Brunei Section News

The SPE Brunei Section presented prizes on September 11 for the student paper contest organized by the Young Professionals (YPs) Chapter in collaboration with the Science, Technology, and Environment Partnership (STEP) Center, Ministry of Education, at the Empire Hotel and Country Club in Brunei.

The theme of the contest, which was held 27 July at Brunei’s Oil and Gas Discovery Center, was “The Oil and Gas Industry in Brunei Darussalam.” The contest objectives were to develop students’ writing skills and to promote interest among Brunei’s young people in energy issues.

Thirty-five students from 10 secondary schools in the Belait district took part in the competition. Competitors were given 90 minutes to write a paper on any one of three topics: (1) How do we conserve energy in order to reduce gas emissions to our environment? (2) Describe the benefit you get from the oil and gas industry in Brunei Darussalam. (3) Why would you choose a career as a petroleum engineer?

This was the first community event organized by the Brunei YP Chapter in collaboration with STEP. With its success, the contest will be opened at the national level in 2008, which will enhance competitiveness and give more students an opportunity to participate.

—Suraini Hashim, Brunei Shell Petroleum