The Abu Dhabi International Petroleum Exhibition & Conference (ADIPEC) 9 - 12 Nov 2020 Virtual [GST; UTC +4]


Monday, November 09

09:30 - 16:00
116  Knowledge Sharing Technical Poster Presentations
4-day Session
Time Paper # Presentation
203239 Production & Operations Effective Approach for Enhancement of Rigless Well Commissioning M. Syafruddin, S. Handak, M.M. Al Hammadi, A. Badr, ADNOC Onshore
203010 Production & Operations Improving Diagnosis and Feedback for Water Conformance Interventions in Horizontal Wells: Case Study Onshore Abu Dhabi N.S. Sookram, Schlumberger; A. Alblooshi, B. Prahawinarto, F. Noordin, ADNOC ONSHORE; B.S. Al Afeefi, A. Albuali, G. Jabbour, S. Dasgupta, Schlumberger
202798 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Understanding Mauddud Waterflood Performance in aHeterogeneous Carbonate Reservoir with Surveillance Data and Ensemble of Analytical Tools L.S. Konwar, E. Alowainati, N.A. Nemmawi, M. Dowen, A. Ali, Tatweer Petroleum
202694 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Research and Application of Bridge Eccentric Zonal Water Injection Technology with Continuous Adjustment and Surface Monitoring Y. Liu, Z. Song, X. Wang, X. Gai, X. Lai, S. Hu, B. Liu, J. Zheng, Dagang Oilfield Company, PetroChina
203156 Projects, Facilities & Construction Improving the Operation of Split-flow Sulfur Recovery Plants with Membrane Technology M. Vaidya, F. Hamad, S.A. Duval, A. Talib, A.A. Bahamdan, F.D. Alotaibi, G. Shabbir, J. O'Connell, SAUDI ARAMCO
203146 Production & Operations Conceptual Study of New Type of Demulsifier for Low Cost Crude Oil Dehydration S. Arayachukiat, T. Piromchart, PTTEP PCL.
203118 Projects, Facilities & Construction Experimental Study on the Methane Hydrate Formation in Water-in-oil Emulsions with Dissolved Wax S. Tong, Z. Wang, J. zhang, W. Fu, B. Sun, China University of Petroleum (East China); K. Xie, CPP Tianjin Design Institute, Tianjin, China; J. Liu, CNPC Xibu Drilling Engineering Company Limited, Karamay, Xinjiang, China
202828 Drilling Casing Wear Modelling: A Comparison Between MFCL and 3D Stiff String Model F. Aichinger, B. Nobbs, F. Couliou, N. Dao, L. Brillaud, S. Medrano, DrillScan
203159 Drilling A Mechanistic Gas Kick Model to Simulate Gas in a Riser with Water and Synthetic-based Drilling Fluid K. Manikonda, A.R. Hasan, A. Barooah, Texas A&M University; M. El-Naas, A.K. Sleiti, Qatar University; M.A. Rahman, Texas A&M University at Qatar
203337 Completions Corrosion Resistant Alloys test Protocol Development and Results for an Ultra Sour Reservoir Containing Elemental Sulphur. B. Andres, ADNOC Offshore; A. Mizukami, ADNOC HQ; G. Pimenta, ADNOC Onshore
202874 Drilling Predictive Modelling of Drilling Fluid Rheology: Numerical, Analytical, Experimental and Statistical Studies of Marsh Funnel Flow P.C. Ofoche, S.F. Noynaert, Texas A&M University
202655 Projects, Facilities & Construction Custody Transfer Tank Calibration Technology S. Patel, B. Parrott, F.H. Abdellatif, H. Trigui, Saudi Aramco
203369 Management & Information Refinery Digital Transformation - Driving an end-to-end Value Chain Optimisation Strategy with AI and Prescriptive Models H. Gulati, J. McMullen, M. Awad, Aveva
203358 Management & Information Integrated Thermodynamic Digital Twin for Energy Performance Monitoring of Large Compression Units S. Sajjad, P.R. Hakki, E. Al Jenaibi, ADNOC Gas Processing
202964 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Structural Evolution Impact On Reservoir Quality Distribution In A Thamama Group Carbonate Reservoir, UAE A. McGeer, OMV Middle East & Africa GmbH; C. Sellar, R. Verma, D. Alnaqbi, ADNOC Offshore
202605 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Characteristics of Salt-related Faults in Abu Dhabi, UAE A. Noufal, Abu Dhabi National Oil Company
202778 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Complex Lithofacies Discrimination And Porosity Prediction Of Carbonate Reservoirs Through Simultaneous Pre-stack Seismic Inversion And Bayesian Classification: A Field Case Study Of Onshore Abu Dhabi A. Xie, D. Popa, A. Chitrao, ADNOC-HQ
202858 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Application of Seismic Inversion of PSTM and PSDM Data to Capture the Regional Geological Trend: An Offshore Abu Dhabi Case Study H. Inoue, ADNOC Offshore; R. Shimoju, INPEX Corporation; F.V. Kleef, A.M. Al-Khamiri, H. Obara, ADNOC Offshore
203143 Management & Information Risk Based Maintenance Management System Achieving Operational Excellence M.H. Abuelenin, ADNOC LNG
203225 Projects, Facilities & Construction Lifecycle Maintenance and Integrity Management Programme Development During EPC Phase S. Matthews, R. Sathiyamurthy, M. Chikhany, Petrofac
202758 Health, Safety, Security, Environment and Social Responsibility Using Data Science to Enable Condition Based Maintenance and Classification for Offshore Assets E. Vanderhorn, S. Nanda, ABS
203185 Management & Information Maintenance Outsourcing Strategy A.S. Al Musabi, G. Pande, F. Al Ameri, ADNOC Gas Processing
203088 Health, Safety, Security, Environment and Social Responsibility Application of Techno-economic Energy Intensity Ratios in the Upstream Oil and Gas Industry D. Grassian, M. Hussain Bahatem, Mubadala Petroleum
202861 Completions Enhancing Reservoir Management by the Successful Drilling and Installation of a Dual Lateral Completion A.A. Al Shamsi, E.Y. Hernandez, M. Zidan, A. Obaid, A. Al Harbi, A. Mudgal, S. Sanyal, D. Beaman, ADNOC Offshore; L. Rondon, B. Butler, Halliburton
202703 Management & Information Excellence Execution During Challanging Phase K. Mishra, Archirodon Construction (Overseas); B. Satheesh, Wood Plc
203488 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Facies Modeling Based on Comprehensive Sedimentary and Diagenesis Study Assisted by Neuro Network for an Extremely Heterogeneous Carbonate Reservoir in UAE R. Han, Y. Gao, C. Wei, Research Institute of Petroleum Exploration and Development; S. Syofyan, ADNOC Onshore; S. Liu, Research Institute of Petroleum Exploration and Development; A. Grover, ADNOC Onshore; Y. Lou, Research Institute of Petroleum Exploration and Development; T.A. Al-Shabibi, S.G. Al-Shamsi, ADNOC Onshore; J. Yang, Research Inst Petr Expl & Dev; A.L. El Gazar, ADNOC Onshore; Z. Li, L. Xiong, Research Institute of Petroleum Exploration and Development; B. Wu, Research Inst Petr Expl & Dev; Y. Wan, Research Institute of Petroleum Exploration and Development; M. Mohamed Saleh, ADNOC Onshore
203279 Reservoir Description & Dynamics New “Radius of Investigation” Calculation Technique Using Pressure Transient Analysis for Reserve Estimate and Applications in Field and Synthetic Case Studies. M. COBANOGLU, Brunei Shell Petroleum Sdn Bhd
202892 Projects, Facilities & Construction Maximizing Liquid Recovery in Oil & Gas Processing S. Karam, B.N. Valand, R. Aggarwal, H. Singh, F. Kamal, O.H. Takieddine, National Petroleum Construction Company
202853 Projects, Facilities & Construction CO2 - Green Refrigeration for FPSOs B. Adamson, REI Process Pty Ltd
202937 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Salt-tolerant Surfactant for Dilute Surfactant Flooding in High-salinity Reservoirs: Residual Oil Stripping and Displacement Mechanism and Efficiency by Ultra-low Interfacial Tension C. Yuan, W. Pu, M.A. Varfolomeev, Southwest Petroleum University; Kazan Federal University; T. Tan, Research Institute of Engineering Technology, Northwest Oilfield Company, Sinopec; A. Timofeeva, S. Sitnov, A. Mustafin, Kazan Federal University
203174 Drilling A Game-changing Technology for Cementing in Highly Deviated and Horizontal Wells Using Interactive Mud-sealing Cement System C. Orprasert, I.P. McManus, F.M. Abu Jafar, P. Prasongtham, Mubadala Petroleum; V. Thanasarnpisut, A.T. Duong, M. Jumaat, A. Johri, Schlumberger
203444 Drilling West Africa Salt-Zone Cementing Best Practices: Laboratory Evaluation and 5-Year Field Application Review D. Nana, C. Uba, Schlumberger; C.R. Johnson, Schlumberger Oilfield UK Plc; M. Lonca, J. Zghal, TOTAL
203207 Production & Operations Putting a Value Tag on Well Data Management when Designing a Plug and Abandonment Operation L. Caramanico, ProEnergy srl; E. Deliac, Luy Resources; A. Mirza, Vandcor; P. D'Alesio, ProEnergy srl
202810 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Advancing Relative Permeability Estimation Through Data-driven Modeling S. Kalam, KFUPM; M.R. Khan, Schlumberger; R.A. Khan, M.M. Alam, KFUPM; A. Sadeed, ENPRO; M.A. Mahmoud, S.A. Abu-khamsin, KFUPM
203448 Management & Information Decision Tree Regressions for Estimating Liquid Holdup in Two-phase Gas-liquid Flows M. Almashan, Y. Narusue, H. Morikawa, The University of Tokyo
203269 Management & Information Edge Analytics as Key Enabler for the Success of Oil & Gas 4.0 P. Sharma, Baker Hughes Solutions
203264 Management & Information Virtualisation in Operational Technology (OT) Environment V. Mookonil, M. Almeqbaali, ADNOC Gas Processing
202814 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Peculiar Structural Geometry of Abu Dhabi Fields, UAE A. Noufal, A. Shehab, K. Obaid, ADNOC Upstream
202651 Reservoir Description & Dynamics The Houta Prospect (Hammamet Basin, Tunisia); A New Play in an old Basin J.P. Van Dijk, IC; A. Boulares, ETAP; L. De Vincenzi, IC; N. Gharieni, Hunt; S. Santoni, Excalibur
202997 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Looking into the Deep: Seismic Reservoir Characterisation for Understanding the Offshore Early Permian Clastic Reservoirs in Abu Dhabi M. Caeiro, A.S. Alkobaisi, H. Parra, Abu Dhabi National Oil Company; J. Tavares, D. Lopez, CGG
202808 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Unlocking Stratigraphic Trapping Potential in SE Abu Dhabi T. Al Ghafri, J. Liu, I. Aghbari, F. Al Katheeri, H. Jung, S. El Noamany, Al Dhafra Petroleum; Y. Al Aufi, Marjan Petroleum
202908 Management & Information Automatic Well Correlation by Aligning Multiple Well Logs Using Deep Neural Networks Y. Hong, C. Kang, ENERZAI
202708 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Prediction of Rock Mechanical Properties from Geochemical Signatures Using Machine Learning Algorithm M. Hussain, A.K. Negara, Baker Hughes Co. Saudi Arabia; A.O. Amao, K. Al-Ramadan, King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals
203325 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Data Driven Model for Contamination Estimation and Monitoring Method to Optimise Fluid Sampling M. Alipour Kallehbasti, C. Jones, Halliburton; M. Proett, Mark A Proett Consulting LLC; M.J. Leblanc, Halliburton
203045 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Novel Approach to Link Petrophysical Groups into Electrofacies by using NMR Logs R. Celma, U. Farooq, H. Douik, A.O. Alawadhi, ADNOC Onshore; L.A. Saputelli, ADNOC HQ
203111 Management & Information Reduce the Gap Between Planning and Operation: More Reliable Planning by Predicting Downtime P. Jain, O. Ouldzmirli, AspenTech
203139 Projects, Facilities & Construction Reduce Cost and Schedule by Developing an Optimum Well Surface Facility Program C. Farina, DyCat Solutions
203254 Projects, Facilities & Construction Achieving Successful Start-up through Alternative Commissioning Contracting Models A. Deegan, S. Armstrong, SNC Lavalin Inc
203466 Completions A Comprehensive Model for Acid Stimulation of Lower Completions K. Mogensen, G. Edmonstone, Abu Dhabi National Oil Company
203067 Reservoir Description & Dynamics The Method and Strategy to Optimize Well Density for Oilfield Development Projects in Technical Service Contract Framework C. Li, J. He, Y. Zhang, W. Dai, J. Pi, C. Qi, CNOOC International Limited
202684 Production & Operations Advancing in Liquid Coatings: High Performance Liquid Epoxy Coating for Oil Well Tubing, High Temperature and High Pressure Resistant. A. Giuliani, D. Giunta, A. Condini, MPR s.r.l.
202931 Projects, Facilities & Construction Diagnose of Corrosion Acceleration in Water Injection System Due to Influence of Dissolved Oxygen and Sulphate Reducing Bactria: A Case Study K.A. Al-Korji, W.I. Al-Rubaye, Iraq Oil Company
203032 Production & Operations Advanced Integrated Well and Facility Surveillance in a Gas Condensate Field N. Reddicharla, A.S. Alsaeedi, A.M. Al Bairaq, F. Alharthi, ADNOC Onshore; S. Soni, A. Raj, J. Isambertt, D. Tripathi, Weatherford International
202639 Health, Safety, Security, Environment and Social Responsibility Reducing Carbon Footprint through Wellsite Processing G.L. Innes, A. Morris, TWMA
202777 Management & Information Innovative Internal Inspection using Robotic Inspection without Man Entry K. Karuppan, A. Al tenaiji, J. Al Maskari, ADNOC Gas Processing
203399 Drilling New Methodology for Quantitative Cement Evaluation using Sonic Logging While Drilling: First Application in the Middle East A.A. Al-Fawwaz, Al-Khafji Joint Operations; D. Alsenan, Schlumberger
203433 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Novel Approach Tt Estimate Water Saturation Behind Casing using Carbon Oxygen Data: Challenges and a Case Study in Abu-Dhabi Onshore Reservoirs A.S. Abdel Aziz, ADNOC Onshore; F.M. EL Wazeer, Al Mansoori Petroleum Services; R. Odom, S. Malalur, Probe Technologies
203456 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Quantification and Correction of Lateral Motion Effects on NMR Logging While Drilling A.M. Haji, C.D. Tisdale, M. Muslem, Saudi Aramco PE&D; A.H. Abouzaid, Baker Hughes Co. Saudi Arabia
203199 Drilling A New Slimhole Neutron Porosity Logging While Drilling Tool using a Pulsed Neutron Generator Source W. Mao, W. Ai, L. Sheng, X. Dou, P. Wang, D. Hong, W. Gao, CNPC Engineering Technology R&D Company Limited
202940 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Developing Wells in Mature Reservoirs Using Geology While Drilling: First Case Study from the Abu Dhabi Carbonates with Innovative Logging While Drilling Multi-measurement Imager. Y. Goraya, S. Alkindi, ADNOC Offshore; M. Sammy, J. Maalouf, S. Shasmal, H. Ali, Schlumberger; M. Ashraf, H. Khemissa, B.M. Al Dhafari, O. Al-mutwali, A.S. Alfelasi, M. Toma, I. Abdelkarim, ADNOC Offshore
202831 Management & Information Digital Transformation of Production Governance and Assurance Process for Improving Production Efficiency L. Marinai, R.D. Mohan, A. Sarra, A. Escorcia, ADNOC; M. Akhtar, A. Al-Jefri, ADNOC Onshore; A. Al-Hendasi, ADNOC Offshore
203368 Production & Operations Fluid Properties on the Main Path of Establishing Accurate Flowrates Measurement with Multiphase Flowmeters B.G. Pinguet, K. Kuczynski, TUV SUD National Engineering Laboratory
203357 Management & Information Clean Fuel Smart Enterprise - Blending Economic W. Zhang, Aspen Technology
203241 Projects, Facilities & Construction Offshore Brownfield Slipover Platforms Installation Studies R. Ramesh Selvaraj, G. VERGIL, K. KARUPPUSAMY, O.H. Takieddine, F. Kamal, National Petroleum Construction Company
202946 Production & Operations Successful Gas-Lift Start-up Offshore Abu Dhabi, a Game Changer to Unlock Fields Potential and Increase Reservoir Recovery B. Jaffres, M. Soomro, M.F. Zidan, R. Mel, J. Alblooshi, ADNOC Offshore
203329 Production & Operations A Novel Investigation of Power Quality Effects on Premature ESP Failures S. Ratanatanyong, A. Chalermwai, T. Kanchanachinto, S. Chantabutr, T. Wasanapradit, I.T. Chigbo, Mubadala Petroleum (Thailand) Ltd
202666 Drilling New Approach to the Development of Gas Hydrate Accumulations Located at the Bottom of the Seas, Oceans A. Sabawon, Kabul Polytechnic University; S. Iskender Rza-Zade, E. Hamidov, S. Oqtay Bakshaliyeva, R. Muhtar Mammadov, N. Rovshan Akhundova, R. Ali Panahov, S. Wazeri, Azerbaijan state Oil and Industry University; M. Khyal Muhammad, COMSATS Institutes of Information Technology; A.G. Ghani, Missouri University of Science & Technology; S. Haleemi, University of Engineering & Technology, Lahore, Pakistan
203000 Production & Operations An Automated Reservoir Surveillance Planning, Tracking and Optimizing Approach to Enhance Reservoir Management Efficiency in a Giant Offshore Brown Field W. Zhao, S.A. Al Kindi, O. Al Shehhi, M.H. El-Feky, Y. Sugawara, ADNOC Offshore
203084 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Revealing of False Response of Constant Pressure Boundary Model for Gas Reservoir Pressure Transient Analysis (PTA) Enabled in Increased and Realistic in-place Estimation: A Case Study Using Two Field Data M. COBANOGLU, Brunei Shell Petroleum Sdn Bhd
203183 Reservoir Description & Dynamics A Novel Characterization and Evaluation Method of Flow Field and its Application Y. Qiao, X. Yang, Y. Zhang, Y. Wang, T. Hou, B. Huang, L. Shang, H. Li, CNPC Engineering Technology R&D Company Limited
203416 Production & Operations Auto-updated Oil Well Multiphase Flow Meter Using Neural Networks And Edge Computing M. Torre, J. Chen, N.N. Sadek, Sensia
203428 Projects, Facilities & Construction Pipe Strain Effects On Pumps - Case Study A.A. Alkharboush, A.A. Alomari, Saudi Aramco; I. Georgiou, Saudi Aramco NAOO
203101 Projects, Facilities & Construction Multiport Selector Valve (MSV) New Innovative Automatic Port Leak Detection System Delivers Accurate Well Testing M.L. Toro Rivera, Oil & Gas Measurement Ltd; S. Shatalov, Oil&Gas Measurement Technologies LLC; N. Markarov, OGSI | Oil & Gas Systems International; R. Helal, Oil and Gas Measurement Ltd.
203006 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Associative Polymer Compatibility With Surfactants: Advantages Vs. Standard Polymer In Bulk And Under Flow Conditions V. MIRALLES, SOLVAY; C. Marli??re, IFP Energies nouvelles; T. Courtaud, SOLVAY; V. Rome, C. Morgand, IFP Energies Nouvelles; M. Morvan, SOLVAY
203011 Reservoir Description & Dynamics An experimental Study on Oil Recovery Performance Using in-situ Supercritical CO2-emulsion for Carbonate Reservoirs X. Zhou, King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals; F.M. AlOtaibi, Saudi Aramco oil Co.; M.S. Kamal, King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals; S.L. Kokal, Saudi Aramco oil Co.
