Production-Optimization Consulting Service

Weatherford introduced its production-optimization consulting services. The consultants are in-house subject-matter experts who collaborate with operators to design integrated optimization solutions for proactive well, reservoir, and asset management. Drawing from a comprehensive portfolio of lift equipment and a 480,000-well history of successful software deployments, consultants assist with choosing the right technologies for the optimal outcome. The consulting team can configure offerings—which include artificial-lift systems, surface and downhole sensors, controllers, and production-optimization software—to suit assets ranging from conventional and deepwater sources to unconventional shale and heavy-oil sources. The team also can recommend comprehensive solutions for various operational challenges. For example, they can partner with operators to maximize production in naturally flowing and artificially lifted wells with high outputs, or they can help to reduce operational costs in assets with thousands of minimally producing wells. The services follow a cycle of ongoing improvement, which mirrors the industry-recognized structure to optimize performance and maximize profitability. The cycle includes well appraisal, lift selection (if needed), system design, performance monitoring, data analysis, and operational adjustments.

Weatherford production-optimization consulting uses a six-stage cycle to help operators enhance performance and achieve full-field optimization.