Rotating Control Device

Weatherford brings enhanced capabilities to onshore drilling by incorporating design elements from proven marine rotating-control-device (RCD) technology. The SafeShield 5M RCD creates a ­pressure-tight barrier in the wellbore annulus to contain and divert drilling returns in onshore liquid and gas wells. The single-platform RCD streamlines equipment management because it supports a wide range of applications and pressures. Compared with previous models, the RCD offers a shorter stack height, a larger through-bore diameter of 8¼-in., and higher pressure ratings up to 5,000 psi. Other enhancements include a remote latching system that enables installing and removing the bearing assembly without manual handling below the rig floor. Additionally, a self-lubricated bearing assembly eliminates the requirement for an external hydraulic lubrication unit and the need to connect lubrication lines. A rotating flange reduces rig-up time, and an interchangeable bowl adapts to a range of flange configurations. When combined with an electric set-point choke, the RCD enables proactive pressure management for diverse onshore drilling operations.

Weatherford’s SafeShield 5M RCD is nitrogen-tested to American Petroleum Institute 16RCD criteria, which validates its use in pure gas environments.