202809 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Low Polymer Retention Opens for Field Implementation of Polymer Flooding in High Salinity Carbonate Reservoirs A. Skauge, T. Skauge, Energy Research Norway; S. Pourmohamadi, Brent-Asmari; J. Solbakken, A. Kedir, K. Djurhuus, NORCE Energi; A.M. AlSumaiti, S.K. Masalmeh, ADNOC E&P
202738 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Surfactant and Surfactant-Polymer Effects on Wettability and Crude Oil Liberation in Carbonates S.C. Ayirala, A. Sofi, Saudi Aramco PE&D; Z. Li, Z. Xu, University of Alberta
203093 Management & Information IT/OT Convergence. Cybersecurity Beyond Technology I. Paredes, Accenture
203141 Management & Information Smart Digital Asset: Single Source of Truth S.V. Jadhav, A. Al Qrain, ADNOC Gas Processing
203291 Production & Operations Implementing a Production Performance Management Platform for Better Production Data Management, Improved Surveillance and Forecasting for Mature Fields - A Case Study in Sharjah, UAE M. Moustafa, A. Guillen, A. Jany, S. Jain, Sharjah National Oil Company; H. KUMAR, R. Kedia, Halliburton
203392 Reservoir Description & Dynamics New Generation NMR T1-T2 Logging and Integrated Formation Evaluation in Unconventional Reservoirs in China H. ZHANG, PetroChina Xinjiang Oilfield Company; J.F. WU, PetroChina SouthWest Oil & Gas Field Company; Y. WANG, Schlumberger; G.H. ZHONG, PetroChina SouthWest Oil & Gas Field Company; Q.M. LIU, PetroChina Research Institute of Petroleum Exploration and Development; M.J. LIAO, PetroChina SouthWest Oil & Gas Field Company; T. FANG, PetroChina Xinjiang Oilfield Company; X. GAO, PetroChina SouthWest Oil & Gas Field Company; X.R. ZHAO, H.P. ZHAO, J.K. ZHAO, W. WANG, Schlumberger; J.M. WEN, Sichuan Chuangang Group Corporation, Limited; T. XIE, CCDC Changqing Downhole Technology Company
202686 Reservoir Description & Dynamics 4D Geomechanical Research in Hydraulic Fracturing of Unconventional Resources - A Case Study From Junggar Basin, China H. Wang, Xinjiang Oilfield Company NO.2 oil Production Plant,CNPC; Z. Wei, Research Institute of Petr Expl & Development Beijing; W. Ten, Xinjiang Oilfield Company NO.2 oil Production Plant,CNPC; H. Xu, CNPC,International(HK) LTD Abu Dhabi; L. Lian, Research institute of petrochina exploration&development,CNPC; X. Li, Q. Zhou, PetroChina Xinjiang Oilfield Company; Y. Pang, Z. Yang, X. Yang, Xinjiang Oilfield Company NO.2 oil Production Plant,CNPC; S. Yang, W. Song, Research Institute Exploration & Development of PetroChina,CNPC
203423 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Geomechanical Sanding Analysis: Criticality In Testing And Sampling In Unconsolidated Formations - A Case History A. Banerjee, S. Saha, V. Telang, T. Kidambi, A. Hunnur, A. Khaksar, Baker Hughes
202621 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Intelligent Reconciliation of Well Logs - A Pathway Toward 4ir Assisted Log Interpretation K. Katterbauer, Saudi Aramco; A.F. Marsala, A.A. Yousef, Saudi Aramco PE&D
202950 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Success Cases of Identification of Field Development Opportunities Using Rate Transient Analysis (RTA) in Talara Basin - Peru T.V. Sabrera Chia, J. Dextre Rubina, J. Galloso Terrones, Zeus Energy
203007 Production & Operations Innovative Technology for Mature Field Reactivation G. Salazar, Ecopetrol S.A.; F. Fernandez Bedoya, Ecopetrol SA; U.D. Bustos, A. Chapellin, E. Kovarskiy, Schlumberger
203197 Projects, Facilities & Construction Critical Success Factors for EPRS Planning and Management F. Cavallini, Saipem SpA; A. Quick, Saipem Abu Dhabi Branch
202769 Projects, Facilities & Construction Integrated Process Safety and Control in Pigging Operations - A Case Study on Smart Keyless System S. Kannan, NPCC; C. Joshi, S. Subramanian, B. Mudu, S.E. Jose, R. Paul, F. Kamal, O.H. Takieddine, National Petroleum Construction Company
203412 Health, Safety, Security, Environment and Social Responsibility API Recommend Practice 1173 Third-Party Assessment Program: Pipeline Safety Management Systems in a Global Context A. Burr, API; D. Toth, C. Frazier, American Petroleum Institute
202790 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Enhancing Foam Stability Through a Combination of Surfactant and Nanoparticles M. Almubarak, Z.A. AlYousef, M.M. Almajid, Saudi Aramco EXPEC ARC; T. Almubarak, J. Ng, Texas A&M University
202664 Production & Operations Screening Study for an Optimal Horizontal Section Length of a Maximized Reservoir Contact Well M. Virk, R. Recham, ADNOC Onshore; K. Al Hammadi, ADNOC Upstream; E.A. Assreti, ADNOC Onshore
202837 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Modified Technique To Model Volatile Oil Reservoirs: Implications For Modern Software Programs M. Ibrahim, Shell Egypt. N.V; A.H. El-Banbi, AUC/Cairo University
202991 Reservoir Description & Dynamics An Adaptive CPR-AMG Based Linear Solver For Simulating Geometrically Complicated And Fractured Reservoirs S. Mohajeri, R. Eslahi, Civil Engineering Department, Sharif University of Technology; M. Bakhtiari, Chemical & Petroleum Engineering Department, Sharif University of Technology; A. Alizadeh, Engineering Support & Technology Development; M. Zeinali, Civil Engineering Department, Sharif University of Technology; M. Madani, H. Rajabi, E. Sharifi, Engineering Support & Technology Development; E. Mortezazadeh, Institute of Petroleum Engineering, University of Tehran; Y. Mahdavifar, Engineering Support & Technology Development
203314 Production & Operations Short-Term Production Forecasting to Evaluate Production Target Deliverability using End to End Integration Platform from Reservoir to Surface Network A.S. Alsaeedi, F. Alharthi, E. Latypov, M. Arianto, N. Reddicharla, S. Konkati, A.M. Albairaq, Adnoc Onshore; S. Soni, J. Isambertt, S. Sabat, G. Morrison, Weatherford
203121 Projects, Facilities & Construction Investigation on the Kinetic Behavior of Gas Hydrates Based on Induction Time for a High Co2 Mixed Gas Multi-phase Pipeline System J. SAYANI, Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS; S. YADAVALLI, L. MAMIDI, V. KAMIREDDI, UCEK (A), Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University Kakinada
203445 Reservoir Description & Dynamics A Laboratory Investigation of Factors Affecting Polymer Retention in Carbonate Reservoirs N. Chacko Thomas, U. Alfazazi, E. W.Al-Shalabi, W. AlAmeri, Khalifa University
202633 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Investigation and Optimisation of Deep Eutectic Solvent in Enhanced Oil Recovery Using Numerical Simulation Z. Hamdi, P.N. Kumaran, Heriot-Watt University; O.A. Talabi, Schlumberger
203468 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Modeling Approach and Non-uniqueness of Polymer Coreflood History Match and Field-Scale Forecasts H.S. Al-Rawahi, M. Delshad, K. Sepehrnoori, The University of Texas At Austin; A. Alkindi, Petroleum Development Oman
202981 Completions Recent Advances In Waterless Fracturing Fluids: A Review M. Almubarak, Massachusetts Institute of Technology; T. Almubarak, J. Ng, J. Hernandez, H.A. Nasr-El-Din, Texas A&M University
202893 Management & Information Utilisation of the Innovative Solar Concentrator Technology for 24/7 Solar Enhanced Oil Recovery A.A. Al-Maaitah, Wahaj Solar
202700 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Physics Driven AI Coreflooding Simulator for Scal Data Analysis E.S. Mathew, M.M. Tembely, W. AlAmeri, E.W. Al Shalabi, Khalifa University of Science and Technology; A. Shaik, Abu Dhabi National Oil Company
202698 Reservoir Description & Dynamics A Deep Autoregressive Model for Multiple Petrophysical Evaluations A. Kumar, A. Priyadarshan, Caliche Private Limited
203213 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Machine Learning Model for the Prediction of Lithology Porosity from Surface Drilling Parameters A. Magana-Mora, Saudi Aramco PE&D; M.F. Abughaban, A. Alali, Saudi Aramco
203004 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Novel Machine Learning Approach To Forecast Reviving Unconventional Oil Reservoir Production S. Ursegov, Skolkovo Institute of Science & Technology; A. Zakharian, Cervart; E. Taraskin, Lukoil - Sittek
203090 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Stress-dependent Petrophysical Properties Of High Heterogeneous Carbonate Tight Oil Reservoirs N.J. Al-Ameri, S. Hamd-Allah, University of Baghdad; H. Abass, University of Houston
202865 Reservoir Description & Dynamics A Rapid and Cost Effective Geochemical Pyrolysis Technique “Sh_Pyroil” For Direct Hydrocarbon Saturation Evaluation In A Carbonate Reservoir In Abu Dhabi, UAE T. Koksalan, A.A. Syed, R. Hanif, ADNOC Onshore; P.A. Baudot, Total SA
202897 Drilling Learnings from a New Slim-Hole LWD NMR Technology G. Hursan, Saudi Aramco PE&D; A. Silva, Saudi Aramco; M. Van Steene, Schlumberger Saudi Arabia; A. Mutina, Schlumberger Technology Corp.
203137 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Core-Independent Saturation Height Function from NMR Logs in Carbonates- A Must in Current Oil Price Environment A. Nandi, Schlumberger; I. Mondal, ONGC Ltd.; V. Jain, J. Vij, A. Verma, Schlumberger; B.S. Haldia, P.C. Chaturvedi, ONGC Ltd.
203263 Completions Experience and Lessons from Production Packer Selection and Operations in the HPHT Gas Fields of Kuqa Foreland Basin, Western China K. Wang, S. Liu, H. Liu, B. Zhang, Y. Wang, Tarim Oilfield Company of PetroChina; S. Tong, China University of Petroleum(East China); H. Zhang, Tarim Oilfield Company of PetroChina
202862 Health, Safety, Security, Environment and Social Responsibility Shift Handover: A Key Link to Process Safety and Operation Integrity R. Viswanathan, B. Mohammed Saleem, M. Al Harbi, M. Al Shamsi, A. Kumar, W.L. Langford, F. Bamazahem, T. Hamad Al Saeedi, M. Al Janahi, B. Hamad Al Junaibi, ADNOC Onshore
203057 Completions Single-trip Completions Made Simple with A New, Field-proven Valve Technology A. Dikshit, G.E. Woiceshyn, A. Kumar, Schlumberger
202847 Completions Inflow Control Devices (ICD) - A Historical Performance Analysis. T.C. Emegano, S.A. Baloch, M.A. Alrefaai, S.M. Al Nuimi, E. Radwan, Adnoc Onshore
203427 Drilling Improving Drilling Rate of Penetration Modelling Performance Using Adaptive Neuro-fuzzy Inference Systems Z. Hamdi, A. Haldavnekar, Heriot-Watt University; M. Momeni, M. Bataee, Curtin University Malaysia
203360 Health, Safety, Security, Environment and Social Responsibility Psychological Risks in Professional Activities of Oil and Gas Workers in the South and North Y.A. Korneeva, Northern Arctic Federal University; N.N. Simonova, Moscow State University; G. Degteva, Northern State Medical University
202890 Management & Information ADNOC Senior Women's Leadership Development E. Coffey, Spark Leadership Ltd
202717 Drilling Planning And Challenges Of Longest Complex 3d Erd Well Drilled In United Arab Emirates Onshore Field Artificial Island Using Slim Casing Design M. Asef Hashmi, ADNOC Onshore
203302 Drilling The Success of Drilling Long Departure Wells with Light/Slim Casing Design in United Arab Emirates Onshore Field. A. Morales, G. Salem, M. Asef Hashmi, S. Al Yamani, J. Nava, ADNOC Onshore
202730 Drilling Challenges In Drilling and Completion Of Extended Reach Drilling Wells with Landing Point Departure more than 10,000ft in Light/ Slim Casing Design. N.K. UNNIKRISHNAN, S. AL AMERI, S.M. AL YAMANI, ADNOC ONSHORE
203439 Drilling New Generation of HTHP Water Based Drilling Fluid Changing Conventional Drilling Fluids Solutions. T.H. Hamdan, ADNOC Onshore; V. Traboulay, Schlumberger/ M-I SWACO; M. Husien, S. Alblooshi, M. Alhammami, M. Hussain, A. El Shahat, M. El-Meguid, ADNOC Onshore; C. Arena, MI SWACO; T. Aung, C. Manzoleloua, Schlumberger/ M-I SWACO; B. Panamarathupalayam, Schlumberger; C. Allogo, A. DMello, SCHLUMBERGER / M-I SWACO
203073 Management & Information Data Driven And Ai Methods To Enhance Collaborative Well Planning And Risk Prediction R.D. Mohan, ADNOC HQ; A.N. Hussein, Schlumberger Middle East SA.; A.A. Mawlod, B. Al Jaberi, ADNOC Onshore; V. Vesselinov, Schlumberger; F.M. Abdussalam, K. Al Hadidy, ADNOC Onshore; A. Pal, Schlumberger Middle East SA; H.H. Al Yazeedi, K. Al Daghar, ADNOC HQ; H. Mustapha, A. Razouki, Schlumberger; B. El Yossef, I. Al Hamlawi, ADNOC HQ
202783 Health, Safety, Security, Environment and Social Responsibility Artificial Intelligence To Enhance Corrosion Under Insulation Inspection A.M. Amer, A. Alshehri, V.B. Cunningham, H.A. Alsaiari, A. Alshamrany, A. Meshaikhis, Saudi Aramco
202706 Completions Procedure to Complete, Running, Testing, Cementing, Hanging and Cleaning Out the Frac String to Complete Unconventional HP/HT Wells to Guarantee the Future Frac Operations in the Wells of Unconventional Project at Abu Dhabi UAE. F. Ruiz, K. Al Khadidy, ADNOC ONSHORE; B. El Yossef, ADNOC HQ; A.F. Hebish, A. Negoi, I. Hamdy, E. Al Shamisi, M.K. Al Samahi, R. Kumar, ADNOC Onshore; A. Mizukami, Abu Dhabi National Oil Company; V. Mandal, A. Ibrahim, T. Wakaa, A. Al Soliman, Y. Nunez, A. Amorocho, M. Al Hendi, A. Al Mutawa, ADNOC ONSHORE
202770 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Using Fixed-Point Observation Experiments to Study the Expansion Law of Micro-fractures Induced by Shale Hydration L. Tao, Oil and Gas Technology Research Institute Changqing Oilfield Company, Petrochina Company Limited; J. Guo, State Key Laboratory of Oil and Gas Reservoir Geology and Exploitation, Southwest Petroleum Universi; L. Geng, University of Missouri; C. Chen, Southwest Petroleum University; Y. Zhao, z. Zhao, State Key Laboratory of Oil and Gas Reservoir Geology and Exploitation, Southwest Petroleum Universi
202949 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Application of Rock Physics and AVO Analysis to Improve Hydrocarbon Prediction; Case Study Based on the Nong Yao Oil Field In the Gulf of Thailand P. Kaewprain, T. Ampaiwan, R. Carter, Mubadala Petroleum (Thailand)
202887 Reservoir Description & Dynamics A Novel Approach In Determining Oil Pockets Size In A Very Complex Combination Of Structural And Stratigraphic Traps Of Middle Cretaceous Formations In Onshore Abu Dhabi S.M. Jaya, H.T. Al Menhali, F.S. Alshkeili, A. Shashanka, Al Yasat Petroleum Operations LLC; A. Hassan, Al Yasat Petroleum Ltd; H. Xu, Al Yasat Petroleum Ltd.; Y. ZHAO, S.A. Almazrouei, Al Yasat Petroleum Operations LLC
203148 Reservoir Description & Dynamics A Novel Comprehensive Hysteretic Relative Permeability And Capillary Pressure Correlation K. Cig, Schlumberger Middle East SA.
202745 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Three Rock-Typing Methods and implementation as Part of the Reservoir Characterization and Uncertainty Assessment: An Example from the Arab Formation (upper Jurassic), Onshore Fieldunited Arab Emirates J. Gonzalez, F.M. Al Blooshi, W. BinIshaq, M. Al Teneiji, ADNOC Sour Gas
202799 Projects, Facilities & Construction Automated Tank Breathing A. Gopal, ADNOC Refining
202695 Completions Case Study: Optimising Perforating Strategy with Side-mounted Gun System for auto gas lift Application with Smart Completions, Offshore Malaysia S. Idris, R. Thien, A. Mohd Nazir, S. Ramamurthy, Halliburton; Y. Chung, H.K. Sandhu, Sarawak Shell Berhad
202734 Projects, Facilities & Construction Challenges of Oil and Gas Mega-projects: Claims Management Process L. Robottom, R. TARANCONPLATA, ASHURST LLP
203035 Health, Safety, Security, Environment and Social Responsibility Safety Recordable Incident cost Calculator S. Khan, S. Yaqoob, Siemens LLC
202737 Health, Safety, Security, Environment and Social Responsibility 6 X 6 Occupational Health Hazard Risk Rating Matrix: a Useful tool in Determining Risk Levels for Workplace Health Hazards B. Advincula, ADNOC; P. Kulkarni, ADNOC Sour Gas
203099 Health, Safety, Security, Environment and Social Responsibility Best Practice on oil Contaminated Sites: A Reliable and Cost-effective Site Characterisation Using a Dual Lif (simultaneous Uvost-targost); a Cone Penetration Testing Approach E. Martac, N. Dandashi, Fugro
202998 Management & Information Building the Next Generation of Technical Professionals Through the Graduate Development Programme D. Wigfield, A. Gantara, Petrofac
202764 Management & Information Cdx- Upskilling Employees for Digital Transformation D. Barreales, CEPSA
202785 Management & Information New Training Delivery to Adapt to Millennial Entering the Workforce B. Audrey, Schlumberger; G.P. Kartoatmodjo, Schlumberger Limited; F.A. Florez, Schlumberger Oilfield Services
202729 Reservoir Description & Dynamics The Potential Of N2 as Cushion gas on Dispersion Coefficient of Supercritical Co2 in Sandstone Core Plug During Enhanced gas Recovery by Co2 Injection N. Mohammed, A. Abbas, G. Enyi. C, University of Salford
203406 Production & Operations Integrated Digital Production Platform with Reservoir Dynamic Models for a Giant Gas Condensate Reservoir in Real Time A.S. Alsaeedi, F. Alharthi, E. Latypov, M. Arianto, N. Reddicharla, S. Konkati, A.M. Al Bairaq, Adnoc Onshore; S. Soni, J. Isambertt, S. Sabat, G. Morrison, Weatherford
202724 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Optimising Hydrocarbons Recovery in a Complex Reservoir with Extremely Uneven and Low-resolution Sand Distribution S. Ahmed, G.M. Waqas, M. Sajid, J.A. Bugti, Pakistan Petroleum Limited
203471 Completions Improving 4-1/2” Liner Deploy Ability In 6” Horizontal Hole with Utilisation of Improved Characteristics Brines and Friction Reduction Devices K. Gupta, J. Ramanujan, T. Takanishi, P. Gambier, ADNOC
202711 Drilling Evaluating Hole Cleaning Capability of Biodegradable Fiber-containing Drilling Fluids in Riserless Tophole Drilling T. Aoki, S. Naganawa, K. Abe, Akita University; R. Mukai, Kaneka Corporation
203147 Drilling Investigating Hole-cleaning Fibers’ Mechanism to Improve Carrying Cutting Capacity and Comparing their Effectiveness with Common Polymeric Pills M. Karimi Rad, M. Kalhor Mohammadi, K. Tahmasbi Nowtarki, International Drilling Fluids Ltd. (IDF)
203366 Drilling Risk Mitigation Strategy Improves Drilling Performance of Shale Gas Horizontal Wells J. Zhang, J. Hua, x. Xiong, J. Liu, M. Li, CNPC GreatWall Drilling Company; F. Gui, Baker Hughes; S. Ong, Baker Hughes, a GE company; A. Ghosh, Baker Hughes Company; X. Huang, Baker Hughes; L. Deng, Baker Hughes, a GE company
203019 Completions Niche Reservoirs - Shallow Gas Fracturing; The Challenges and Learnings N. Lazreq, A. Deminova, O.G. Akl, A. Vantala, R. Kumar, ADNOC; Y. Luo, M. Assagaf, K. Cig, J.A. Cherian, S. Khan, M. Al Kalbani, Schlumberger
203048 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Utilising Formation Tester Discrete Mobility and Borehole Images Derived Secondary Porosity for Defining Permeability Distribution in Carbonates M. Sammy, Schlumberger Oilfield Services; S. Shasmal, J. Maalouf, J. Maalouf, C. Shrivastava, Schlumberger; H. Khemissa, Y. Goraya, M. Ashraf, ADNOC Offshore; B.M. Al Dhafari, A.S. Alfelasi, I. Abdelkarim, ADNOC; H. Ali, Independent
202903 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Methodology to Derive Gas Oil Ratio (GOR) and Other Formation Evaluation Applications of Downhole Ultrasonic Sound Speed Formation Tester Measurements V.S. Torlov, Saudi Aramco PE&D; M.A. El Sharaky, A.A. Sheikh, Baker Hughes
202753 Management & Information A Machine-learning Approach to Removing Highly Variable Surface-waves for a Large Shallow-water Survey Offshore Abu Dhabi B. Al Hajeri, G. Cambois, M.A. Mahgoub, ADNOC; M. Al Sarmi, S. Domont, D. Fritz, CGG
202606 Drilling Optimised well Planning Using 3d Em Inversion Results S. Sinha, N. Clegg, Halliburton; K.D. Best, I. Kristoffersen, S.M. Kolsto, AkerBP; D. Marchant, Computational Geosciences Inc
202832 Reservoir Description & Dynamics A Novel Technique to Constrains Kv/kh of Carbonate Reservoir, a Valuable Uncertain Parameters for History Match Process S. Pamungkas, T. Gueye, F.Y. Al Hammadi, H.A. Al Saadi, ADNOC Onshore
202978 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Seismic Attributes for Channels Identification and Facies Modelling Application in a Siliciclastic Onshore Reservoir, Kazakhstan, Central Asia A.M. Sousa, P. Bizarro, M.T. Ribeiro, Partex Oil & Gas - a PTTEP Company
