Young Professionals Coordinating Committee: Past, Present, and Future

The current Young Professionals Coordinating Committee (YPCC) met at the 2008 SPE Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition (ATCE) and decided to focus activities on adding value to the young professional (YP) experience within SPE by consolidating existing initiatives around the world and expanding in South America, Africa, and Southeast Asia. Some of our current initiatives are:

A YP workshop is scheduled for the 2009 ATCE in New Orleans titled “Dieting After the USD 147/bbl Bonanza: The Return to Efficiency.” It promises to be an engaging interactive session with technology leaders.

The Ambassador Lecturer Program (ALP) provides SPE sections the opportunity to have YP lecturers visit universities and secondary schools and give presentations about career development, the industry, and SPE. There have been 38 lectures to date with another 24 pending. We will award a plaque to the section that makes the most ALP visits in 2009. If your section is not yet involved and you would like to implement the program, please contact us at

On the awards front, we have successfully completed selection of the Best YP Program for 2009. Thank you all for your submissions. Also, watch for the Best YP Paper Contest at ATCE 2009, which is taking place for the second straight year.

As we move forward, the potential challenges that the future poses are:

  • Ensuring cohesiveness and integration within the YPCC, a challenge for any geographically scattered and virtual team.
  • The ability to not only reach out to YPs in different parts of the world but to stimulate them to get feedback on critical issues. We need to be agile in tailoring YP initiatives to meet the local challenges faced by the different YP programs.
  • Innovation will be the key to sustaining the YPCC and YP engagement. Innovation within existing initiatives, and also with respect to new initiatives, will be needed.
  • Lastly, collaboration among the various stakeholders (SPE board members, YPs, etc.) and ensuring their inclusiveness on decisions charting the way ahead.

Certainly if one has read so far then one is definitely interested in the various YP programs. Thank you then for your continued support and involvement. 

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