Corrosion- and Scale-Mitigation Solution

When iron sulfide, corrosion, and scale are present, they can cause difficulties such as plugged tubing and flowlines; corrosion-induced leaks; water-quality issues; and health, safety, and environmental (HSE) concerns. Existing treatments often feature limited injection points and the need for multiple capillary strings to be installed for continuous treatment. Operators are often forced to perform frequent workovers to repair and clean the well before optimum production can resume, resulting in unwanted downtime and costs. To overcome these challenges and limitations, Baker Hughes, a GE company, developed the FUSE WCW3444 triple-combination product. The solution brings together an iron-sulfide dissolver, a corrosion inhibitor, and a scale inhibitor into a single chemical solution. Unlike traditional offerings, this product provides continuous treatment without the need for multiple capillary strings, pumps, or injection points, helping to avoid unnecessary operational costs and logistics while reducing the overall surface footprint and associated HSE concerns. A single, continuous treatment is especially valuable for operators who cannot meet the needed performance metrics with batch treatments, as well as in long horizontal wells where batch treatments fail to effectively control iron sulfide coming from the horizontal section. 

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