203069 Completions Chemical Sand Consolidation as an Effective Alternative to Conventional Sand Control Methods in Ecuador A.J. Izurieta, R. Rodriguez, J.L. Jaramillo, Halliburton; F.L. Serrano, P. Andrade, A.I. Burgos, Andes Petroleum
203173 Completions New Analytical Evaluation Approach to Select sand Control Techniques in a Mature Field S. Syed Abd Rahim, Z. Awang @ Mohamed, E.A. Ghonim, M. Azman, J. Yang, Petronas Carigali Sdn Bhd
203238 Completions Sanding Propensity Prediction Technology and Methodology Comparison S.K. Subbiah, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia & Schlumberger; A. Samsuri, M. Jaafar, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia; A. Mohamad Hussein, Y. Chen, R.R. Kumar, R.N. Paramanathan, Schlumberger
203474 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Accelerated Pressure Restoration in a Green Field by Implementing Best Reservoir Management Practices D. Zivanov, ADNOC E&P; H. Kuramata, T. Furuta, Abu Dhabi Oil Co. Ltd
203052 Reservoir Description & Dynamics A Novel Well Design, Completion and Testing Strategy in a Changing Fluid Distribution of an Appraisal Well M.N. Aftab, ADNOC Onshore; A.S. Swain, Al Yasat Petroleum Operations LLC; M.A. Sultan, ADNOC Onshore; A.H. Al Blooshi, M.K. Alshamsi, Al Yasat Petroleum Operations LLC; L. Mingsheng, Al Yasat Petroleum Operating Company LTD; B. Abu Snaineh, ADNOC Onshore; S.I. Almansoori, Al Yasat Petroluem
203228 Management & Information The use of Advanced Technology to Unlock the Remaining Potential in a Marginal Oilfield in the Gulf of Thailand W. Teeratananon, P. Vimolsubsin, T. Wasanapradit, T. Khunmek, T. Tongkum, T. Ampaiwan, W. Phaophongklai, C. Thurawat, R. Carter, Mubadala Petroleum (Thailand) Ltd
203153 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Experiment and Simulation of Gas Channeling Control Technique During CO2 Flooding in Normal Pressure Tight oil Reservoir of South Ordos Basin X. Ting, Y. Wei, T. Ma, SINOPEC Expl & Prod Rsch Inst
203193 Completions Methodology and Approach of Lightweight Cement Evaluation in Horizontal Well for Integrity Assurance and Future Reservoir Development S. Jongnarungsin, Mubadala Petroleum (Thailand) Ltd; P. Nimchinda, Schlumberger
203446 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Investigation on Fouling During Application of EOR Polymer in Aishwarya Field R. Zagitov, V. Mathur, J. Subramanian, P.S. Venkat, Cairn Oil and Gas
203324 Production & Operations Development and Subsequent Field Experiences Using Novel Dendrimeric Asphaltene Treatment Chemistries A. McRae, L. Mat Suandi, R. Cole, S. Ben Hamza, Schlumberger
203232 Production & Operations Drill Cutting Waste Utilisation as Alternative Material for Road Application P.A. Wattana, PTT E&P PLC
203454 Drilling Theoretical Aspects and Practical Implementation of Study of Drilling Fluid Level in the Annulus While Drilling with Total losses A. Ruzhnikov, Schlumberger
203260 Drilling Mud Cooler and Chiller Packages in High-temperature Deep Horizontal gas Wells: A Case Study from Saudi Arabia A. Javay, N.M. Franco, N. Sarbaoui, M.Y. Aljuzayri, A. Schmidt, S. Bansal, J. Redrup, Schlumberger
203198 Management & Information Leveraging the Latest Advancements in Automation and Digital Technology to Improve Efficiency and Safety in a Production Field:a Journey Towards Unmanned Operations L. Kamin, Siemens
203451 Completions Modelling of Micro-sized Graded Proppant Injection in the Natural Fractures Around a Hydraulic Fracturewith Consideration of Proppant Embedment and Deformation H. Liu, Z. Yuan, J. Liu, D. Ren, PetroChina Tarim Oilfield Company; J. Li, China University of Petroleum (Beijing) @Keramay; J. Feng, Tarim Oilfield Company; Y. Lv, Research Institute of Petroleum Exploration and Development, PetroChina
203249 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Investigating Geomechanical Considerations on Suitable Layer Selection for Hydraulically Fractured Horizontal Wells Placement in Tight Reservoirs N.J. Alameri, S.M. Hamd-Allah, University of Baghdad; H.H. Abass, University of Houston
202919 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Natural Fractures Sensitivity to Hydraulic Fractures in Abu Dhabi, UAE A. Noufal, Abu Dhabi National Oil Company
203200 Reservoir Description & Dynamics The Concept Of Smart Hydrocarbons And Smart Reservoirs In The Development Of Oil And Gas Fields In Karst-fractured Carbonate Reservoirs A. Petukhov, NGT-Engineering, LLC
202776 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Successful Application of Geological Process Modeling Techniques for Offshore Delta Reservoir: A Case Study from Western Offshore Basin, India A. Moharana, M.P. Mahapatra, K. Havelia, S.K. Chakraborty, Schlumberger; D. Biswal, Adani Welspun Exploration Limited
203150 Reservoir Description & Dynamics 3d Static Model Robustness Indicator: A Sequential Blind test Implementation in Onshore Abu Dhabi J.G. Rodriguez Gonzalez, F.M. Al Blooshi, ADNOC Sour Gas
202645 Projects, Facilities & Construction Utilising Natural Frequency Monitoring and Machine Learning to Monitor and Predict Structural Integrity and Minimize the cost of Fixed Offshore Platform Intervention A. Falsetta, E. Whiteley, C. Dickinson, G. Zhou, S. Sundararaman, 2H Offshore Engineering
203277 Production & Operations Real-time Automated Event Detection Framework for Electrical Submersible Pumps N. Nguyen, Y. Subervie, J. Chong, Sensia
203176 Drilling Collapse Design of UOE Pipe Wellbore Casing Z. Liu, R. Samuel, A. Gonzales, Y. Kang, Halliburton
202914 Completions Multi-Stage Frac Sleeves Completion Risk Matrix - A Quantitative Approach to Minimise Stuck Incidents While Deploying Completions Across Horizontal Slim-holes R. Vega, Y.F. Simmons, M. Shakeel, Halliburton
202840 Production & Operations Gas Lift Well Operating Envelopes to Improve Production Operations: Field Applications in UAE C. Mata, L. Saputelli, R. Mohan, E. Rubio, M. Al-Attar, A. Alhosani, F. Al-Hosani, N. Reddicharla, ADNOC
203117 Production & Operations Integrated Analytical Workflows for EOR Surveillance, Management & Optimisation S. Mohamed Nazri, K. Tan, S. Sidek, C. Tang Ye Lin, K. Md Yunos, H. Hamzah, L. Lin, N. Sharim, M. Haron, F. Bakon, PETRONAS Carigali Sdn Bhd; V. Tri Nghia, Schlumberger
203351 Projects, Facilities & Construction Research on Tubing and Casing Anti-bending Technology for Salt Cavern Gas Storage Cavity Construction C. Xueqi, H. Zeng, H. Wang, H. Xiao, R. Zhang, J. Wu, L. Zhang, SINOPEC; W. Lei, CNPC Research Institute of Safety&Environment Technology; s. gao, PetroChina Research Institute of Petroleum Exploration & Development; L. Fang, Beijing Tongzhou District People's Court; Q. Huang, Dragon Oil
202642 Drilling Hydraulic Mapping in Regressive Hole Conditions B. Iftikhar Choudhry, I. Khaled Moustafa, K.J. Ness, J.J. Exposito Gonzalez, F.J. Rivas, J.E. Torres, ADNOC Offshore; E. Cantarelli, Schlumberger
203194 Production & Operations Automated Real-time Anomaly Detection Model for Operation and Production Data at Scale I.I. Mohd Fuad, M. Ngah Demon, H. Husni, Consurv Technic
202727 Completions A Systematic Approach to Fracturing Optimisation of Unconventional Resources X. Wang, Z. Wei, S. Zheng, L. Lian, D. Xie, Z. Jiang, H. Qu, L. Qu, Research Institute Exploration & Development of Xinjiang Oilfield Company,CNPC; H. Xu, CNPC,International(HK) LTD Abu Dhabi; S. Yang, W. Song, Research Institute Exploration & Development of PetroChina,CNPC
202699 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Mechanism of Water Imbibition in Organic Shale: An Experimental Study Z. Zhao, Y. Zhao, C. Chen, State Key Laboratory of Oil and Gas Reservoir Geology and Exploitation, Southwest Petroleum Universi; L. Tao, Oil and Gas Technology Research Institute Changqing Oilfield Company, Petrochina; H. Mirinuer, Southwest Petroleum University,Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas
203130 Reservoir Description & Dynamics New Novel Constitutive Model for Solid Production Prediction with Laboratory test Validation S.K. Subbiah, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia & Schlumberger; A. Samsuri, M. Jaafar, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia; A. Mohamad Hussein, Y. Chen, A. Pearce, R.N. Paramanathan, Schlumberger
202956 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Blended Acquisition with Temporally Signatured/modulated and Spatially Dispersed Source Array: The First Pilot Survey Onshore Abu Dhabi T. Ishiyama, ADNOC; M. Zhao, F. Hu, BGP
203490 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Exploiting the Presence of Leaky Subsurface Transmission Lines to Locate oil Banks J.M. Felix Servin, Saudi Aramco PE&D
203319 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Innovative Data Processing QA/QC for the World’s Largest 3D Seismic Survey A. Aldhaheri, G. Cambois, M.A. Mahgoub, ADNOC
203333 Management & Information Utilization of Lithium-ion Batteries in Offshore Platform S. Al Qaderi, F. Al Wadh, A. Al Ashqar, M.B. Kuwair, G.M. Ibrahim, Al Yasat Petroleum Operations LLC; O.H. Takieddine, F. Kamal, R. Paul, S.K. Mazumdar, National Petroleum Construction Company
202838 Projects, Facilities & Construction Fast Power Anywhere: Reaping the Benefits of Mobile Gas Turbine Packages C. Balestrino, Siemens Energy
202681 Production & Operations Success Story: 64 Wells with Hybrid Real-time DTS/DAS Monitoring and Permanent Downhole Gauges Installed in the United Arab Emirates D.B. Patel, H. Ashraf, B. Gorgi, K. Wee, Halliburton
203065 Production & Operations First Real-time Fiber Optic Surveillance and Analysis of a Bullhead Stimulation of an Extended-reach Horizontal Lateral in a Giant Offshore Carbonate Oil Field A.A. Al Kiyoumi, R. SAU, A. Amin, L. Almarzooqi, A. Altamimi, E.J. Wheatley, G.M. Correia, ADNOC Offshore; B. Seabrook, S. Lolla, B. Campbell, C.E. Shuchart, R. Angeles, ExxonMobil
203345 Production & Operations The use of Novel Technology of Inflow Chemical Tracers in Continuous Production Surveillance of Horizontal wells M. Azamatov, D. Chaplygin, D. Khamadaliev, V. Yashnev, Salym Petroleum; I. Novikov, A. Drobot, A.V. Buyanov, K. Ovchinnikov, N. Husein, GeoSplit LLC
202826 Reservoir Description & Dynamics The Enhancement of Horizontal Water Injection Well by Integrating Single Well with full Field Dynamic Model in Carbonate Reservoir: Case Study from North Kuwait L. Ashawesh, V. Khoriakov, Halliburton; B.Z. Al-Otaibi, Kuwait Oil Company
203268 Drilling Prediction of Lost Circulation Zones Using Artificial Neural Network and Functional Network A. Ahmed, S.M. Elkatatny, A.Z. Ali, A. Abdulraheem, King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals
203328 Drilling Rss and Motor Directional Analysis Modeling: The Effect of Local Doglegs on Completions and Casing B. Nobbs, S. Menand, N. Dao, Drillscan
203112 Drilling Optimised Drilling and Logging Practices Across Depleted Reservoirs - A Case Study in ADNOC Onshore Wells Based on a Comparative Analysis R.E. Bethancourt, V. Aguilar, M. Al-Sawafi, A. Al Braiki, A. Dua, N.N. Al Blooshi, ADNOC Onshore; F. El Wazeer, B.A. Khalife, AlMansoori Specialized Engineering; M. Propper, Cordax Evaluation Technologies Inc.
203489 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Simulation and Benefit Estimates of Eor in Wara and Burgan (3su)reservoirs, Greater Burgan Field A. Al-Qattan, Kuwait Oil Company; A. Kazemi Nia Korrani, R.Y. Choo, G. Jerauld, BP
203128 Drilling Enhancing Directional Performance of PDC Drill Bits by Removing Extraneous Geometry M.J. Bailey, A.X. Thomas, S. Doudou, M. El Kotob, National Oilwell Varco; A.H. Al-Shukaili, I.S. Al-Rawahi, Petroleum Development Oman
202870 Drilling Methodology for Planning and Execution of Multilateral Well Design Together with Enhanced Geo-navigation Techniques for Optimum Well Placement in Complex Geological Environment B. Alenezi, N.J. Diaz, D. Qaddoura, P.O. Odiase, Baker Hughes; A. Al-Mutairi, F. Al-Otaibi, D. Chawla, Kuwait Oil Company
202613 Drilling The Longest Ultra Slim Hole Lateral Section in the World With Single Run an Integrated Drilling Technology and Geo-steering Approach E.S. Sitinjak, D. Qaddoura, G. Marwah, B.M. Alenezi, Baker Hughes; M.D. Al-Khaldy, A. Dutta, A. Al-Shammari, A.I. Mohammad, I. Elafify, A.D. Fadtare, Kuwait Oil Company
202974 Drilling Pressurised mud Cap Drilling Replacing Floating Mud Cap to Reduce Drilling Risk Andoptimise Mud Consumption S. Zahoor Ullah, A. Ruzhnikov, A.E. Prasetia, M.S. Almomen, A.M. Al-fakih, Schlumberger
203171 Projects, Facilities & Construction A Cloud-based Smart Engineering and Predictive Computation System for Pipeline Design and Operation cost Reduction. K.A. Chowdhury, D. Lamacchia, V.F. FELDMAN, I. Rahman, A. Mallik, Z. Alam, IDARE LLC
203362 Completions Automated Connection Integrity Beats Traditional Tubular Running By Delivering Zerorejected Joints, Efficiency Enhancements, And Personnel Reductions G. Mihalic, S.W. McIntire, Weatherford
203306 Production & Operations Exception Based Surveillance on gas Lift Performance Monitoring: A Novel gas Lift Diagnostic Workflow in Field B J. Kueh, H. Alamsyah, R. Musa, M. Jamaluddin, A.H. Abu Bakar, Petronas Carigali Sdn Bhd; M. Mokhlis, M.F. Hassan, M. Hashim, M. Harith, R.C. Fuenmayor, R. Trivedi, Schlumberger WTA Malaysia Sdn Bhd
203309 Management & Information Controlling Congestion and Connectivity in Field with Multiple Reservoirs S. Alhemeiri, M. Al Shehhi, S. Soares, S. Chellappan, W. Wei, A. Idicula, J. Almaysari, ADNOC Onshore
203393 Projects, Facilities & Construction Detecting Blind Ground Fissures with Seismic Surface Waves Using the Square Array Void Mapping (SAVM) Technique M. Fliedner, H. Butler, Fugro; J. Pfeiffer, Collier Consulting; J. Hild, Fugro (retired); J. Sowers, Fugro; S. de Bock, Rijk Zwaan ProMex
11:30 - 13:00
001  OIL FIELD DEVELOPMENT: Well Intervention and Production Enhancement Progressive Applications
Session Chairpersons Mark William Sarssam - Sharjah National Oil Corporation, Salim Kaouche - ADNOC Offshore
Time Paper # Presentation
1130-1150 202638 Production & Operations The Critical Role of Real-Time Downhole Telemetry for the Success of Conformance Control Operations with Extreme Permeability Contrast M. Aglyamov, N. Molero, F. Nabki, A. Mhiri, P. Djanaka, Schlumberger
1150-1210 203294 Production & Operations Successful Rigless Remedial Job Restores Production in a Mature Oil Field S. Spagnolo, L. Pelusi, M. Lerose, P. Pollio, M. Scarso, V. Mittiga, ENI S.P.A.; D. Appicciutoli, D.M. Vitale, R. Caldarelli, J.E. Vasquez, Halliburton
1210-1230 203103 Production & Operations Tubing Straddle System to Restores Oil Production Using Digital-slickline-conveyance- A Case Study S.Z. Gilani, W.M. Alfadhli, R. KURMA, Y. Al-Mansour, M. Al-Sulaili, A. AL-Habib, S. Al-Qaheem, D. Al-Menai,, E. Karam, H. Al-Hamad, A. Al-Shuaib, Kuwait Oil Company; M.A. Fituri, H. Ayyad, M. Mosbah, A. Al-Hajji, M. Ikhsanov, K.M. Abdulrahim, Schlumberger
1230-1250 203205 Production & Operations Mitigation Procedures and Best Practices to Conduct Slickline Memory Mode Production Logging in High-pressure High-temperature Sour Gas Wells A.A. Al-Ghamdi, B.A. Al Hussain, S. Qahtani, M.Z. Alghanim, Saudi Aramco
11:30 - 13:00
002  OIL FIELD DEVELOPMENT: Excellence in Water Flooding Management
Session Chairpersons Ahmed Al Janahi - Tatweer Petroleum Bahrain LLC, Khuloud Tareq Al Khlaifi - ADNOC Offshore
Time Paper # Presentation
1130-1150 202912 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Mature Fields - Optimising Waterflood Management through DNA Diagnostics J. Sawadogo, L. Ursell, N. Reeve, M. Schlecht, Biota Technology
1150-1210 203469 Reservoir Description & Dynamics A Method To Correlate Interactions Between Injectors And Producers S.H. Alabri, H. Ghafarm, M. ALkalbani, Petroleum Development Oman
1210-1230 202944 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Unexpected High Water Saturation in a Mature Carbonate Reservoir: An Holistic Investigation T. Thomas, S. Singhal, F. Maire, V. Pandey, S.H. Al Hashmi, ADNOC Onshore
1230-1250 202922 Production & Operations Coiled-tubing Squeeze Intervention: A Case History for Prevention of Mineral Scales Introduced by Sea-water Injection in Burgan Reservoir Z. Yue, P. Chen, T. Hagen, M.C. Huijgen, T. Al-Ghamdi, J. Hazlewood, Halliburton
11:30 - 13:00
003  PRODUCTION FACILITIES: Decommissioning and Abandonment
Session Chairpersons Mohammed Ashraf - TechnipFMC, Zaid Hadi AlMenhali - Mubadala Petroleum
Time Paper # Presentation
1130-1150 202839 Projects, Facilities & Construction Managing Offshore Deepwater Decommissioning: Subsea and FPSO Decommissioning and Abandonment in West Africa S. Zainal Abidin, PETRONAS
1150-1210 203250 Projects, Facilities & Construction Cost Effective Decommissioning Liability Solutions for Offshore Structures I. Boondao, Mubadala Petroleum Thailand
1210-1230 203475 Projects, Facilities & Construction High-performance Electrostatic Coalescer - A Novel Technology For Improving The Economics Of Oil-water Separation A. Ismail, A.E. Menchaca, W. Balk, M.R. Akdim, TechnipFMC; S. Less, L. Oshinowo, Saudi Aramco
1230-1250 203365 Projects, Facilities & Construction EnhancedProduced Water Deoiling Usinga Centrifugal Separator R.J. White, Saudi Aramco SAOO; S. MULAS, SAUDI ARAMCO; A.K. Jughayman, Saudi Aramco SAOO
11:30 - 13:00
004  GAS TECHNOLOGY: Gas Processing and Energy Optimisation
Session Chairpersons Mubashir Ahmad - ADNOC Onshore, Jose Lozano - Partex Gas Corp
Time Paper # Presentation
1130-1150 202806 Projects, Facilities & Construction Methods and Concepts to Economically Improve Sour Gas Processing by Reducing the Complexity of the Plant K.K. ??zcubukcu, W. Jelinek, J. Finke, Wintershall Dea GmbH; W. Hahn, Advisor
1150-1210 202697 Projects, Facilities & Construction Waste Heat Recovery from Gas Turbines W.A. Al Ketbi, S. Sajjad, E. Salem, ADNOC Gas Processing
1210-1230 203018 Projects, Facilities & Construction Centrifugal Gas Compressors Energy Optimization Initiatives: A way to Save Valuable Energy at Upstream Operation M.A. Alwani, M.A. Soliman, Saudi Aramco NAOO
1230-1250 203364 Projects, Facilities & Construction Waste Heat Recovery in Gas Processing by Organic Rankine Cycle W.A. Al Ketbi, S. Sajjad, i.S. Al Jenaibi, ADNOC Gas Processing
11:30 - 13:00
005  DRILLING OPERATIONS: Best Practices in Well Delivery and Well Control
Session Chairpersons Gehad Mahmoud Hegazy - The American University In Cairo, Hitoshi Matsubuchi - Japan Oil Dev Co Abu Dhabi
Time Paper # Presentation
1130-1150 203300 Drilling Digital BOPE Testing - A Case Study Leading To Improved Technical Assurance While Reducing Time Requirements And Cost In Onshore Drilling Operations M.W. Anderson, Anderson and Spilman LLC; S. Halloran, Ensign Energy Services Inc.; G. Hoke, BOPX LLC; L. Skinner, Tekoa Operating Company Inc
1150-1210 203336 Drilling A Proposed Operational Method for Safe and Quick Retrieval of Deepwater Drilling Riser During Extreme Hurricane F.A. Abimbola, J. Yang, M.U. Onuoha, China University of Petroleum (Beijing); S. Liu, CNOOC Research Institute Limited
1210-1230 203259 Drilling Integrating Drilling Dynamics into Automated Geosteering A. Pare, A. Ferro, C. Engle, A. Genco, G. Crookston, T. Gee, S. Maus, Helmerich & Payne Technologies
1230-1250 202972 Management & Information Well Construction Process in a Digital Era: Data Driven Approach to Support Well Operations P. Cappuccio, L. Dal Forno, L. Mutidieri, A. Spitaleri, R. Dalla Costa, S. Tuosto, G. Ricci Maccarini, F. Rinaldi, E. Gravante, A. Pizzo, L. Siciliano, V. Vivi, P. Iannantuono, ENI S.p.A.
11:30 - 13:00
006  OIL AND GAS 4.0: AI: Applied Applications
Session Chairpersons Mariam Alhendi - Abu Dhabi National Oil Company, Atul Vispute - Weatherford
Time Paper # Presentation
1130-1150 203334 Drilling Designing Drilling Fluids Advisory System A.S. Al-yami, V.B. Wagle, M. Rubaii, Z. Abubacker, Saudi Aramco
1150-1210 203022 Production & Operations Automated Well Portfolio Optimisation for a Mature Onshore Oil Field in the Middle East N. Reddicharla, S.S. Alshehhi, R.V. Rachapudi, I. Utama, ADNOC Onshore; M. Stundner, G. Schweiger, D. G??nczi, Oilsphere Inc.
