Injection and Fracturing Valve

GEODynamics introduced its QuickStart Inject and Frac Valve product line. The results of field testing yielded complete successful toe-stage openings in more than 120 wells in the United States. The QuickStart Inject and Frac Valve is the value offering within GEODynamics’ broader patented SmartStart Plus Time Delay Test and Frac product line. The reliability of the QuickStart Valves and SmartStart Plus are the result of extensive engineering-development efforts and patented TORQ Thru and Port Jetting technology. Operators have reported that QuickStart valves using Port Jetting technology have greatly improved their ability to inject into the toe stage of their wells. The SmartStart Plus product line allows customers to meet the most stringent regulatory and safety test requirements, while in the current challenging economic environment, the QuickStart Inject and Frac Valve reduces cost, increases reliability, improves safety, and maximizes toe-stage injectivity. QuickStart Valves are the best option for operators currently using standard toe valves and seeking to improve injection rates and efficiency at the well site. The Port Jetting technology has been proven in thousands of wells as a superior technique to achieve connection with the formation.

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