Sand-Control Technology

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Tendeka introduced its Cascade³ technology, which overcomes sand-control challenges by preventing sand production entirely. The platform eliminates the failure mechanisms associated with water-injection wells, providing operators with improved injectivity, recovery, and well life. The technology provides a unique solution to water hammer, crossflow, and backflow, which is accomplished by isolating fluid in the completion annulus and locking injection water into the formation to eliminate the transport mechanism for sand production entirely. Cascade³ can be radially mounted in the screen base pipe, with no effect on outer or inner diameter and without altering completion geometry. The technology provides up to 10,000 BWPD injection per screen joint at low pressure drop and unit velocities. With a simple and unobtrusive design, Cascade³ is compatible with both gravel packs and stand-alone screens. In addition to boosting production, Cascade³ reduces the need for interventions and redrills, significantly lowering long-term operational costs.