Ambassador Lecturer Pilot Program Kicks Off

By now, many people throughout the petroleum industry have been made aware of the Ambassador Lecturer Pilot Program (ALPP), part of SPE’s effort to recruit and retain petroleum engineering students and promote the energy industry as an exciting and challenging career. The ALPP allows young professionals the opportunity to visit local university SPE student chapters to speak about their careers in the oil and gas industry and what their work experiences have been like since graduation. As we near the official rollout of the program in the spring semester of 2006, the excitement behind the ALPP is certainly building. Part of that excitement has come from young professionals who view the ALPP as a way to give back to an industry that has provided them with numerous opportunities, challenges, and experiences. So far, the selection committee has received nominees from many countries, including the United States, Norway, United Kingdom, Italy, and The Netherlands.

University students are also excited about the ALPP. During the student activities day held at the 2005 SPE Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition in Dallas, many students said they were eager to learn about the many opportunities presented to young professionals in the industry. As one student pointed out, “Oftentimes in a university, students feel a disconnection between what they are studying and the real-life application of those studies.” Another student said, “We feel that we are being talked at, rat  her than talked to, by our professors.” The ALPP aims to help bridge the university/industry gap by allowing young professionals to present technologies they are currently working with and speak to the students as peers and future colleagues.

The YEPP Coordinating Committee extends its thanks to all who nominated ambassador lecturers for the pilot program. These applicants represent the future of our industry, and we thank them for their willingness to dedicate their time to encourage college students to explore the possibilities within the energy industry. It is the goal of the YEPP Coordinating Committee to assist in creating a successful program and to expand the areas that will receive ambassador lecturers. If you are interested in learning more about the ALPP or submitting suggestions and ideas, please contact Susan Sexton at