Dry Additive Mix Unit

National Oilwell Varco (NOV) introduced a new dry additive mix unit to its Rolligon product line. The unit is designed to address the challenges that operators face on their fracturing sites, providing greater flexibility in additive selection to reduce costs and improve performance. Traditional gels, which were slurried in diesel or mineral oil, have previously been used on the basis of their ease of metering. However, efforts to reduce costs have led to the rise of accurate dry gel additive systems. The elimination of the mineral oil reduces both the product cost and the volume of product transported to the job site, thereby improving logistics efficiencies and reducing logistics cost. The new mix unit uses a custom-engineered mixer to premix the dry additive with water for optimal mix quality. The unit is designed to handle the high feed rates needed for gel applications, but can be easily adapted to accommodate much lower feed rates. The unit also includes on-board bulk hoppers, which can be pneumatically filled, and a dust-collection system. Additionally, automated mixing controls allow for minimal interaction by operator personnel. In addition to the standalone unit shown, NOV offers dry additive systems incorporated into traditional hydration units.

For further information, visit www.nov.com.