Umbilical Flushing Unit

Paradigm Flow Services offers a subsea umbilical unit that flushes chemicals or hydraulic fluids from subsea umbilical cores. The unit has a containment system to allow onshore disposal of chemicals or hydraulic fluids and has a custom-made twin-skinned bladder designed to withstand subsea production chemicals, including solvents and methanol. A diver or remotely operated vehicle (ROV) connects the bladder to a manifold assembly, which is then connected to a subsea umbilical. Once operational, the unit can be left in position on the seabed. Conventional approaches to subsea umbilical flushing often require a dive support vehicle to be on location for days, but this unit eliminates that expense, according to the company. The unit can connect to any part of the umbilical distribution system and has a nonreturn valve that prevents flushed fluids and debris from migrating back into the cleared line.

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