1210-1230 202801 Management & Information Automated Corrosion Mapping (AI & Machine Learning) M. Majors, T. Harrington, Occidental; E.L. Ferguson, T. Dunne, S. Potiris, V. Vlaskine, J. Mohammed, S. Bargoti, N. Ahsan, M. Naqshbandi, Abyss Solutions Pty Ltd
1230-1250 203076 Projects, Facilities & Construction Ground Robotics: The Route to Intelligentand Reliable Operation and Maintenance D. Drenth, Dietsmann; M. Biegl, Taurob
11:30 - 13:00
007  OIL AND GAS 4.0: Future: Advanced Applications I
Session Chairpersons Peng Cheng - CNPC USA, Dorzhi G. Badmaev - ADNOC E&P
Time Paper # Presentation
1130-1150 203037 Management & Information Artificial Intelligence Aims to Save Lives in Offshore Marine Vessels W. Almadhoun, N. Alshimmari, A. Al-Qamzi, H. Alowaid, A. Al Shamsi, M.A. Al-Naqbi, A. Ateya, ADNOC Offshore
1150-1210 203378 Management & Information A Global Drilling KPIs Analysis System Based on Modern Data Science Techniques H. Zhang, B. Lu, S. Yang, X. Hou, X. Jin, Sinopec Research Institute of Petroleum Engineering; J. Song, Sinopec International Exploration and Production Corporation; K. Ke, Z. Wang, Sinopec Tech Middle East LLC
1210-1230 203267 Production & Operations Production Flow Comparison Between Distributed Fiber Optic Sensing and Conventional PLT in a Cased Hole Horizontal Wellbore With ICD F. Hveding, W. Guraini, Saudi Aramco; V. Mahue, S. Hafezi, Silixa
1230-1250 203167 Management & Information Improved Decision-making, Safety and Reliability with Visual Asset Performance Management G. Khoury, M. Figueiredo, AVEVA
11:30 - 13:00
008  GEOSCIENCES: New Insight into Regional Geology and Exploration Plays I
Session Chairpersons Jose Guevara - Occidental Petroleum, Mohamed Kamel Ouldamer - Abu Dhabi National Oil Company
Time Paper # Presentation
1130-1150 203114 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Using Sequence Stratigraphy to Resolve Depositional Misconceptions on the Arabian Plate - The Example of the Gotnia Basin Creation and Infill C. Gravestock, F. van Buchem, M. Simmons, Halliburton; R. Davies, Davies Geoconsulting
1150-1210 203338 Reservoir Description & Dynamics New Insights in the Tectonostratigraphic Evolution of the Oman-emirates Thrust Belt; The Key Role of the Jebel Hafit Structure J.P. Van Dijk, IC
1210-1230 203106 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Carbonate Facies Models, Fake or Real? Comparison of the Urgonian Formation (Southeast France) with the Kharaib-shuaiba Formations (Middle East) - Insights from the Albion R&D Project C. LANTEAUME, G.J. Massonnat, P. SAMSON, Total SA; P. LEONIDE, J. BORGOMANO, Aix-Marseille University CEREGE; M. REBELLE, Total; J. MICHEL, MODIS; C. DANQUIGNY, Avignon University UMR EMMAH / Total
1230-1250 202676 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Petroleum System Evaluation for Onshore Se Abu Dhabi, through the Integration of Five Sub-Surface Discipline Studies. N. Doucette, T. Al Ghafri, Al Dhafra Petroleum; P. Van Laer, ADNOC; L. Galluccio, Badley Ashton; J. Wix, Borchwix Energy Advisors Ltd; J. Crainswick, Lloyds Register; M. Bastow, Aptec Consulting; D.T. Needham, Needham Geoscience Ltd.; A. Gholipour, M. Jacobs, T. Walmsey, Lloyds Register
11:30 - 13:00
009  GEOSCIENCES: State-of-the-Art Seismic Processing and Inversion
Session Chairpersons Abdulla M. A. Seliem - Oxy Oil & Gas Corp, Mohamed Abd El Ghany Mahgoub - Abu Dhabi National Oil Company
Time Paper # Presentation
1130-1150 203140 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Processing Ultra-high Density 3D Seismic Surveys: An Abu Dhabi Case Study T. Alkatheeri, G. Cambois, M.A. Mahgoub, Abu Dhabi National Oil Company; G. Nyein, P. Vasilyev, I. Mihaljevic, M.F. Doheim, WesternGeco
1150-1210 202827 Reservoir Description & Dynamics 3D Water Saturation Estimation Using AVO Inversion Output and Artificial Neural Network; A Case Study, Offshore Angola H. Hasan, F.D. Bouchet, M. Chidundo, M. Nashaat, Schlumberger; J.F. Sim??o, M.C. De S??, L. Ferreiras, M.N. Jos??, SONANGOL P & P
1210-1230 202786 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Quantification of Reservoir Thickness Reduction using Seismic Attributes and Inversion D.R. Contreras Perez, C. Sellar, D. Alnaqbi, R. Verma, ADNOC Offshore
1230-1250 202822 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Insights of Processing Early-outs From New High-quality 3D Seismic Data for Exploration Prospectivity: A Land Case Example From Abu Dhabi M. Caeiro, G. Cambois, M.A. Mahgoub, M. Al Hammadi, Abu Dhabi National Oil Company; C.L. Smith, WesternGeco
11:30 - 13:00
010  OPERATIONAL EXCELLENCE: Maintenance Strategies and Sustainability
Session Chairpersons Hesham Fathi Mohamed Haleem - Worley Ltd., Mahmoud Hanafy - Asset Integrity Engineering
Time Paper # Presentation
1130-1150 202610 Management & Information Innovative Data Driven Proactive Maintenance of Basic Process Control Systems A. Jaffer, S.M. Kumar, ADNOC Gas Processing
1150-1210 202957 Completions Predicting Just In Time: Prognostic Health Management for Oilfield Equipment D. Bannikov, K. Lyapynov, D. Pantsurkin, S. Parkhonyuk, I.V. Velikanov, NTC Schlumberger
1210-1230 202634 Management & Information Integrated Forecasting and Scheduling Creates Organizational Stability and Predictability M.L. Nance, J. Meaux, Occidental
1230-1250 203440 Management & Information The Hybrid Strategy of Business Continuity Management for Offshore Facilities - A Case Study S. Bunjongmanomai, S. Ratanatanyong, S. Homanee, S. Chantabutr, Mubadala Petroleum (Thailand) Ltd.
11:30 - 13:00
011  WELL COMPLETIONS: Well Completion Challenges and Technologies???Case Studies
Session Chairpersons Murat Usmanovich Kuliyev - ADNOC, Jane Mason - ADNOC Offshore
Time Paper # Presentation
1130-1150 203086 Completions First Successful Fishbone Stimulation Completion in Onshore Oil Field in the United Arab Emirates. F. Quintero, N. Talib, A.F. Jimenez Loayza, ADNOC Onshore; W. Chehabi, Fishbones AS; R.V. Rachapudi, M.A. Al Nuaimi, M. Al Reyami, C. Hapa, E. Rodriguez, ADNOC Onshore
1150-1210 203476 Completions Remote Activated Sliding Sleeves Improve Efficiency and Introduce Operational Flexibility to Offshore Lower Completion Design A. Edwards, Weatherford Completion Systems; D. Tuffy, K. Sweeney, BP Exploration Ltd; J. Glennie, F. Babazade, B. Robertson, E. Murdoch, Weatherford Completion Systems
1210-1230 202952 Completions Multilateral Taml Level 5 Challenges And Solutions For Installations In The Middle East M. Kelsey, T. Fanchin, L. Rondon, Halliburton
1230-1250 202824 Completions Installing Highly Alloyed Corrosion-resistant Alloy 25% Chrometubing with Dope-free Connections in Triple Joint Stands to Reduce Running Inhole Time in an Offshore Field L.G. Bertoldi, ENI; E. Actis Goretta, Tenaris; M. Piemontese, F.J. Sita, O.C. Joao, Eni; E.V. Okolie, Sandvik
11:30 - 13:00
012  PROJECT MANAGEMENT: Execution and Best Practices: EPC and Alternative Methodologies I
Session Chairpersons Tanios MATTA - Total E&P, Laila Sayed Mohd Al-Marzouqi - ADNOC OFFSHORE
Time Paper # Presentation
1130-1150 202925 Projects, Facilities & Construction Take Back Control of Your Capital Project with an EPC 4.0 Strategy G. Pada, A. Sabharwal, Aveva Group plc
1150-1210 203034 Projects, Facilities & Construction Improving the Operations in Capital Project Execution with Case Examples R.G. Shenoy, K.B. Haley, The RBR Group
1210-1230 202817 Projects, Facilities & Construction Challenges in Execution of Brownfield Offshore Oil and Gas Projects N. KUMAR, D. MUKHERJEE, R. Paul, F. Kamal, O.H. Takieddine, National Petroleum Construction Company
1230-1300 203388 Projects, Facilities & Construction Efficient Utilization Of N2 During Commissioning And Startup F. Al Wahedi, M. Bin Kuwair, Al YASAT Petroleum; I. Kobbia, E. Mokhbat, M. Alshamsi, H. Al Ali, M. Al Khanbooli, ADNOC Offshore; A. Al Jarwan, ADNOC Upstream
14:00 - 15:30
013  OIL FIELD DEVELOPMENT: Novel Techniques for Reservoir History Matching
Session Chairpersons Maged Mabrook Yaslam - Abu Dhabi National Oil Company, Salim Kaouche - ADNOC Offshore
Time Paper # Presentation
1400-1420 202787 Reservoir Description & Dynamics An Integrated Approach To Characterize Geological Features And Improve History Match Of Water Movement Behavior In Giant Offshore Carbonate Reservoir Z. Qi, O. Alzinati, S. Almurshidi, C. Copa, N. AL Zaabi, H.A. Al Dhanhani, A.M. Al Neyadi, A. Fazal, ADNOC Offshore
1420-1440 203231 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Geologically Consistent History Matching Honouring Rock Types Driven by Adjoint Method B. Jenei, L. Ganzer, Clausthal University of Technology; H. Almuallim, HOT FirmSoft Solutions; R. Manasipov, myr:conn solutions GmbH
1440-1500 203384 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Determining Initial Hydrocarbon Saturation Under Petrophysical Uncertainty Applying Machine Learning P. Neff, D. Steineder, B. Stummer, T. Clemens, OMV E&P GmbH
1500-1520 202947 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Integrated Reservoir Model History Matching Workflow: Unlocking Reservoir Opportunities, Onshore Abu Dhabi, UAE T. Gueye, S. Pamungkas, ADNOC Onshore
14:00 - 15:30
014  OIL FIELD DEVELOPMENT: Opportunities from Near-Well Surveillance and Monitoring Technologies
Session Chairpersons Khuloud Tareq Al Khlaifi - ADNOC Offshore, Manal Albishr - Abu Dhabi National Oil Company
Time Paper # Presentation
1400-1420 203387 Reservoir Description & Dynamics A Unique use of New Generation Pulsed Neutron Tool Integrated with Advanced Production Logging to Evaluate Gas Production from an Oil Well: A Case Study from Offshore, UAE B.S. Al Afeefi, S. Bong, Schlumberger; H. Mustafa, M.U. Kuliyev, S.N. Chitre, A. Bazuhair, A.K. Anurag, ADNOC Offshore; S. Dasgupta, N.S. Sookram, L.E. Mosse, Schlumberger
1420-1440 202732 Completions The Operator’s Eyes Downhole: Multiple Applications for a Novel Autonomous and Wireless Real-time Integrated Monitoring System R.C. Bezerra de Melo, R.N. Eid, Repsol E&P; P. Tubel, Tubel Energy; P. Pasupathy, The University of Texas at Austin; I. Martinez Zuazo, Repsol S.A
1440-1500 202936 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Focused Sampling - The Way To Go In Low Permeability Reservoirs A. Ashqar, A. Razak, PETRONAS Carigali; N.P. Hardikar, Baker Hughes; R. Ling, PETRONAS Carigali; F. Shapiei, N.M. Hung, Baker Hughes; M. Hussain, PETRONAS Carigali
1500-1520 203438 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Application of Petroleum Geochemistry as a Surveillance Tool for Assessment of Annulus Seepage in Offshore Abu Dhabi, UAE T. Koksalan, A.A. Syed, S.S. Alhouqani, ADNOC Onshore; Y. Azoug, A. Al Blooshi, M.A. Basioni, ADNOC Upstream
14:00 - 15:30
015  PRODUCTION FACILITIES: Latest Developments to Improve Facility Performance
Session Chairpersons Khalid Almansoori - Abu Dhabi National Oil Company
Time Paper # Presentation
1400-1420 203287 Management & Information Optimising And Digitising Asset Reliability Strategies To Minimise Cost And Maximise Performance S. Reeve, ARMS Reliability
1420-1440 202707 Projects, Facilities & Construction Optimal Production Offshore Satellite Platform G. Rentel, DAFRAM SpA
1440-1500 203186 Projects, Facilities & Construction How a Major Gas Compression Station Cut Construction Costs, Risks and Time to Maximize Investment Returns C. Seghal, M. Khan, Siemens Energy
1500-1520 203233 Production & Operations Well Performance Improvement By Identifying And Preventing Liquid Loading Using An Integrated Asset Operation Model Framework For Gas Condensate Wells A.S. Alsaeedi, F. Alharthi, M. Al-Ebrashy, S.M. Alsenaidi, N. Reddicharla, A.M. Al Bairaq, Adnoc Onshore; S. Soni, A. Raj, H. Alkuwaiti, D. Tripathi, Weatherford
14:00 - 15:30
016  ENHANCED OIL RECOVERY: EOR Technologies and Research Developments
Session Chairpersons Emad Walid Al-Shalabi - Khalifa University of Science and Technology, Adelson Jose De Barros - ADNOC Offshore
Time Paper # Presentation
1400-1420 203492 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Design of Thermoresponsive Polymers to Selective Permeability Reduction in Porous Media G. Maddinelli, M. Bartosek, S. Carminati, L. Moghadasi, Eni SpA; N. Manfredini, D. Moscatelli, Politecnico di Milano
1420-1440 203115 Reservoir Description & Dynamics An Acoustic-based Method for Measuring Surfactant Concentration in Field Applications H. Al-Sadeg, J.M. Servin, A.I. Abdel-Fattah, Saudi Aramco PE&D
1440-1500 202835 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Polymer Dispersed Systems for Conformance Improvement in Fractured Carbonate Reservoirs. S. Matveev, A. Gazizov, A. Gazizov, Idzhat Innovation
1500-1520 203237 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Evaluation of in-situ Gelation Behavior by Slim Tube Technique for Deep Conformance Control J. Wang, A. Sofi, Y. Alzahid, A.M. Boqmi, Saudi Aramco
14:00 - 15:30
017  DRILLING OPERATIONS: Cementing Technologies
Session Chairpersons Dennis Heinisch - Baker Hughes, Salim Taoutaou - Independent Consultant
Time Paper # Presentation
1400-1420 202704 Completions First successful application of a new tailored spacer system to cure losses through coiled tubing and plug a challenging well in the largest offshore UAE field A.B. Melo, A.J. De Barros, A.R. Alaleeli, M. Rebbou Benberber, ADNOC Offshore; B. Baouia, R. Medina, K. Agapiou, Halliburton
1420-1440 203308 Drilling Acid Prohibitive Flexible Cement Enables Long Term Zonal Isolation in High-temperature High-pressure Well R. Anwar, H.A. Elmoneim, Sprint Oil & Gas Services
1440-1500 203459 Production & Operations Self-sealing Cement System as an Abandonment Solution for Wells with Gauge Cables: A Case Study from North Sea, UK A. Rublevskyi, C.R. Johnson, C. Tay, D. Main, A. Herrera, Schlumberger Oilfield UK Plc
1500-1520 202973 Drilling Potential Utilisation of Neutron Logging Technology for Casing Cement Evaluation - Feasibility Study E. Dommersnes, M. Khalifeh, H.B. Larsen, University of Stavanger
14:00 - 15:30
018  OIL AND GAS 4.0: AI: Machine Learning and Advanced Analytics
Session Chairpersons Praveen Agnihotri - ADNOC E&P, Atul Vispute - Weatherford
Time Paper # Presentation
1400-1420 202765 Production & Operations An Automated Diagnostic Analytics Workflow for the Detection of Production Events - Application to Mature Gas Fields J. Poort, P. Shoeibi Omrani, TNO; A. Vecchia, Wintershall Noordzee B.V.; G.T. Visser, Oranje-Nassau Energie Dyas; M. Janzen, TOTAL E&P NEDERLAND; J. Koenes, Shell/NAM
1420-1440 202792 Production & Operations Novel Methods For Production Data Forecast Utilizing Machine Learning And Dynamic Mode Decomposition A. Gryzlov, Aramco Innovations; S. Safonov, Aramco Research Center; M. Alkhalaf, M. Arsalan, Saudi Aramco PE&D
1440-1500 202850 Reservoir Description & Dynamics DMX-FMX: Bridging the Gaps Between Data Analyses and Combined Data-model Driven 3d Fault and Fracture Network Modeling - A Novel Approach J.P. Van Dijk, IC
1500-1520 202869 Management & Information Artificial Intelligence Application For Just-in-time Maintenance D.D. Choudhary, ADNOC Refining; S.H. Bist, QuestIT Private Limited; R.H. Koirala, Rejlers International Engineering Solutions AB
14:00 - 15:30
019  OIL AND GAS 4.0: Future: Advanced Applications II
Session Chairpersons Iman hamad AlSelaiti - ADCO Producing Co. Inc., Rajesh D Sharma - Schneider Electric
Time Paper # Presentation
1400-1420 203120 Production & Operations Brownfield Debottlenecking - Using IAOM To Unlock Easy Oil A.Y. Aladsani, S.H. Al-Kaabi, ADNOC Onshore; K. Mcneilly, BP; M.J. Akhtar, BP Exploration Operating Co; A. Alghafli, N.K. Abu Jarad, ADNOC Onshore; D.A. Toth, BP
1420-1440 202906 Projects, Facilities & Construction Digital Transformation of Historical Data for Advanced Predictive Maintenance G. Giunta, Eni SpA; G. Bernasconi, R. Giro, Politecnico di MIlano; S. Cesari, Eni SpA
1440-1500 202657 Production & Operations Physics Guided Machine Learning Significantly Improves Outcomes for Data-based Production Optimisation G. Staff, C. Lawrence, G.A. Zarruk, J. Hatleskog, S. Stavland, R. Ibarra, N. Calen, H. McNulty, Cognite AS; O. Hagemann, DNV GL; T. Selanger, AkerBP; A. Ayati, T. Renstr??m, Expert Analytics
1500-1520 202966 Management & Information Well Completion Optimisation in Canada Tight Gas Fields Using Ensemble Machine Learning L. Liao, Sinopec Research Institute of Petroleum Engineering & China University of Petroleum (Beijing); G. Li, University of Petroleum China Beijing; H. Zhang, Y. Zeng, Sinopec Research Institute of Petroleum Engineering; J. Feng, Sinopec Tech Middle East LLC; K. Ke, SINOPEC; Z. Wang, Sinopec Tech Middle East LLC
14:00 - 15:30
020  GEOSCIENCES: New Insight into Regional Geology and Exploration Plays II
Session Chairpersons Henry Ewart Edwards - ADNOC Offshore, Subrata Kumar Chakraborty - Schlumberger
Time Paper # Presentation
1400-1420 203047 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Source Characteristics and Lateral Migration of Middle Cretaceous Petroleum System in Western Abu Dhabi, Insight From Biomarker and Reservoir Investigation D. Xiao, CNPC International (HK) Limited; S. Al Suwaidi, Al Yasat Petroleum Operations Company Ltd.; Y. Ji, D. Mao, CNPC International (HK) Limited; A. Al Blooshi, Al Yasat Petroleum Operations LLC; L. Wang, CNPC International (HK) Limited; M. Lv, Al Yasat Petroleum Operations LLC; X. Hu, W. Zhao, CNPC International (HK) Limited; M. Al.Shehhi, Al Yasat Petroleum Operations Company Ltd.; R. Ma, CNPC International (HK) Limited; A. Shashanka, Al Yasat Petroleum Operations Company Ltd.
1420-1440 203343 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Stratigraphical - Sedimentological Framework for the Thamama Group Development in the Western UAE Based on the Legacy Core Data: How the Key to the Future is Found in the Past. T.P. Ochmanski, Schlumberger Middle East S.A./Geo-Data Consulting LLC; M. Wuraola, Schlumberger Middle East S.A.; A. Shashanka, A.H. Al Blooshi, M. Al Shehhi, Al Yasat Petroleum Operation LLC
1440-1500 203261 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Paleo Environment Analysis using Geochemical Data of the Intershelf Basin in Cenomanian, Cretaceous of Abu Dhabi M. Yamanaka, JODCO Exploration Ltd; M. Amo, T. NANJO, Japan Oil, Gas & Metals Natl. Corp.
