placement and greater production when compared with conventional methods. The service uses degradable fibers to suspend multimodal particles that enable sequential stimulation of intervals in acid stimulations. Suitable for both cased and openhole completions, the service can be used for acid fracturing or matrix stimulations in carbonate reservoirs. The service is also suited for restimulation treatments in mature fields. It has been tested in reservoirs in the Middle East and in North America, resulting in proven diversion and significantly improved production. In the ­Middle East, a customer wanted to stimulate two separate zones with multiple clusters in a vertical well. Effective diversion using the service was indicated by an increase in diversion pressure and confirmed by injection logs. In addition, the productivity index improved by more than 300% with an increase in production to 1,200 B/D from 350 B/D.

Schlumberger’s OpenPath Sequence diversion-stimulation service sequentially plugs perforations in the near-wellbore region to maximize wellbore coverage.