Hummingbird Wings Inspire New Wind Turbine Design [Video]

Tyer Wind in Tunisia developed a wind turbine that mimics the flapping motion of hummingbirds' wings. Rated power output is 1 kW, using two carbon-fiber wings, each 5.25-ft long. At rated power, it operates at 450 rpm. The machine is currently undergoing open air/real conditions testing.

The company said Aouinian 3D kinematics mark a major revolution in the field of mechanics, allowing the conversion of a linear motion into a rotational one (reciprocating) and capable of imitating animal kinematics such as hummingbirds, flying insects, and marine tails and fins. Invented by Anis Aouini, it has a wide scope of strategic applications (e.g., wind energy, external combustion engines, internal combustion engines, pumps, and marine propulsion).