1500-1530 203155 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Kahmah Reservoir Conceptual Model in South Sultanate of Oman: A Case Study of Field Extension A. Sabahi, S. Rahbi, M. Harthi, S. Choudhury, F. Darmaki, A. Lawati, S. Ghatrifi, I. Mahrouqi, B. Marpaung, Y. Abri, A. Al-jumah, Petroleum Development Oman
14:00 - 15:30
021  GEOSCIENCES: Data-Driven Analytics???Applications in G&G
Session Chairpersons Hesham T. Shebl - ADNOC E&P, Douglas A. Boyd - Abu Dhabi National Oil Company
Time Paper # Presentation
1400-1420 202742 Drilling Smart Way for Consistent Cement Bond Evaluationand Reducing Human Bias Using Machine Learning D.K. Voleti, N. Reddicharla, S. Guntupalli, R. Reddy, P.R. Vanam, M.S. Khanji, S.A. Sumaidaa, M.A. Ali, ADNOC Onshore
1420-1440 202918 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Accurate and Convenient Missing Well Log Synthesis Using Generative Model M. Kwon, Enerzai; J. Yoo, ENERZAi, Seoul National University; C. Kang, Y. Hong, ENERZAi; H. Jeong, S. Yoon, Seoul National University
1440-1500 202836 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Seismic Facies Classification Using Generative Topographic Mapping - A Case Study from Offshore Nova Scotia A.K. Ray, R. Dandapani, Telesto Energy Pte Ltd; S. Verma, The University of Texas Permian Basin
1500-1520 202685 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Rock Physics Guided Data Science Technique to Improve Neural Network Training for Accurately Quantifying Rock Properties Using Seismic Data S. Chatterjee, T. Colwell, J. Downton, O. Collet, B. Rees, CGG
14:00 - 15:30
022  OPERATIONAL EXCELLENCE: Reliability and Failure Analysis Solutions
Session Chairpersons Manea S Aljaberi - ADNOC Offshore, Irina Baca - Weatherford Wireline
Time Paper # Presentation
1400-1420 203002 Projects, Facilities & Construction 30 Days to 36 Months plus operation- Reliability Improvement Journey of Compressors R.R. Kumar, K. Pasha, ADNOC Gas Processing
1420-1440 203129 Management & Information Resolution of Repeatable Bearing Failure of a Gas Re-circulation Fan M.A. Ashour, M. shalabi, Baker Hughes
1440-1500 203107 Projects, Facilities & Construction Understanding Heat Transfer and Complex Buoyancy-driven Circulation in Sulphur Condensers T. Ralston, A. Singapore Wala, M. van Vorselen, Kranji Solutions Pte Ltd
1500-1520 203102 Production & Operations Adnoc Lng Gas Turbine Integrity Assurance Achievement And High Reliability Implementations A. Ranieri, S. Karam, ADNOC LNG
14:00 - 15:30
023  WELL COMPLETIONS: Innovative Solutions and Best Practices Overcome Coiled Tubing Application Challenges
Session Chairpersons Hammad Mustafa - ADNOC Offshore, Zohaib Channa - Abu Dhabi National Oil Company
Time Paper # Presentation
1400-1420 202658 Production & Operations Choosing Between Optical Fiber and Multiple Single-point Sensors for Real-time Matrix Acidszing OptimisationwWith Coiled Tubing-conveyed Telemetry S. Livescu, S.H. Craig, P. Roux, M.R. Baker, Baker Hughes
1420-1440 203482 Completions Nano-metallic, Dissolvable Plugged Nozzle Assemblies (DPNA) for Extended Performance T.C. Roy, R.G. Shenoy, D. Markel, WellNoz Inc.; R. Reddy, A. Abraham, National Oilwell Varco; I. Roy, WellNoz Inc
1440-1500 202620 Completions A Review of 25 Coiled Tubing Well interventions: Customised Solutions for Bolivian Sub-Andean Basin J.A. Hernandez, L. Antelo, C.D. Rodriguez Rojas, Halliburton; H.E. Antelo Otterburg, J.A. Andrade, Repsol
1500-1520 203272 Completions The Reinvention of a Well-Established Coiled Tubing Intervention Workflow Creates New Perspectives for Acidising Openhole Horisontal Tight Carbonate Water Injectors S. Punnapala, H. Berrahmoun, S.M. Al Nuimi, M.L. Slamet, E. Radwan, ADNOC Onshore; N. Molero, R. Ali Khan, A. Mhiri, P. Ramondenc, W. Belkadi, A. ElAttar, Schlumberger
14:00 - 15:30
024  PROJECT MANAGEMENT: Execution and Best Practices: EPC and Alternative Methodologies II
Session Chairpersons Tanios MATTA - Total E&P, Wen Shi - ADNOC Onshore
Time Paper # Presentation
1400-1420 203215 Management & Information Project Execution Success in an Epc(m) Environment by Ensuring Project Management and Project Controls Rigor During Pre-construction Phases S. Pratap Chandran, Wintershall Dea Global Support BV; P. K Purayil, Samsung Engineering Co. Ltd
1420-1440 202975 Projects, Facilities & Construction Pitfalls of Open-ended front end Engineering Design H. Chehab, S. Singh, H. Singh, F. Kamal, O. Takieddine, National Petroleum Construction Company
1440-1500 203003 Projects, Facilities & Construction Evaluating Percentage Cost Volume Of Engineering Procurement And Construction To Add Value In Epc Petrochemical Projects T. Siddiqui, Independent Consultant
1500-1520 203008 Projects, Facilities & Construction Cost Optimisation in Onshore Pipeline Design and Construction A.M. AL Braiki, N.K. Nath, A.S. Gongade, I. Al Awashi, ADNOC Gas Processing

Tuesday, November 10

09:30 - 11:00
025  OIL FIELD DEVELOPMENT: Innovation in Stimulation Technologies and Applications
Session Chairpersons Ayesha Saeed Al Meamari - ADNOC ONSHORE, Helal Taher Al Menhali - Abu Dhabi National Oil Company
Time Paper # Presentation
0930-0950 202636 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Fishbone Stimulation a Game Changer For Tight Carbonate Productivity Enhancement, Case Study of First Successful Implementation at ADNOC Onshore Fields R.V. Rachapudi, ADNOC Onshore; S.S. Al-Jaberi, M. Al Hashemi, ADNOC; S. Punnapala, S.S. Alshehhi, N. Talib, A.F. Jimenez Loayza, S. Al Nuimi, A. Elbekshi, F. Quintero, T. Yulianto, A. Bin Abd Rashid, F. Omar Alkatheeri, D. Gutierrez, ADNOC Onshore; W. Chehabi, Fishbones AS; A. Ba Hussain, ADNOC Onshore
0950-1010 203122 Production & Operations Performance Comparison of Retarded Acid with Emulsified and HCL/Formic Acid Recipes for Carbonate Acidising A. Almoajil, N. Aljuryyed, S. Caliskan, S.M. Alghamdi, Saudi Aramco
1010-1030 202661 Production & Operations Combination of Radial Drilling Technology with Acid Jetting: New Approach in Carbonate Reservoir Stimulation A. Bashirov, I. Lyagov, I. Galas, LLC "Perfobur"
1030-1050 203330 Production & Operations A Novel Approach to Improve Acid Diversion Utilizing In-Situ Foam Generating Fluid A.R. Al-nakhli, I.M. Zefzafy, Saudi Aramco; D. Ahmed, Schlumberger; W. Kharrat, TAQA
09:30 - 11:00
026  OIL FIELD DEVELOPMENT: Optimisation of Development Plans, Uncertainty Analysis, and Project Economics
Session Chairpersons Mustapha Adli - Abu Dhabi National Oil Company, Yong Li - China Natl. Petroleum Corp.
Time Paper # Presentation
0930-0950 203092 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Efficient and Flexible Reservoir Field Management Gas-lift Optimization Approach to unlock the Production Potential & Economic Investment of Giant Carbonate Reservoir A.M. Ismail, J.M. Alnaqbi, ADNOC Onshore; H. Mustapha, S.J. Su, A.A. Valero, Schlumberger
0950-1010 203290 Reservoir Description & Dynamics The Application Of Reservoir Simulation In Reserves Estimation; Methods To Estimate The Range Of Technical Uncertainty N. Dousi, F. Syarkawi, I. Ignatov, SGS Subsurface Consultancy
1010-1030 203422 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Benchmarking of Ultimate Recovery Factor Across Kuwait: Unlocking Additional Potential M. Al-Ghnemi, A. Bora, P. Dhote, M.A. Al-bahar, Kuwait Oil Company; J.G. Walker, B. Dharanidharan, J.W. Hornbrook, DeGolyer and MacNaughton
1030-1050 202852 Projects, Facilities & Construction An Integrated Approach to Optimise an Offshore Field Development Plan H.L. Kasekar, io Consulting; U.M. Ghauri, ADNOC Offshore; M. Nevin, io consulting; R. Mel, ADNOC Offshore; M.G. Uijttenhout, Total; E. Draoui, J. Alblooshi, ADNOC Offshore
09:30 - 11:00
027  PRODUCTION FACILITIES: Managing Corrosion and Erosion
Session Chairpersons Fatima Saeed Al Mazrouei - Abu Dhabi National Oil Company, Prashant Viswanath - Total Abu Al Bukhoosh
Time Paper # Presentation
0930-0950 202722 Projects, Facilities & Construction Reduction of Solid Corrosion Product as the Main Component of Fouling on the Gas Compressor by Improving 3 Phase Corrosion Inhibitor Performance A.R. Hidayatul Rohman, M. Pribadi, Mubadala Petroleum Indonesia
0950-1010 202820 Projects, Facilities & Construction Development in Non-metallic Reinforcement of Damaged Offshore Decks Utilising Composite Materials S.J. McKay, CSNRI
1010-1030 203104 Projects, Facilities & Construction Casting Requirements Of Super Duplex Stainless Steel Products Lesson Learned From A Failure Case Perspective G.D. Anghel, NPCC
1030-1050 202604 Projects, Facilities & Construction Material Upgradation in Sulphur Granulation Plant due to Severe Corrosion in Aluminum Components N.M. Al Hajeri, M. AlAMeri, A. Medina, S. Pandey, ADNOC Sour Gas
09:30 - 11:00
028  GAS TECHNOLOGY: Effective Reservoir Management
Session Chairpersons Sami Bahri - ADNOC Onshore, Yulia Alexandrovna Zyablitskaya - ADNOC Upstream
Time Paper # Presentation
0930-0950 202624 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Tracking Condensate Banking in Tight Gas Reservoirs through Well Test Analysis: Right Well Test Design Leads to Factual Reservoir Characterisation E. Motaei, A.H. Mithani, Petronas Carigali Sdn Bhd
0950-1010 203208 Drilling Underbalanced Well Intervention to Re-enter a Dead Well Changed the Future Dynamics of the Largest Gas Field in Pakistan - A Successful Pilot Project Q. Ashraf, A. Khalid, K. Luqman, A. Hadj-Moussa, Weatherford International Ltd; N. Hamim, Oil & Gas Development Company Limited
1010-1030 203087 Production & Operations Long-term Inflow Profile Monitoring with Markers Inhorizontal Gas Wells With Multistage Hydraulic Fracturing N. Husein, K. Ovchinnikov, A. Katashov, A. Belova, A. Buyanov, K. Suprankov, GeoSplit LLC
1030-1050 203398 Production & Operations Advances in Clamp-on Flow Measurement Techniques M. Arsalan, Saudi Aramco
09:30 - 11:00
029  SUSTAINABLE SOLUTIONS FOR THE OIL AND GAS INDUSTRY: Reduction of Gas Leakage and Emissions
Session Chairpersons Werner Otmar Rohracher - Androna Limited, Farhang Abdollahi
Time Paper # Presentation
0930-0950 203133 Health, Safety, Security, Environment and Social Responsibility Successful Implementation of Acid Gas Flare Recovery System J.P. ALLAMARAJU, I. DUTT, ADNOC Gas Processing
0950-1010 202999 Health, Safety, Security, Environment and Social Responsibility Hydrogen as a Path to Sector-coupled Deep Decarbonisation V.N. Prasad, Siemens Energy, Inc.
1010-1030 202659 Health, Safety, Security, Environment and Social Responsibility Technologies for Energy Transition O. Bedani, F. Ruggeri, V. Depetri, WOOD PLC
1030-1050 203169 Health, Safety, Security, Environment and Social Responsibility How Effective LDAR Campaigns Contribute to Minimising Methane Emissions P. Datta, The Sniffers
09:30 - 11:00
030  OIL AND GAS 4.0: AI: Robotics
Session Chairpersons Arun Sharma - Abu Dhabi National Oil Company, Elfadl Zaki - Abu Dhabi National Oil Company
Time Paper # Presentation
0930-0950 203095 Management & Information Expert Operation Assistance System B. Fernandez, CEPSA S.A.
0950-1010 203395 Management & Information Visual Inertial System For ROV Positioning F. Marques, F. Castro, M. Parente, P. Costa, Abyssal S.A.
1010-1030 202767 Drilling Rock Drillability Intelligent Prediction for a Complex Lithology Using Artificial Neural Network H.A. Gamal, S.M. Elkatatny, A. Abdulraheem, King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals
1030-1050 203286 Production & Operations A Chemical IoT System For Flow Assurance - From Single-well Applications To Field Implementation J.R. Lovell, MicroSilicon Inc; D. Abdullah, ADNOC; S. Punnapala, ADNOC Onshore; k. Al Daghar, ADNOC; O. Kulbrandstad, S. Madem, D. Meza, MicroSilicon Inc
09:30 - 11:00
031  OIL AND GAS 4.0: Future: Disruptive Technologies
Session Chairpersons Luigi Alfonso Saputelli - Abu Dhabi National Oil Company, Amna A Al Bloushi - Exxon Mobil Corporation
Time Paper # Presentation
0930-0950 203229 Drilling Prediction and Optimisation of Rate of Penetration using a Hybrid Artificial Intelligence Method Based on an Improved Genetic Algorithm and Artificial Neural Network C. Li, C. Cheng, CNPC USA
0950-1010 202735 Management & Information Artificial Intelligence Based Optimisation of Gathering System C. Lakshmanan, S. Muralidhara, N. Karajagi, S. Chakraborty, Flutura Business Solutions
1010-1030 203175 Projects, Facilities & Construction Generating Green Value From Data: Applying AI-based Analytics to Monitor and Manage Energy Usage Across Oil and Gas Operations R.S. Blumenthal, A. El Naser, C. Blug, Siemens
1030-1050 203331 Management & Information Supply Chain Powered by AI and Blockchain M. BATRA, N. Manchanda, MBG Corporate Services; A. Moskalev, Integrated Technology Laboratory LLC; R. Uttamchandani, MBG Corporate Services
09:30 - 11:00
032  GEOSCIENCES: Leading Edge Petrophysics, Formation Evaluation, and Geosteering Practices I
Session Chairpersons Ibrahim Abdelgaffar Seddik - ADNOC Onshore, Henry Ewart Edwards - ADNOC Offshore
Time Paper # Presentation
0930-0950 203435 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Ultra-deep Resistivity Technology as a Solution for Efficient Well Placement; Geosteering and Fluid Mapping to Reduce Reservoir Uncertainty and Eliminate Pilot Hole-first Time in Offshore Abu Dhabi, UAE. H. Khemissa, A.S. Al Felasi, S.S. Alhajeri, O.I. Al Mutwali, M. Ashraf, I.K. Abdelkarim, ADNOC Offshore; W. Fares, N. Clegg, A. Aki, Halliburton; F.A. Gutierrez, A. Nasser, S.I. Alabed, S.A. AlKindi, Y.G. Goraya, L.A. Al Shamsi, ADNOC Offshore
0950-1010 203441 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Lessons Learned from Extensive Well Testing Operations in Khuff Formations Offshore Abu Dhabi F. Hollaender, Schlumberger; M.A. Basioni, A.Y. Al Blooshi, A. Elmahdi, S. Sayed, N. Belova, P. Menon, Y. Azoug, ADNOC
1010-1030 202650 Production & Operations Enhanced Flow Profile Evaluation by Combining Acoustic Noise Log and Thermal Modeling in Complex Design Wells R.A. Clark, BP; H. Ayyad, M. Mehraj, Schlumberger; A. Yakupov, M. Rourke, GOWell International LLC
1030-1050 202990 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Accurate Reservoir Characterisation in Multi Barrier Well Bore Systems with and Advanced Multi-detector Pulsed Neutron Logging Technology N.H. Alazmi, S.H. Al Sabea, A. Abueida, M. Kumar Patra, Kuwait Oil Company; M. Elias, D.A. Freile, L. Tagarieva, Weatherford
09:30 - 11:00
033  GEOSCIENCES: Novel Approach in Reservoir Characterisation I
Session Chairpersons Ahmet C. Aki - Halliburton Co., Maniesh Singh - ADCO Producing Co. Inc.
Time Paper # Presentation
0930-0950 203414 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Rock Typing Characterization Methodology For Dynamic Reservoir Modelling Of A Highly Heterogeneous Carbonate Reservoir In Abu Dhabi, Uae L. Rojas S, A. Tveritnev, C. Pinillos, ADNOC Onshore
0950-1010 203478 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Slim Pulsed Neutron Spectroscopy Integrated with Wellbore Imaging to Provide Synthetic Core in Slim Boreholes and Cased-hole Environment K. Saleh, C. Cavalleri, H. Espinosa, M. Ghanim, M. Galal, R. Gomes, A. Morad, Schlumberger
1010-1030 203347 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Advanced Resistivity Modeling to Enhance Vertical and Horizontal Well Formation Evaluation S. Mahiout, C. Liu, Saudi Aramco PE&D; R.K. Polinski, L. Bourg, Schlumberger Saudi Arabia
1030-1050 202830 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Utility of Image LogsiIn Understanding Flow Profile Patterns: Case Study from Onshore Field, UAE. S. Girinathan, F. AlZeyoudi, A. Pillai, A. Kutty, W.A. Ayoub, ADNOC E&P
09:30 - 11:00
034  OPERATIONAL EXCELLENCE: Intelligent Automation
Session Chairpersons Carlos Mata - ADNOC E&P, Garud Bindiganavale Sridhar - Schlumberger Global Services
Time Paper # Presentation
0930-0950 202935 Drilling Control System Integration with Multiple Vendors Supports Drilling Optimization Software Application C. Jeffery, A. Creegan, National Oilwell Varco
0950-1010 202667 Production & Operations Operation Room: A Key Component for Upscaling Robotic Solutions on Site J. Munoz, E. Bartoli, S. Macrez, Total SA
1010-1030 203280 Drilling Advanced Well Planning Using Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Data Science Models: Maximizing the Value of Data to Mitigate Costs and Risks in New Wells J. Cumming, V. Riggins, P. Hodson, B. Walker, Accenture
1030-1050 203062 Projects, Facilities & Construction Face the Challenge to Reap the Benefit (Automation and Smart Technology) T. Thonthechettiar, M. Elsawah, I. Almentheri, ADNOC Offshore
09:30 - 11:00
035  WELL COMPLETIONS: Novel Applications of Wireline and Downhole Tools for Well Intervention
Session Chairpersons Ahmed Bazuhair - ADNOC Offshore, Hammad Mustafa - ADNOC Offshore
Time Paper # Presentation
0930-0950 203064 Production & Operations Wireline Conveyed Robotic Intervention for Obstruction Cleaning and Sampling in Horizontal Wells Completed with Open Hole - Worldwide First Job Experience T. Yakovlev, H.H. Sagr, S. Al-Harthi, Welltec; F. Aulia, Saudi Aramco SAOO
0950-1010 202971 Production & Operations Extreme-performance Polymer-locked Wireline Cable Conquers New Frontiers of Wireline Conveyance in Deep Extended-reach Well in UAE M. Varghese, J.A. DA Costa Junior, M.E. Billingham, J. Varkey, S. Chang, B. Unal, J. Mangum, R. Mansour, M. Morrison, D. Kim, P. Sladecek, T. Tran, A. Cevallos, Schlumberger; E. Wheatley, G.M. Correia, A.A. Al Kiyoumi, A.A. Othman, L.S. Almarzooqi, A. Al Tamimi, ADNOC Offshore
1010-1030 202857 Production & Operations Safe and Economic Attractive Rigless Operations Using a Digital Slickline in Unmanned Platform with Low Structure Loads and Spacing M.F. Radwan, AMAL Petroleum Co. AMAPETCO
1030-1050 202718 Completions Multi-tubular Electromagnetic Corrosion Inspection Tool - Performance Demonstration Using Yard Testing A.E. Fouda, J. Dai, Halliburton; Y. Hu, Formerly Halliburton
09:30 - 11:00
036  MARINE LOGISTICS AND OPERATIONS: Offshore Projects and Case Studies
Session Chairpersons Ibrahim Fahmy - ADNOC Offshore, Hayat Abdi Jibar - ADNOC Onshore
Time Paper # Presentation
0930-0950 202784 Projects, Facilities & Construction Subsea Pipeline Temporary Decommissioning and Recommissioning for an Emergency Repair M. Thomer, Dolphin Energy Ltd.
0950-1010 202693 Projects, Facilities & Construction Light Weight Structure (LWS) Installation Using Jack-Up Rig N. Nor Azhar, PETRONAS (Kuala Lumpur)
1010-1030 203070 Projects, Facilities & Construction Protecting Transformers Against Static and Dynamic Pressure D.N. Younis, A.N. Bagarwan, M.W. Salah, ADNOC Offshore; M. Gandham, Wood
1030-1050 203059 Projects, Facilities & Construction Case Study - Comparative Structural Analyses of Dynamically Sensitive Platforms A. PAI, S. SAMANT, K. KARUPPUSAMY, F. KAMAL, O.H. TAKIEDDINE, NATIONAL PETROLEUM CONSTRUCTION COMPANY
11:30 - 13:00
037  OIL FIELD DEVELOPMENT: Artificial Lift Emerging Technologies and Applications
Session Chairpersons Joakim Bally - Total CSTJF, Sunil Nikanth Chitre - ADNOC Offshore
Time Paper # Presentation
1130-1150 202875 Management & Information Combining Augmented Intelligence and Edge Analytics for Improved Artificial Lift Systems Performance F. Saghir, M. Boujonnier, H. Gilabert, B. Boguslawski, L. Bissuel-Beauvais, Schneider Electric
1150-1210 202928 Production & Operations A Three-phase Numerical Solution For Jet Pumps Applied To A Large Oilfield R.C. Merrill, Cairn Oil And Gas (now with ADNOC); V. Shankar, T. Chapman, Cairn Oil and Gas
1210-1230 202702 Production & Operations CFD Simulation of Oil Viscosity and Emulsion Effects on ESP Stage Performance H. Banjar, Saudi Aramco PE&D; J. Zhu, China University of Petroleum - Beijing; H. Zhang, University of Tulsa
1230-1250 203180 Production & Operations Rigless ESP Replacement Solution Achieved a High Production Rate Target Offshore, China with a Run Life More than 7 Years M. Zhao, Q. Zhang, Y. Hong, L. Zeng, Vertechs Oil & Gas Technology Service Co
11:30 - 13:00
038  OIL FIELD DEVELOPMENT: Reservoir In Depth???Surveillance and Monitoring Technologies
Session Chairpersons Ahmed Al Janahi - Tatweer Petroleum Bahrain LLC, Manal Albishr - Abu Dhabi National Oil Company
Time Paper # Presentation
1130-1150 203049 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Design, Implementation And Interpretation Of An Interwell Waterflood Tracer Project In A Stacked Naturally Fractured Reservoir In The Sultanate Of Oman: A Best Practice Case Study H. Ghafram, Petroleum Development Oman; M. Chatterjee, Tracerco Limited; W.K. Al Subhi, Petroleum Development Oman
1150-1210 203313 Reservoir Description & Dynamics A Major Shift in Reservoir Management Strategies and Best Practices in a Mature Reservoir to Overcome the Current Reservoir Challenges: Case Study A.A. Alshalabi, T. Thomas, T. Gueye, H. Alsaadi, F. Al Ameri, F. Maire, ADNOC Onshore
1210-1230 202992 Reservoir Description & Dynamics The Novel Approach to Pressure Transient Analysis in Highly Fractured Reservoirs: Case Study from Patardzeuli Field, Georgia S. Ramatullayev, B. Akbayev, D. Tsaplin, J. Urazaliev, A. Goloborodko, Schlumberger
1230-1250 202860 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Smart Reservoir Management with Real-time Monitoring in an Offshore Carbonate Digital Oil Field Under Miscible Gas Injection K. Javid, G. Bascialla, A. Sainz Torre, M.H. Ali, S. Ettireddi, A.K. Anurag, O. Gonzalez Cerrada, M. Sayed Mohamed, K. Ibrahim Alhosani, A. Scheed, ADNOC Offshore
11:30 - 13:00
039  PRODUCTION FACILITIES: Multiphase Pumping and Metering
Session Chairpersons Mohammed Ashraf - TechnipFMC, Sultan Dahi Al-Hassani - ADNOC Offshore
Time Paper # Presentation
1130-1150 202955 Production & Operations How to Verify the Performance of a Flowmeter in Field Conditions Against Another Device B.G. Pinguet, A. Pieper, TUV SUD National Engineering Laboratory
1150-1210 202963 Projects, Facilities & Construction Performance Comparison of two different in-house built virtual metering systems for Production Back Allocation. F. Vitale, eni s.p.a; M. Oliva, Eni SPA E&P Division; M. MONTINI, eni s.p.a; F. Ursini, Eni E&P; L. PONTEGGIA, eni s.p.a; F. D'addato, eni s.p.a.
1210-1230 203320 Projects, Facilities & Construction Marginal Field Development - Challenges in Fiscal Oil Allocation N. Maheshwari, M.B. Malek, A.M. Alseiari, Al Yasat Petroleum Operations Company
1230-1250 203407 Production & Operations Physical Performance Testing of a Prototype Gerotor Pump Operating in Liquid and Gas-liquid Conditions C.E. Ejim, J. Xiao, L. Oshinowo, Saudi Aramco
11:30 - 13:00
040  ENHANCED OIL RECOVERY: Chemical and Gas Floodings EOR I
Session Chairpersons Budoor Hasan Al-Shehhi - ADNOC Offshore, Waleed Al Ameri - Khalifa University of Science and Technology
Time Paper # Presentation
1130-1150 203481 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Surfactant Formulation for Foam Mobility Control and Gas Shut-off in Harsh Operational and Reservoir Conditions L. Cui, G. Salabert, O. Di-Costanzo, C. Dur, N. Passade-Boupat, Total
1150-1210 203219 Reservoir Description & Dynamics The Impact of Tailored Water Chemistry Aqueous Ions on Foam Stability and Mobility Control Z.A. Al-Yousef, S.C. Ayirala, A.A. Majed, Saudi Aramco PE&D; D. Cha, Saudi Aramco
1210-1230 203235 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Impact Of Temperature On The Design Of Surfactant EOR Pilots: New Findings Using Advanced Simulation A. Soulat, D. Ding, F. Douarche, IFP Energies nouvelles
1230-1250 202846 Reservoir Description & Dynamics An Accurate Model For Prediction Of Hydrocarbon Gas MMP Based On A Large High-Temperature Data Set K. Mogensen, Abu Dhabi National Oil Company
11:30 - 13:00
041  SUSTAINABLE SOLUTIONS FOR THE OIL AND GAS INDUSTRY: Carbon Management and Sustainability
Session Chairpersons Aaesha Al Keebali - Abu Dhabi National Oil Company, Lourdes F. Vega - Khalifa University
Time Paper # Presentation
1130-1150 203425 Health, Safety, Security, Environment and Social Responsibility Assessing Reservoirs’ Viability for Long Term CO2 Sequestration Using Cuttings Volatiles M.P. Smith, Advanced Hydrocarbon Stratigaphy
1150-1200 202909 Health, Safety, Security, Environment and Social Responsibility Assessing the Feasibility of Deep Eutectic Solvents for CO2 Capture from Molecular and Process Modeling I. Alkhatib, Khalifa University of Science and Technology; C. Alba, IQS School of Engineering, Universitat Ramon Llull; D. Bahamon, Khalifa University; F. Llovell, IQS School of Engineering, Universitat Ramon Llull; L.F. Vega, Khalifa University of Science and Technology
1200-1230 203409 Health, Safety, Security, Environment and Social Responsibility The Energy Transition, Lessons Learned from Other Heavy Industries and the Opportunities they Present for Oil and Gas Operators Demonstrated by Associated Case Studies. L. Theodorou, S. McGeachie, J. Gill, K. McKenna, Hatch
1230-1250 203377 Health, Safety, Security, Environment and Social Responsibility Leverage Energy Optimisation to Reduce Carbon Capture Cost S. Sajjad, ADNOC Gas Processing
11:30 - 13:00
042  OIL AND GAS 4.0: Data Transformative Technologies Increasing Barrels Production
Session Chairpersons Amna A Al Bloushi - Exxon Mobil Corporation, Masroor Ahmad - Abu Dhabi National Oil Company
Time Paper # Presentation
1130-1150 203317 Management & Information A Holistic Outlook on Integrated Data Management and Architecture Philosophy in Digital Oil Field Production Workflows - Lessons Learned from 2006 - 2019 in Giant Brown Fields N. Reddicharla, E.A. Rubio, R.C. CORNWALL, K. McNeilly, R.S. Davila, S.B. Konkati, A. Kumar, M.A. Al Obaidly, ADNOC Onshore; S. Soni, Weatherford; D. Tripathi, Weatherford International Inc.; A.S. Alsaeedi, ADNOC Onshore; S. Sabat, J. Isambertt, Weatherford International
1150-1210 203025 Management & Information Cloud-Enabled Ubiquitous Collaboration on Large Models using Augmented Reality P. Boonyasaknanon, PTT E&P PLC; R. Pols, K.C. Schulze, R.T. Rundle, Craytive Technologies BV
1210-1230 203220 Health, Safety, Security, Environment and Social Responsibility Defending the Energy Industry in a New Era of Cyberthreats L. Simonovich, Siemens Energy
1230-1250 202816 Management & Information The Digital Transformation Journey from Digitization to Opportunity Generation O. Makanjuola, Katalyst Data Management; M. Gray, ExxonMobil; P. Meroney, Katalyst Data Management
11:30 - 13:00
Session Chairpersons Hadi Arbi Belhaj - Khalifa University of Science and Technology, Aly Abdelkarim - Weatherford Saudi Arabia
Time Paper # Presentation
1130-1150 203421 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Hydrocarbon Findings in Challenging Shilaif in Western Uae-Core Analysis Approach D. Gonzalez, O.A. Al Jallad, K. Vican, Halliburton; A.H. Al Blooshi, M.M. Al Shehhi, A. Shashanka, A. Mishra, Al Yasat Petroleum
1150-1210 202802 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Advanced Acoustic Measurements Aided Rock Mechanics Calculation for Successful Hydrofracturing Design and Wellbore Stability Analysis in Unconventional Reservoirs of Western Onshore, India D. Paul, ONGC; R. Shenmar, ONGC Ltd; R.R. Kumar, Schlumberger Asia Services Ltd; J. Zacharia, A. Kumar, P. Agarwal, S.K. Subbiah, Schlumberger; A. Bandyopadhyay, R. Talreja, Schlumberger Asia Services Ltd; A. Nandi, V. Kumar, Schlumberger
1210-1230 203463 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Geomechanical Evidences for Conjugate Slip and Block Rotation along the Strike Slip Fault Systems of Abu Dhabi, UAE A. Noufal, Abu Dhabi National Oil Company
1230-1250 202993 Production & Operations Development of Oriented Fracturing of Chemically-Induced Pressure Pulse for Unconventional gas Reservoirs A.R. Al-nakhli, Saudi Aramco PE&D
11:30 - 13:00
044  GEOSCIENCES: Leading Edge Petrophysics, Formation Evaluation, and Geosteering Practices II
Session Chairpersons Nashat Abbas Hassan - ADNOC Offshore, Douglas A. Boyd - Abu Dhabi National Oil Company
Time Paper # Presentation
1130-1150 202867 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Novel Magnetic Resonance Data Processing Method, in Correlation with Mercury Injection Capillary Pressure Pore Throat Profile and Porosity-permeability Property to Solely Predict the Rock Type First Pass I.M. Susanto, M. Al Nuaimi, ADNOC Offshore
1150-1210 203030 Production & Operations Implementation of Tracer-based Production Logging Technology for 3 Phases Inflow Profiling In Offshore Extended Reach Drilled Wells N. Husein, K. Ovchinnikov, E. Malyavko, O. Gorbokonenko, P. Buzin, R. Gazizov, GeoSplit LLC
1210-1230 203163 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Identification and Mapping of Water Slumping Fronts by Ultra-Deep Electromagnetic Logging While Drilling Technology in Lower Cretaceous Reservoirs of ADNOC Onshore M. Singh, M.M. AlMansoori, V. Pandey, I.A. Seddik, S. Al Arfi, ADNOC Onshore; D.A. Boyd, N. Gerges, ADNOC; W. Fares, N. Clegg, A.C. Aki, E.M. Diab, Halliburton; R. Reddy, ADNOC Onshore
1230-1250 202894 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Cased Hole Standalone Evaluation: Breaking the Barrier to Successfully Evaluate Challenging Deep Carbonate Reservoirs P. Menon, C. Mills, ADNOC; S. Dasgupta, S. Bong, L.E. Mosse, Schlumberger; A. Vercellino, T.A. Swedan, S. Bertoli, J. Hu, S. Steiner, Y. Azoug, ADNOC
11:30 - 13:00
045  GEOSCIENCES: Novel Approach in Reservoir Characterisation II
Session Chairpersons Wael Fares - Halliburton Worldwide Ltd., Jorge Salgado Gomes - Abu Dhabi National Oil Company
Time Paper # Presentation
1130-1150 202721 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Introducing a New Advanced Method to Predict Petrophysical Rock Types Using Multi-Well Flow Units - Using Integrated Core-Log Petrophysical Data for Identifying Additional Production Opportunities G.W. Gunter, M.Y. SAHAR, Schlumberger; M. Miller, Cimarex Energy Co.; E.J. Viro, Schlumberger; S. Negahban, University of Kansas; M. Watfa, Schlumberger
1150-1210 202773 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Chemical Compaction as the Driving Mechanism for Reservoir Quality Variation in an Early Cretaceous Middle Eastern Carbonate Reservoir. C. Sellar, ADNOC Offshore; A. Vrsic, OMV Exploration and Production GmbH; D.R. Contreras Perez, ADNOC Offshore; B. Raithatha, OMV Exploration and Production GmbH
1210-1230 203464 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Delivering A Simple Convincing Saturation Model With Infinite Rocktype Using Iterated Fractal Function System Y.E. Sugiharto, Petronas Carigali Sdn Bhd; B. Ralphie, D. Johare, Petronas
1230-1250 202649 Reservoir Description & Dynamics The Concept of Progressive Property Modeling, A Sequential Technique to Enhance the Utilization of Seismic Inversion Products and Lwd Property Measurements from Horizontal Wells Into Static Models D.R. Contreras Perez, E.K. Bahussain, I.M. Susanto, R. Verma, ADNOC Offshore
11:30 - 13:00
046  OPERATIONAL EXCELLENCE: Best Practices in Pipeline Integrity Management
Session Chairpersons Andrey Yugay - ADNOC Onshore, Manea S Aljaberi - ADNOC Offshore
Time Paper # Presentation
1130-1150 203074 Projects, Facilities & Construction AC Stray Current Mitigation - A Success Story H.S. Ibrahim, ICE; H. Aly, Petrojet
1150-1210 202654 Projects, Facilities & Construction Erosion Risk Mitigation with DTS Based Monitoring System F. Ravet, Omnisens SA - Switzerland; C. Silva, R. Gil, S. Maguire, Hunt LOC; e. Rochat, Omnisens SA
1210-1230 203055 Projects, Facilities & Construction Managing 31% Dent Subsea Gas Pipeline, A Case Study from Operation and Integrity Approach T. Zulfirmie, D.O. Setiadi, W. Hernowo, F.D. Purnawarman, Mubadala Petroleum
1230-1250 203293 Projects, Facilities & Construction Fiber Optic Liquid Leakage Detection M. Baque, TOTAL
11:30 - 13:00
047  WELL COMPLETIONS: Artificial Lift Implementation
Session Chairpersons Laila Sayed Mohd Al-Marzouqi - ADNOC OFFSHORE, Philippe Gambier - Adnoc HQ
Time Paper # Presentation
1130-1150 203346 Completions Innovative Approach Towards Rigless ESP With Dual Completion for Gas Handling T. Saqib, S. Grifantini, A.M. Sabry, S.D. Al-Hassani, E. Draoui, O.M. Keshtta, B.S. Albadi, D.J. Beaman, Y. Bigno, ADNOC OFFSHORE
1150-1210 202793 Completions Maximizing Mature Offshore Field Value by Using Auto Gas Lift Technique S. Grifantini, T. Saqib, A.M. Sabri, O.M. Keshtta, B.S. Albadi, D.J. Beaman, S.D. Al-Hassani, Y. Bigno, E. Draoui, ADNOC Offshore; B. Bansal, Total
1210-1230 202668 Completions Insert Sucker Rod Surface Controlled Subsurface Safety Valve: A Step Ahead to Improve the Well Integrity for the Sucker Rod Artificial Lift Retrofitting S. Pilone, S. Luppina, G. Ricci Maccarini, C. Sanasi, C. Guglielmo, P. Imb??, ENI; P. Orsini, Sivam; G. Mennilli, M. Mauriello, A. Schiavi, Fore (SIVAM Group)
1230-1250 202979 Completions First Successful Installation Of Washpipe-free ICD Completion With Dissolvable Materials: An Optimized Design For Middle Eastern Fields G. Corona Cortes, H. Ashraf, Y.F. Kouadio, Halliburton
11:30 - 13:00
048  MARINE LOGISTICS AND OPERATIONS: Emerging and Advanced Technologies
Session Chairpersons Fayez Issa - ADNOC Offshore, Anurag Singh Yadav - Weatherford International
Time Paper # Presentation
1130-1150 203081 Projects, Facilities & Construction Low Cost Solution for Marginal Subsea Field Development Based on Innovative Insitu Subsea Power Cells and Subsea Hydraulic Power Units S.M. Elsabbagh, M. Elwakil, Engineering for the Petroleum & Process Industries (ENPPI)
1150-1210 203158 Projects, Facilities & Construction High Accuracy Underwater Visual Measurement L. Medagoda, J. Jolly, S. Bargoti, A. Kazzaz, J. Khan, N. Ahsan, M. Naqshbandi, H. Morgan, Abyss Solutions Pty Ltd; W. Altamimi, Tasneef Maritime
1210-1230 203222 Management & Information Iot in the Osv Sector K. Vedat, P&O Maritime Logistics
1230-1250 202696 Projects, Facilities & Construction Zohr Offshore Pipeline Girth Welding Using Ceramic Shoes H. Mahmoud, Engineering for the Petr & Process Industries; S. Badran, H.H. Elkhafif, Petrobel
14:00 - 15:30
049  OIL FIELD DEVELOPMENT: Challenging Field Development: Oil Rims, Transition Zones, and Sour Development
Session Chairpersons Maged Mabrook Yaslam - Abu Dhabi National Oil Company, Ayesha Saeed Al Meamari - ADNOC ONSHORE
Time Paper # Presentation
1400-1420 203342 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Physics-Based Initialization captures Post-Migration Structural Deformation in Mixed-Wet Carbonates: An Integrated Workflow for Tilted Oil-Water Contact Reservoirs M.M. El Faidouzi, F. Mohmed, A.P. Lavenu, ADNOC Offshore
1420-1440 203442 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Reservoir Management Challenges in Cluster Drilling on a Giant Onshore Oil Field Under Redevelopment in United Arab Emirates M.Y. Martinez, J. Ortiz, M. Salawu, B. Priyadarshini, M. Alhammadi, Adnoc Onshore
1440-1500 202759 Drilling First Piloting of Tight Oil Recovery in a Marginal Greenfield: Technology Selection and Planning Considerations for the First Multistage Acid Fracturing, Offshore Abudhabi S.A. Almazrouei, Al Yasat Petroleum Operations LLC; H.T. Al Menhali, Al Yasat Petroleum; F. Al Hosani, Abu Dhabi National Oil Company; F.S. Alshkeili, A. Samantray, Al Yasat Petroleum Operations LLC
1500-1500 202970 Drilling New Well Construction Strategy Defies Challenges and Enables Successful Development of a Newly Found Oilfield Offshore Dubai J. Maalouf, Schlumberger; N. Mehrotra, M. D'Cruz, N. Suarez, Dubai Petroleum; R. Braganza, Dubai Petroleum Establishment; X. Goddyn, A. Ghani, S. Byrne, J. Freile, F. Chemin, Dubai Petroleum; S.Y. Suleiman, Schlumberger Middle East SA.; M. Wenang, Schlumberger; M. Belushi, mbelushi@slb.com; M. Dessy, D. Herrera, J. Halma, O. Gjertsen, Schlumberger
14:00 - 15:30
050  OIL FIELD DEVELOPMENT: Reservoir Modelling and Simulation Advancement
Session Chairpersons Hussein Mustapha - Schlumberger, Wen Shi - ADNOC Onshore
Time Paper # Presentation
1400-1420 202803 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Three-Phase Compositional Simulation for Asphaltene Precipitation using CPA-EOS with a Realistic Well Model Representation A. Zidane, A. Firoozabadi, Reservoir Engr. Research Inst.
1420-1440 203039 Reservoir Description & Dynamics An Efficient And Robust Method For Optimizing The Number Of Non-linear Iterations For Simulating Highly Heterogeneous Naturally Fractured Reservoirs S. Mohajeri, R. Eslahi, Civil Engineering Department, Sharif University of Technology; M. Bakhtiari, Chemical & Petroleum Engineering Department, Sharif University of Technology; A. Alizadeh, Engineering Support & Technology Development; M. Zeinali, Civil Engineering Department, Sharif University of Technology; M. Madani, H. Rajabi, E. Sharifi, Engineering Support & Technology Development; E. Mortezazadeh, Institute of Petroleum Engineering, University of Tehran; Y. Mahdavifar, Engineering Support & Technology Development
1440-1500 202747 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Fluid Tracking Modeling for Condensate / Oil Production and Gas Utilization Allocation - An Abu Dhabi Onshore Example Y. Wang, G. Jerauld, BP; Y. Bhushan, G.A. Azagbaesuweli, M. Bin Romeli, W. Muhamad Nasir, S.H. Al Mazrooei, M.Y. Al Ali, M.K. Singh, E.A. Alhefeiti, A.A. Tenaiji, ADNOC Onshore; A. Matthews, bp
1500-1520 203033 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Prediction of Fluid Flow in Porous Media Using Physics Informed Neural Networks M.M. Almajid, M.O. Abu-Alsaud, Saudi Aramco PE&D
14:00 - 15:30
051  PRODUCTION FACILITIES: Production Assurance and Optimisation
Session Chairpersons Zaid Hadi AlMenhali - Mubadala Petroleum, Saleh Al Harthi - ADNOC - Upstream
Time Paper # Presentation
1400-1420 203177 Production & Operations A Systematic Approach for Evaluating Entire Production System Value Chain to Deliver the Dynamic Market Production Demand Using an End to End Production Simulation Process A.S. Alsaeedi, F. Alharthi, M. AlZeyoudi, A.M. Al Bairaq, N. Reddicharla, ADNOC Onshore; S. Soni, D. Tripathi, M.A. Hidalgo, A. Raj, Weatherford
1420-1440 203297 Production & Operations Best Engineering Practices for Asphaltenes Challenges Mitigations at Oil and Gas Production Facilities Z. Abbas, S. Punnapala, ADNOC Onshore; D. Abdullah, ADNOC-Onshore
1440-1500 203043 Production & Operations Enhancement of Sub-Surface Completion Integrity by Mitigation of Complex Layered Scale/Asphaltene Deposition in Gas Wells Z. Ahmad, F. Al Jaberi, M. Albadi, A.M. Gadelhak, Z. Cristea, S. Al Zaabi, S.W. Ansari, ADNOC Onshore
1500-1520 203367 Projects, Facilities & Construction Troubleshooting Gas Compression System Using Data Analysis A.Y. Al-Aiderous, Saudi Aramco NAOO
14:00 - 15:30
052  ENHANCED OIL RECOVERY: Chemical and Gas Floodings EOR II
Session Chairpersons Ali M Al-sumaiti - ADNOC Upstream, Ali Hassan Almesmari - Abu Dhabi National Oil Company
Time Paper # Presentation
1400-1420 203405 Reservoir Description & Dynamics World First Polymer Injectivity Test in High Salinity and High Temperature Carbonate Reservoir, Case Study from a Giant Reservoir in UAE R.V. Rachapudi, S.S. Alshehhi, ADNOC Onshore; A.A. Bin Amro, S.K. Masalmeh, Abu Dhabi National Oil Company; A. Dey, S.M. Al Nuimi, M.M. Kenawy, ADNOC Onshore; C. Fabbri, Total E&P Nigeria Ltd.; C. Romero, ADNOC Onshore; S. Xu, ADNOC E&P; M. Mabrook, Abudhabi National Oil Company; O.F. Garnier, Total SA; K. wang, TOTAL; S. Jouenne, Total SA; P.R. Cordelier, Total E&P; G. Dupuis, SNF SA
1420-1440 203403 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Geomaterial Microfluidics for the Visualization of Alkaline Surfactant Polymer Flooding Y.A. Alzahid, Saudi Aramco PE&D; F.M. Alghamdi, Saudi Aramco
1440-1500 203135 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Surfactant-Polymer Flooding at High Temperature and High Salinity: Promising Lab Scale Experiments in Challenging Conditions A. Klimenko, V. Molinier, F. Dubos, M. Joly, M. Saint-Loubert, S. Jouenne, N. Passade-Boupat, M. Bourrel, Total S.A.
1500-0320 202720 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Miscible Gas Injection EOR, Carbonate Reservoirs Well Injectivity Field Cases S. Xu, M. Mabrook, A.A. BinAmro, ADNOC Upstream
14:00 - 15:30
Session Chairpersons Rami S H Bakir - National Oilwell Varco, Nicholas Singh - Abu Dhabi National Oil Company
Time Paper # Presentation
1400-1420 203051 Health, Safety, Security, Environment and Social Responsibility Exploitation of Waste Energy Within the O&G Facilities: How ORC Technology and Gas-expanders Can Drive the Decarbonisation Path of the O&G Companies D. Rizzi, N. Rossetti, Turboden SpA
1420-1440 202630 Drilling Directional Difficulty Index Across Different Offshore Fields in a National Oil Operating Company in the Middle East Reveals Market Variations and the Adoption of Disruptive Technologies Impact in Drilling Operations K.J. Ness, J.J. Exposito, B. Iftikhar, J.E. Torres, E. Couzigou, ADNOC Offshore
1440-1500 203404 Management & Information Innovation in a Time of Crisis: How can the Upstream Industry Develop New, Fit-for-Purpose Technology J.M. Clegg, J M Clegg Ltd
1500-1520 203285 Management & Information Production Of Methane Rocket Propellant On Mars T. Al Kaissi, A. Al Shehhi, UAE Space Agency; P. Marpu, Khalifa University; M. Gee, UAE Space Agency
14:00 - 15:30
054  OIL AND GAS 4.0: Cognitive Subsurface Characterisation
Session Chairpersons Luigi Alfonso Saputelli - Abu Dhabi National Oil Company, Amirmasoud Kalantari Dahaghi - University of Kansas
Time Paper # Presentation
1400-1420 202977 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Machine Learning Assisted Petrophysical Logs Quality Control, Editing and Reconstruction M. Singh, ADNOC Onshore; G.V. Makarychev, Schlumberger; H. Mustapha, Schlumberger, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates; D. Voleti, ADNOC onshore; R. Akkurt, Schlumberger; k. Al Daghar, ADNOC; A.A. Mawlod, K. Al Marzouqi, ADNOC Onshore; S. Shehab, ADNOC Oshore; A. Maarouf, O. El Jundi, Schlumberger Middle East; A. Razouki, Schlumberger
1420-1440 203152 Drilling Generative Well Pattern Design Applied to a Giant Mature Field leads to the Identification of Major Drilling Expenditure Reduction Opportunity M. Lepphaille, TOTAL; A. Thenon, Modis; P. Bergey, B. Salley, TOTAL; A. BEN SADOK , C. KOECK, ADNOC Offshore
1440-1500 203301 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Automated Well Correlation using Machine Learning and Facial Recognition Techniques S. Bakdi, N. Kannan, S.R. Masini, B. Chennakrishnan, Telesto energy Pte Ltd.
1500-1520 203046 Management & Information Evaluating and Optimising a Program to Reactivate Water Injectors in a Mature Field by Integrating Conventional Physics with Artificial Intelligence. C.M. Calad Serrano, P. Sarma, F. Gutierrez, Tachyus
14:00 - 15:30
Session Chairpersons Renny Ottolina - Halliburton, Hadi Arbi Belhaj - Khalifa University of Science and Technology
Time Paper # Presentation
1400-1420 202920 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Integrated Multi-Frequency Characterisation of Sandstone Rocks D.P. San Roman Alerigi, Saudi Aramco PE&D; J.O. Alvarez, ARAMCO Services Company; S.I. Batarseh, B.M. Khaldi, Saudi Aramco PE&D
1420-1440 203212 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Utilization of Geochemical Signatures for Unconventional Reservoir Characterization, Saudi Arabia M. Hussain, Baker Hughes Co. Saudi Arabia; A.O. Amao, K. Al-Ramadan, L. Babalola, J.D. Humphrey, King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals
1440-1500 202616 Reservoir Description & Dynamics A Coupled Diffusion Model for Gas Transport in Tight Unconventional Reservoirs M. Yuan, Y. Jing, Y. Wang, R.T. Armstrong, P. Mostaghimi, University of New South Wales
1500-1520 202996 Reservoir Description & Dynamics An Efficient Treatment Technique for Remediation of Phase Trapping Damage in Tight Carbonate Gas Reservoirs R. Nazari Moghaddam, M. Van Doorn, A.A. Dos Santos, Nouryon
14:00 - 15:30
056  GEOSCIENCES: Leading Edge Petrophysics, Formation Evaluation, and Geosteering Practices III
Session Chairpersons Nashat Abbas Hassan - ADNOC Offshore, Monica Maria Mihai - Schlumberger Trinidad Inc.
Time Paper # Presentation
1400-1420 203415 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Downhole AOP Measurements Applied to Mobile Oil in a Tar Mat: A Study on the Influence of Contamination S. Tiwari, C. Chen, A.S. Al-Dhuwaihi, B.A. Baroon, R. Alabbas, Kuwait Oil Company; H. Ayyad, M. Sullivan, Schlumberger; E.J. Smythe, Schlumberger - Doll Research; H. Dumont, Schlumberger; C.K. Harrison, Schlumberger - Doll Research
1420-1440 202644 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Absolute Permeability Prediction Model Based On Fractal Theory Of Porous Media C. Li, J. Pi, J. He, Y. Zhang, L. Wang, CNOOC International Limited
1440-1500 202683 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Marrying the Static and Dynamic World: Enhancing the Saturation and Permeability Interpretation Using a Combination of Multi-frequency Dielectric, NMR and Wireline Formation Testers H. Mostafa, G. Al Hashmi, T. Felix Menchaca, A. Allouti, ADNOC Offshore; S. Bong, J. Cherian, U. Dar, S. Dasgupta, K. Cig, Schlumberger
1500-1520 202725 Completions Enhanced Time Domain EM Technology for Multiple Casing Corrosion Monitoring M. Larbi Zeghlache, M. Noui-Mehidi, Saudi Aramco PE&D; M. Rourke, M. Ismail, GoWell
14:00 - 15:30
057  GEOSCIENCES: Novel Approach in Reservoir Characterisation III
Session Chairpersons Hesham T. Shebl - Abu Dhabi National Oil Company, Safouh Koronfol - Halliburton
Time Paper # Presentation
1420-1440 202600 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Pilot Wellbore Data Integration For Co2 / Water Injection And Far-field Tectonic Strain Calibration H.A. Jibar, k. Khan, N. Aljneibi, R. Al Ali, A.B. Salahuddin, ADNOC Onshore; S. Uluyuz, sila; B.C. Jha, e. Chinwenwa, P. Bhatt, Baker Hughes; J.A. Franquet, Baker Hughes, a GE company; V.N. Telang, Savitribai Phule Pune University; A. Al-Ratrout, ADNOC onshore; G. Zhunussova, Baker Hughes
1440-1500 203477 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Using Agile Saturation Distribution To Turn The Models Into Democratic Knowledge For Faster Clastic Subsurface Characterisation Y.E. Sugiharto, Petronas Carigali Sdn Bhd; B. Ralphie, D. Johare, Petronas
1500-1520 203016 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Formation Evaluation in Mass Transport Complex Reservoirs U.D. Bustos, Schlumberger; C. Duran, Petroleos Sudamericanos S.A.; A. Chapellin, Schlumberger; C. Hincapie, Petroleos Sudamericanos S.A.; M. Raigosa, Ecopetrol S.A.; L. Martinez, Schlumberger; J. Araujo, Petroleos Sud Americanos S.A.
14:00 - 15:30
058  OPERATIONAL EXCELLENCE: Process Safety Management
Session Chairpersons Houssam Al Din Sabry, Manea S Aljaberi - ADNOC Offshore
Time Paper # Presentation
1400-1420 203240 Projects, Facilities & Construction How To Meet Operational Challenges In An Extreme VUCA Environment By Adaptive Process Control. A. Igave, A. Shah, AspenTech Ltd
1420-1440 202989 Projects, Facilities & Construction Main Oil Line Pump Failure Prevention & Reliability Enhancement; Advanced Dynamic Simulation and Case Study A. Khalaf, ADNOC Offshore; I. Barsoum, Khalifa University
1440-1500 202987 Projects, Facilities & Construction Lessons Learned From Trial Testing Wellhead Gas Compressor Technology In A Challenging High Condensate Sandstone Environment M.N. Al-Rabeh, S.A. Ruvalcaba Velarde, Saudi Aramco PE&D
1500-1520 202665 Management & Information Resolution Of Step Change In Vibration Levels Of A Steam Turbine M.A. Ashour, S. Mekawy, Baker hughes
14:00 - 15:30
059  WELL COMPLETIONS: Flow Control Management
Session Chairpersons Murat Usmanovich Kuliyev - ADNOC, Fahad Mustafa Alhosani - Abu Dhabi National Oil Company
Time Paper # Presentation
1400-1420 203012 Completions More Oil and Less Water: Autonomous Inflow Control Devices (AICD) in New and Old Producers in Heavy Oil Fields from South of Oman A. Harrasi, M. Gokmen, I. Abri, A. Al-jumah, K. Harthy, H. Busaidi, S. Buwaiqi, Petroleum Development Oman; J. Al-Joumaa, University of Technology - Iraq
1420-1440 202701 Completions Development and Qualification of a Unique ICD Completion Design to Improve Operational Well Efficiency R.E. Arias, K.S. Al-Mohanna, Saudi Aramco PE&D; C. Guo, Weatherford; A.E. Awid, Weatherford UK Ltd.
1440-1500 203236 Completions Cost-Effective Adaptive Inflow Technology for Sand Prevention in an Injection Well P. Vimolsubsin, Mubadala Petroleum (Thailand) Ltd; T. Wasanapradit, Mubadala Petroleum Services; T. Khunmek, Mubadala Petroleum (Thailand) Ltd
1500-1520 203068 Completions Best Practice for Inflow Control Technologies T. Rinde, M.H. Jondahl, Ranold AS; T. Moen, Ridge AS
14:00 - 15:30
Session Chairpersons Fayez Issa - ADNOC Offshore, Ibrahim Fahmy - ADNOC Offshore
Time Paper # Presentation
1400-1420 203282 Projects, Facilities & Construction A Geological, Geotechnical, Geohazard and Geotechnical Design Ground Engineering Zoning for Offshore Abu Dhabi, UAE T. Omar, ADNOC Offshore; E. Porovic, M. Free, Y. Fourniadis, Arup
1420-1440 203381 Projects, Facilities & Construction Vortex Induced Vibration for the Long Span Attachment Pipes on Jackets- An Optimised Solution S. SAMANT, A. PAI, K. KARUPPUSAMY, F. Kamal, O.H. Takieddine, National Petroleum Construction Company
1440-1500 203028 Projects, Facilities & Construction Ensuring Pipeline Integrity in a Marginal and Aging Asset D. Chantawit, W. Tarasantipong., Mubadala Petroleum Thailand
1500-1520 202719 Projects, Facilities & Construction Minimum Structure in very Shallow Water for Drilling by Land Based Rigs P.K. Chatterjee, Dragon Oil Limited

Wednesday, November 11

09:30 - 11:00
061  OIL FIELD DEVELOPMENT: Data-Driven Analytics: Applications in Field Development Aspects
Session Chairpersons Muhammad Navaid Khan - ADNOC E&P, Hussein Mustapha - Schlumberger
Time Paper # Presentation
0930-0950 202660 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Ensemble-based Well Location Optimization Under Subsurface Uncertainty Guided By Deep-learning Approach To 3D Geological Feature Classification R. Schulze-Riegert, P. Lang, C. Drew, A. Round, K. Shaw, W. Pongtepupathum, T. Adeyemi, Schlumberger; S. Topdemir, S. Pattie, H. Nasiri, T. Martin, Petoro A/S
0950-1010 203450 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Modeling Of Deep Polymer Gel Conformance Treatment Using Machine Learning M.A. Alghazal, Pennsylvania State University/ Saudi Aramco; T. Ertekin, Pennsylvania State University
1010-1030 203390 Reservoir Description & Dynamics A Flow Network Model Based on Time of Flight for Reservoir Management S. Sankaran, W. Sun, Xecta Digital Labs
1030-1050 202943 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Analytical Methods for Estimating Hydraulic Diffusivity in Heterogeneous Reservoirs Influenced by Ocean Tides M.M. El Faidouzi, ADNOC Upstream
09:30 - 11:00
062  HEALTH AND SAFETY: Current Issues in HSE I
Session Chairpersons Clarence C Rodrigues - The Petroleum Institute, Ray Rahman - Oxy Inc
Time Paper # Presentation
0930-0950 203350 Health, Safety, Security, Environment and Social Responsibility How Technology Can Support In Tackling Drivers’ Fatigue: Case Of Petroleum Development Oman D. Hadzic, H. Al Esry, Petroleum Development Oman; D. Marsh, Sheida International
0950-1010 203327 Health, Safety, Security, Environment and Social Responsibility Waste Management For 3D Metal Printing Using Nickel Based Super Alloys A. Malkawi, G. Chinea, H. Sharrofna, Z.R. Aleid, A.J. Nair, Baker Hughes; N. Minhas, Baker Hughes Co. Saudi Arabia
1010-1030 203315 Health, Safety, Security, Environment and Social Responsibility Integration of Operations Excellence in Drilling Operations through Elimination of Human Errors during Planning Phase to Prevent Incidents D. Tayab, ADNOC E&P; F. Al-Hameli, S. Valappil, P. Kumar, T. Azhibekov, V. Shah, M. Zeinati, ADNOC
1030-1050 202917 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Cost-effective And Ecologically Sound Fluid Disposal During Well Clean-up And Post Fracturing Flowback Operations Y.A. Shumakov, F. Hollaender, B.C. Theuveny, Schlumberger
09:30 - 11:00
063  PEOPLE DEVELOPMENT AND DIVERSITY: Driving Development and Competencies in a Changing Industry
Session Chairpersons Nour Hariri - Halliburton Ltd., Robert Clifford Merrill - Abu Dhabi National Oil Company
Time Paper # Presentation
0930-0950 202878 Management & Information The Correlation of High Employee Performance and Leadership Potential Ratings: Case in Petrochemical Industry, United Arab Emirates J.A. Arao, Abu Dhabi Polymer Co (Borouge)
0950-1010 203054 Management & Information Employee Motivation in the Workplace J.I. Emmanuel, ADNOC ONSHORE
1010-1030 202669 Health, Safety, Security, Environment and Social Responsibility Safety Competence Assessment (SCA) M. Bosco, G. Selvaroli, G. Gallo, G. Gioia, ENI Spa
1030-1050 203204 Management & Information Using Machine Learning Methods To Conquer One Of The Last “Traditional” Bastion: The Human Resource Department R. Lazar, GeomodL International
09:30 - 11:00
Session Chairpersons Sharina Saeed Al Muhairi - ADNOC E&P, Angie Slavens - UniverSUL Consulting
Time Paper # Presentation
0930-0950 202984 Projects, Facilities & Construction Sour Gas has a Sweeter Future- Bulk H2S Removal using Polymeric Cellulose Tri-Acetate Based Membranes P. SANGHANI, N. GHORBANI, G. Mahley, A. Morisato, H. Kumar, Schlumberger
0950-1010 ACS A Kinetic Model To Predict Ammonia Destruction And Production Of Carbon Monoxide In The Thermal Section Of Sulfur Recovery Units S. Ibrahim, Khalifa Uiversity; A. Raj, Kuwait University
1010-1030 202841 Drilling What Test Environment for the Qualification of OCTG Sour Service Grades - Means and Consequences of pH Control F. THEBAULT, J. Pennequin, Vallourec Research Center France; H. MARCHEBOIS, TOTAL E&P; C. GOMES, Vallourec Oil & Gas France
1030-1050 203203 Production & Operations Sour Gas Production Challenges- Case Study M. Mubashir Ahmad, F. Zain, M.M. Albadi, M.A. Baslaib, I. Bankole, S.S. Alhouqani, A.H. Hosani, Z. Ahmad, A. Bhava, V. Pendyala, C.S. Mandal, A. Yugay, A. Al-Bairaq, A.M. Gadelhak, A. Shaker, A.S. Alsaeedi, M. Al-Ebrashy, M. AlZeyoudi, S.M. Alsenaidi, O. AlJeelani, ADNOC Onshore; M.A. Basioni, A. Elmahdi, S. Sayed, S.E. Maktouf, A. Al Mansoori, ADNOC
09:30 - 11:00
065  DRILLING OPERATIONS: Drilling Beyond the Limits
Session Chairpersons Mouza Ali Al Nuaimi - ADNOC ONSHORE, Dennis Heinisch - Baker Hughes INTEQ GMBH
Time Paper # Presentation
0930-0950 203083 Drilling Step Change in Drilling Optimization Resulted in a Country Record R.O. Vasquez Bautista, T. Ioan, Schlumberger; P. Benny, Smith Bits; K.A. Alwahedi, G. Hevia Garcia, M.A. Menendez, M. Cesetti, ADNOC Offshore
0950-1010 202813 Drilling Pushing the limits: how using a Customized Organophilic Clay-Free Invert Emulsion Fluid (OCF-IEF) was successful in breaking the record to Drill the Longest Well to Date in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) and 4th Longest in the World (42,345 ft) M.M. Nasrallah, M. Ahmed Basha, Halliburton
1010-1030 203473 Drilling Extreme Extended Reach Drilling Depths With Ultra High Torque Drill Pipe A.H. Awad, O. Musleh, L. Bordet, NOV Grant Prideco; D. Baryshev, D.A. Gennarelli, ADNOC Offshore
1030-1050 203015 Drilling Underbalance Coiled Tubing Drilling in Tight Gas Reservoir Study Case Onshore Field, Abu Dhabi A.M. LADMIA, A.B. Al-katheeri, G. Edmonstone, Abu Dhabi National Oil Company; E. Deblais, A. Mantilla, ADNOC; F.M. Alhosani, Abu Dhabi National Oil Company; M.A. Baslaib, F.M. Abdussalam, I.N. Mohamed, ADNOC Onshore; F.Y. Zain, Abu Dhabi National Oil Company; A.E. Eliwa, ADNOC Onshore; M.S. Culen, Blade Energy; M. Al Hosani, S.S. salemsaleh@adnoc.ae, ADNOC Onshore; H.M. Al-Khatib, ADNOC; F.O. Al Jaberi, H. Al Beshr, ADNOC Onshore; K.D. McNeilly, Abu Dhabi National Oil Company
09:30 - 11:00
066  OIL AND GAS 4.0: Internet of Things - Digital Fields I
Session Chairpersons Arun Sharma - ADNOC UPSTREAM, Rajesh D Sharma - Schneider Electric
Time Paper # Presentation
0930-0950 203170 Drilling Evaluating Distribution Of Circulating Temperature In Wellbores Using Drilling Microchips B. Li, Saudi Aramco PE&D; V. Dokhani, Yu Technologies; G. Zhan, Saudi Aramco PE&D; O.R. Sehsah, Saudi Aramco D&WO
0950-1010 203242 Production & Operations Wireless Adavanced Nanodevices For Well Monitring J.R. Ordonez Varela, J. Boero-Rollo, Total S.A.; A. LE BEULZE, CVA Engineering; N. Vellaluru, P.P. Dutta, A. Benken, Y. Gianchandani, University of Michigan; J. Ochi, Total SA
1010-1030 202907 Production & Operations Digitalised Next Generation Mono Ethylene Glycol Regeneration Systems S. DESHMUKH, T. Larsen, S. Seereeram, NOV Process & Flow Technologies AS
1030-1050 203349 Drilling Well Depth Monitor Software Design Based On Laser Distance Measuring Device H. Han, CNPC Engineering Technology R&D Company Ltd; Y. Hu, Y. Zhang, Q. Sun, c. Sun, z. Fang, H. Chen, CNPC Engineering and Technology R&D Company
09:30 - 11:00
067  UNCONVENTIONAL RESOURCES DEVELOPMENT: Novel Solutions for Optimised Frac Operations
Session Chairpersons Moin Muhammad - NESR, Javier A Leguizamon - Halliburton
Time Paper # Presentation
0930-0950 203226 Completions First Multistage Fracturing of Horizontal Well Drilled in Conventional Tight Carbonate Reservoir in an Onshore Field in the UAE - Challenges and Lessons Learned M.N. Aftab, N. Talib, M. Subaihi, ADNOC Onshore; N. Lazreq, ADNOC; A. Nechakh, J. Leguizamon, T.J. Dunlop, Halliburton Energy Services (OK)
0950-1010 203221 Completions Protect Wells During Frac Plug Drillouts and Well Flowback Operations for Hydraulically Fractured Wells - The State Of The Art in 2020 B.C. Theuveny, D.I. Potapenko, K. Moncada, R. Williams, Schlumberger; M.A. Campos Cervera, Schlumberger Technology Corp.; P. Spesivtsev, Schlumberger Moscow Research Center; D.M. Willberg, Schlumberger
1010-1030 202910 Completions Frac Plugs Milling Optimization in Depleted Gas Wells, from Learnings to Well Delivery Enhancement A.J. Nunez, E. Sayapov, J.C. Florez, A.S. Al Hinai, A. Al Kendi, Petroleum Development Oman; Y. Eltorabi, H. Al Hatmi, S.A. Makawi, Gulf Energy
1030-1050 202797 Completions Proppant Flowbacksolutions For Low- Temperature Applications Proves Success In Large Stimulationproject Of Bahrain Field H. Al Ghadhban, Tatweer Petroleum Bahrain LLC; M. Elsebaee, Schlumberger; O. Matar, H.A. Salman, Tatweer Petroleum Bahrain LLC; M.G. Semary, C. Chargois, Schlumberger Saudi Arabia; W. Qadir, Schlumberger
09:30 - 11:00
068  GEOSCIENCES: Geomechanics and Rock Physics for Conventional Reservoirs
Session Chairpersons Abdelwahab Noufal - Abu Dhabi National Oil Company, Ibrahim Abdelgaffar Seddik - ADNOC Onshore
Time Paper # Presentation
0930-0950 203145 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Implications of Depletion Induced Poroelastic Effects and Rock Mechanical Heterogeneity in 1D Geomechanical Modeling for Hydraulic Fracturing R. Reddy, A. Aldahmani, ADNOC Onshore; A.N. Martin, Kew Petroleum Ltd; M. Singh, A.I. Jaiyeola, H.A. Alshehhi, A. Dutta, ADNOC ONSHORE
0950-1010 202866 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Integrating Laboratory Testing and Numerical Modeling for a Giant Maturing Carbonate Field in UAE: I. Geomechanical Laboratory Characterization of Stacked Reservoir Intervals A. Noufal, Abu Dhabi National Oil Company; J.W. Martin, E. Muniz, Schlumberger; A. Shehab, ADNOC; G. Nasreldin, Schlumberger; S.J. Alhosani, ADNOC; J. Guerra, S. Khan, Schlumberger
1050-1030 202934 Reservoir Description & Dynamics A Rock Physics Based Time-lapse Feasibility Workflow Calibrated to Core Measurements which Incorporates Both Fluid Changes and Pressure Depletion C. Proud, A.F. Jakobsen, R. Ross, Qeye; J. Mckenna, GeoGem Consultants; J. Dvorkin, King Farhad University of Petroleum and Minerals
1030-1050 202691 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Geomechanics Recipes For Advanced Reservoir Stimulation—A Case Study For An Adnoc Field C.O. Adigolo, M. Ebeid, Al Dhafra Petroleum; F. Eriavbe, Al Dhafra Petroluem; G. Nasreldin, Q. Ni, A. Mohamad-Hussein, N. Rajaiah, S.K. Subbiah, Schlumberger
09:30 - 11:00
069  GEOSCIENCES: New Approaches in Characterisation and Modelling of Complex Reservoirs I
Session Chairpersons Humberto Parra - ADNOC E&P, Pranjal Bhatt - Baker Hughes
Time Paper # Presentation
0930-0950 203429 Reservoir Description & Dynamics An Integrated Approach to Quantify Reservoir Uncertainties for a Reliable Production Forecast and Faster Modelling Process for Offshore Field, Abu Dhabi, UAE S.a. Alqallabi, Abu Dhabi National Oil Company; M. Abdulla, Emerson; E. Bahussain, ADNOC Offshore; F.S. Al-Jenaibi, Abu Dhabi National Oil Company; H. Parra, ADNOC E&P; H.T. Shebl, Abu Dhabi National Oil Company; B. Altaf, ADNOC Offshore; H. Nehaid, Abu Dhabi National Oil Company; K. Al Mentheri, ADNOC Offshore
0950-1010 202609 Reservoir Description & Dynamics A Revised Sequence Stratigraphic Interpretation of Platform Top Carbonates of the Lower Cretaceous Shuaiba Formation, U.A.E., Based on New Outcrop and Subsurface Observations C. Lehmann, D. De Benedictis, ADNOC Onshore; H. Edwards, ADNOC Offshore; Z. El Wazir, L.M. Ramos, ADNOC Onshore
1010-1030 203292 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Challenges And Mitigation Of Static And Dynamic Modelling For Single Well Structures, Onshore Abu-dhabi M. Ebeid, Al Dhafra Petroleum
1030-1050 202677 Reservoir Description & Dynamics A New, Data-Driven Methodology for the Integration of Seismic and Well Data into Geological Model Case Study Block 4 Offshore Angola, Lower Congo Basin M. De Sa, L.F. Contreiras, M.N. Jose, J. Simao, Sonangol P&P; K.Z. Oyeleke, Schlumberger; W.A. Sonibare, Schlumberger Limited; H.A. Mohamed, Schlumberger; F.D. BOUCHET, Schlumberger Data & Consulting Services; C. Darous, Schlumberger Oilfield Eastern Lt; M. Chidundo, W.A. Khan, O.A. Fadipe, H. Kolivand, Schlumberger
09:30 - 11:00
070  OPERATIONAL EXCELLENCE: Collaborative Working for Better Efficiency
Session Chairpersons Manea S Aljaberi - ADNOC Offshore, Mahmoud Hanafy - Asset Integrity Engineering
Time Paper # Presentation
0930-0950 202780 Management & Information Progressive Collaborative Planning Approach H.M. Elkhozahi, H. Hamdan, A. Al Hadhrami, ADNOC Offshore
0950-1010 202985 Management & Information Asset Reliability In Practice: An Effective Combination Of Apm, Ai And Simulation Solutions Within A One-stop Environment J. Eilers, S. Jacquin, N. Burgos Basile, Siemens
1010-1030 203218 Projects, Facilities & Construction Did you know that collaborative thinking can lift your profits? R. Mukherjee, E. Alsuwaidi, S. Jabbar, Z. Khoori, Adnoc Gas Processing
1030-1050 203031 Management & Information 5 Years Master Integrated Plan M.O. Farooq, S.A. Al Marzouqi, M.A. Sohail, T. Ahmad, I. Masood, ADNOC Offshore
09:30 - 11:00
071  WELL COMPLETIONS: Intelligent Completions: Design, Implementation, and Performance
Session Chairpersons Philippe Gambier - Abu Dhabi National Oil Company, Euan Murdoch - Weatherford International
Time Paper # Presentation
0930-0950 203013 Completions Fit for Purpose Completion Design & Work Flow Process to Improve Accessibility & Conformance Control - Onshore Field Abu Dhabi A.M. LADMIA, A.B. Al-katheeri, S. Al Saadi, G. Edmonstone, E. Deblais, A. Abdulhalim, F.M. Abdussalam, D. Ghosh, F.A. Al-Hosani, H. Al-Khatib, K. Mcneilly, ADNOC
0950-1010 202741 Completions A Novel Numerical Method to Model The Dynamic Underbalanced Perforation Process S. Mohajeri, Civil Engineering Department, Sharif University of Technology; A. Alizadeh, Engineering Support & Technology Development; M. Zeinali, Civil Engineering Department, Sharif University of Technology; H. Rajabi, M. Madani, Engineering Support & Technology Development
1010-1030 203119 Completions Wireless Completion Monitoring and Flow Control: A Hybrid Solution for Extended Capabilities M. Bouman, Emerson Automation Solutions
1030-1050 203383 Completions Water Reactive Alloys with Artificial Intelligence, Smart Plugs Formulation for The Middle East and North Africa T.C. Roy, R.G. Shenoy, D. Markel, V. Bolze, C. Wilkinson, I. Roy, Damorphe Inc.
09:30 - 11:00
072  PROJECT MANAGEMENT: Project Risk Management and Digitilisation
Session Chairpersons Edisa Shahini - Baker Hughes, Khaled Al Blooshi - National Drilling Company
Time Paper # Presentation
0930-0950 203077 Management & Information Best Practice of Utilising Drones for Surveying and Mapping in the Bahrain oil field N.K. Puripanda, Y. Nooraldeen, A.A. Al Rumamin, Z. Derbas, A. Alnowakhtha, Tatweer Petroleum Bahrain LLC
0950-1010 202898 Projects, Facilities & Construction Design Challenges of Crude De-salter unit on Onshore Plant - Epc Contractor's Perspective B. Shukla, N.P. Poreddiwar, B. Singh, NPCC; H. Singh, F. Kamal, O.H. Takieddine, National Petroleum Construction Company
1010-1030 203370 Management & Information Keep your Mega Project on time and Budget by Boosting Collaboration & Cognition with Engineering Information Management A. Kar, Aveva Group plc; V. Erickson, AVEVA
1030-1050 202807 Projects, Facilities & Construction Using Integrated Process and Electrical Digital Twins to Right-size Electrical Systems and Reduce Capital Expenditures J. Parker, AVEVA Group plc
11:30 - 13:00
073  OIL FIELD DEVELOPMENT: Fluid Characterisation, SCAL, and Fluid-Rock Interaction
Session Chairpersons Medhat Abdou - ADNOC, Helal Ali Al Dhanhani - ADNOC Offshore
Time Paper # Presentation
1130-1150 202923 Reservoir Description & Dynamics A New Technique for Common Eos Model Development for Multiple Reservoir Fluids with gas Injection T. Aoki, T. Furuta, Abu Dhabi Oil Co. Ltd.; S. Leekumjorn, Calsep Inc.; J. Azeem, Calsep FZ-LLC; K. Schou Pedersen, Calsep A/S; A. Alobeidli, K. Mogensen, ADNOC
1150-1210 203248 Completions A New Insight into Modeling of Wormhole Propagation in the Presence of Asphaltene for Carbonates D. Khurshid, E.W. Al-Shalabi, Khalifa University of Science and Technology; H. Al-Attar, UAE University
1210-1230 203491 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Asphaltene Modeling with Cubic and more Complex Equations of State S. Leekumjorn, K. Krejbjerg, Calsep Inc.; R. Boesen, H. Sorensen, Calsep A/S
1230-1250 203484 Completions The Innovative Production Enhancement Strategy of Using High Gor Crude in Hp/ht Reservoir to Lift Upper Reservoirs’ Production, Case Study in Iraq X. Tang, Z. Cheng, PetroChina International Iraq FZE; R. Wang, RIPED, CNPC; H. Lu, PetroChina International Iraq FZE
11:30 - 13:00
074  HEALTH AND SAFETY: Current Issues in HSE II
Session Chairpersons Haitham Yahyai - Petroleum Development Oman, Muhammad Tayab - ADNOC - Upstream
Time Paper # Presentation
1130-1150 202969 Health, Safety, Security, Environment and Social Responsibility An Innovative Solution for Groundwater Characterization and Monitoring Below oil and gas Sites: From the lab to the Industrial Demonstration Scale A. Credoz, TOTAL SA
1150-1210 202603 Management & Information A Successful HSE Management Process Implementation During Drilling and well Testing Operation in Sour gas Wells M. Mubashir Ahmad, V. Pendyala, C.S. Mandal, A.M. Al Bairaq, A.S. Alsaeedi, S.M. Alsenaidi, A. Shaker, A.M. Gadelhak, M. Al-Ebrashy, M. AlZeyoudi, M.A. Baslaib, F. Zain, M. Albadi, A.H. Hosani, Z. Ahmad, A. Bhava, F. Al Balooshi, Y.F. Pangestu, J. Yan, B. Almuhairi, O. AlJeelani, A.E. Eliwa, ADNOC Onshore
1210-1230 202709 Projects, Facilities & Construction Computational Fluid Dynamic Modeling for Hazardous gas Dispersion Analysis in Deepwater, Brazil G. Franklin, J. Cunhua, R. Margotto, Halliburton; M. Ceciliano, D. Fagundes, A. Rocha, Petrobras; W. Barros, UENF
1230-1250 202905 Projects, Facilities & Construction Machine-Learning Distributed-Temperature-Sensing-Based Pipeline leak Detection W. Sfar Zaoui, T. Lauber, C. Pohl, AP Sensing GmbH; M. Kerk, T. Glaeser, W. Jelinek, Wintershall Dea Deutschland GmbH
11:30 - 13:00
075  PEOPLE DEVELOPMENT AND DIVERSITY: Learning for Tomorrow's Careers
Session Chairpersons Jorge Salgado Gomes - ADNOC - Upstream, Siti Normaizan Hassan - Petronas
Time Paper # Presentation
1130-1150 203288 Management & Information Tamuh: Implementing a Graduate Development Scheme for fast Tracking Young Professionals in Petroleum Development Oman A. Lamki, Y. Abri, A. Al-jumah, S. Mahruqi, Petroleum Development Oman
1150-1210 203376 Health, Safety, Security, Environment and Social Responsibility Virtual Reality Simulators in the Oil & Gas Industry - Review of Existing Solutions and Method for Evaluation A.S. Alqrain, ADNOC Gas Processing
1210-1230 202948 Management & Information Downsized Multiskilling Program for Geoscience Students to Petro-Technical Professionals: How a Novel Integration-Based Cross Disciplinary Training for Interns Allows Reinforcing the Technical Competencies for Future Geoscience Workforce M. KELKOULI, K. Elghanduri, Schlumberger
1230-1250 202986 Management & Information Building the National Workforce for a Sustainable Energy Future J. McMillan Dias, A. Deegan, SNC Lavalin Inc
11:30 - 13:00
076  GAS TECHNOLOGY State-of-Art Reservoir Modelling
Session Chairpersons Siddharth Jain - Sharjah National Oil Corporation, Mahmoud Mohamed Bedewi - Halliburton
Time Paper # Presentation
1130-1150 203060 Production & Operations Gas Breakthrough Identification in Erd Wells Using gas Tracers with Quantum Dots N. Husein, K. Ovchinnikov, E. Malyavko, O. Gorbokonenko, GeoSplit LLC
1150-1210 203372 Reservoir Description & Dynamics A Holistic Data Driven Approach for Condensate Recovery Factor Estimation in Gas Condensate Reservoirs H. Akram, W.A. Khan, T. Zubair, A. Shah, S. Zahid, H. Ali, Schlumberger; M. Yousuf, I.A. Memon, Oil & Gas Development Company Limited
1210-1230 203223 Management & Information Production Optimisation and Value Maximisation of a Giant Ultra-Sour Gas Carbonate Reservoir, Onshore Abu Dhabi M.G. Khalil, M. Fernandes, O. Al Ali, ADNOC Sour Gas; N. Kaczorowski, Consultant
1230-1250 203196 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Introducing Water Component in a Compositional Equation of State Model for Condensed Water Production Modelling in a Mature Rich Gas Condensate Reservoir H. Saradva, S. Jain, C.J. Golaco, Sharjah National Oil Corporation; S.J. Su, Schlumberger; A.A. Amtereg, Schlumberger Overseas S.A.; H. Mustapha, Schlumberger
11:30 - 13:00
077  DRILLING OPERATIONS: Drilling Fluids Technologies
Session Chairpersons Salim Taoutaou - Independent Consultant
Time Paper # Presentation
1130-1150 202872 Drilling Case Study of Active Filtercake Technology Increases oil Production Rate of Tight Reservoir and Eliminate Acid Stimulation in UAE R. Saragi, ADNOC Onshore; C.E. Allogo, MI Swaco; M. Husien, Y.A. Alhosani, M.A. Alhammami, ADNOC Onshore; N. Javed, C. Arena, A.M. Marzouk, MI Swaco; A.R. Al Naqbi, B.A. Al Kindi, ADNOC Onshore; K. McNeilly, Abu Dhabi National Oil Company; D.S. Abdullah, H.A. Al Housani, M.Q. Hussain, ADNOC Onshore; A. DMello, MI SWACO
1150-1210 202754 Drilling An Experimental Study to Demonstrate that Nanoparticles can Filter into Shale Formations and Improve Wellbore Stability N.C. Zhou, CNPCUSA; Y. Wu, University of Massachusetts Amherst; M. Lu, CNPCUSA; Y. Li, University of Massachusetts Amherst; F. Liu, CNPCUSA; G. Zhang, University of Massachusetts Amherst
1210-1230 203005 Drilling Application of Flat Rheology Drilling Fluid System for Overcoming Operational Challenges in Ultra Deepwater Environment S. Alimuddin, R.S. Dey, W. Srisai, C. Aldea, K. Kaewpraphan, SCHLUMBERGER; K. Temaismithi, M. Maheshwari, PTTEP International Ltd (Yangon)
1230-1250 203410 Drilling Highly Efficient Modified Activated Carbon as Shale Inhibitor for Water-based Drilling Mud Modification M.K. Arfaj, Sauid Aramco; A. Rana, T.A. Saleh, King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals
11:30 - 13:00
078  OIL AND GAS 4.0: Internet of Things???Digital Fields II
Session Chairpersons Elfadl Zaki - ADNOC - Upstream, Amirmasoud Kalantari Dahaghi - University of Kansas
Time Paper # Presentation
1130-1150 202812 Drilling Full Automated Casing Running: The Next Step Completed in Field Automation A. De Mul, Huisman Equipment BV
1150-1210 202688 Projects, Facilities & Construction Challenges in Benefit Realisation of the Smart Instruments Diagnostics Capability A. Valasubramanian, ADNOC Gas Processing
1210-1230 203184 Management & Information Feature Selection for Real-time Drilling Sensing Systems Based on Linear Discriminants R. Ramirez, I.M. Soukup, R. Tapia, C.A. Cardona, M.S. Boudreaux, J.C. Peterson, National Oilwell Varco MD Totco
1230-1250 203091 Projects, Facilities & Construction IoT in Offshore Operations: Business Opportunities and Implications A.A. Al-Ghamdi, M.A. Al-Amri, Saudi Aramco
11:30 - 13:00
079  UNCONVENTIONAL RESOURCES DEVELOPMENT: An Integrated Approach for Unconventional Well Completions
Session Chairpersons Philippe Enkababian - Schlumberger Middle East SA., Aurifullah Vantala - ADNOC - Upstream
Time Paper # Presentation
1130-1150 203374 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Is my Completions Engineer Provided with the Correct Petrophysical and Geomechanical Properties Inputs? P.J. Gaillot, B. Crawford, Y. Liang, B. Alramahi, ExxonMobil
1150-1210 202854 Completions Performance Evaluation of Novel Perforation with Consistent Hole and Deep Penetration K. Li, P. Huang, Oil & Gas Technology Research Institute of Changqing Oilfield Company, CNPC; Y. Liu, H. Guo, Y. Li, C. Chang, B. Wang, Schlumberger
1210-1230 203298 Drilling Research on Radial Drilling Technology of High Efficient rock Breaking under High Temperature deep well Conditions Z. Chen, F. Zhu, Q. Hu, Y. Zhang, W. Lv, CNPC Engineering Technology R&D Company Ltd
1230-1250 203224 Completions Experimental Study on the Hydraulic Fracture Behavior when Meeting Large Particle, Layer Interface and Natural Fractures T. Wang, M. Chen, China University of Petroleum-Beijing; J. Wu, J. Lu, C. Luo, Drilling & Production Technology Research Institute of PetroChina Jidong Oilfield; Y. Ju, China University of Petroleum-Beijing
11:30 - 13:00
080  GEOSCIENCES: Emerging Technologies and Case Studies
Session Chairpersons Hani Nehaid - ADNOC - Upstream, Jamal Ahmed Rashed Al Noukhatha - ADNOC Offshore
Time Paper # Presentation
1130-1150 202880 Reservoir Description & Dynamics First Hydrocarbon Discovery in thin Clastic Reservoir in Western UAE by Applying Innovative Data Integration Solution M.N. Aftab, M.A. Sultan, R. Gareyshin, R.A. Jaafar, ADNOC Onshore; A.S. Swain, A.H. Al Blooshi, L. Mingsheng, Al Yasat Petroleum Operations LLC
1150-1210 203042 Reservoir Description & Dynamics A Workflow to Address Uncertainties in Frontier Areas and Underexplored Basins by Integrating Palaeo-environmental and Depositional Models with Stratigraphic Forward Modelling: A Case Study for the Shuaiba Formation E.N. Kozlowski, M. Moragas, D.P. Gold, C. Gill, A. Ashley, CGG; P. Valdes, University of Bristol
1210-1230 203341 Management & Information Digital Sedimentological core Description Through Machine Learning M.M. Mezghani, M. Masrahy, Saudi Aramco
1230-1250 203227 Management & Information Facilitating The Identification of The Nannofossil Species in Cretaceous of Abu Dhabi Using Artificial Intelligence H. Tamamura, M. Yamanaka, INPEX Corporation; S. Chiyonobu, Akita University; G. Yamada, S. Hasegawa, Fujitsu Limited; Y. Totake, INPEX Corporation; T. NANJO, Japan Oil, Gas & Metals Natl. Corp.
11:30 - 13:00
081  GEOSCIENCES: New Approaches in Characterisation and Modelling of Complex Reservoirs II
Session Chairpersons Kevin Michael Torres - Abu Dhabi National Oil Company, Eric Delamaide - IFP Technologies Canada Inc.
Time Paper # Presentation
1130-1150 202791 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Generating Value from Underground Gas Storage by Improved Reservoir Characterisation and Structural Reinterpretation of Mature Carbonate Fields in the Middle East M.J. Robert, H. Saradva, C.J. Golaco, S. Jain, K.L. Mills, T. Lakewold, Sharjah National Oil Corporation
1150-1210 203371 Reservoir Description & Dynamics An Integrated Approach to Reservoir Characterisation and Tilted Contact Saturation Modelling Across the Shuaiba/Kharaib Zones of The Thamama Group: A Case Study of an Abu Dhabi Onshore Carbonate Field. F.E. Eriavbe, A. Mohamed, A. Kutty, Al Dhafra Petroleum Company; J. Van Der Wal, A.U. Osakwe, I. Kok, B. Harrison, P. Quinn, M. Romero, T. Walmsley, Senergy Oil & Gas
1210-1230 202678 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Application of Geochemical Technique in Formation Evaluation During Appraisal Campaign in a Mature Field in Tight Carbonate Reservoir in Abu Dhabi, UAE A.A. Syed, T. Koksalan, M. Firmansyah, V.B. Dantla, ADNOC Onshore
1230-1250 202967 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Reservoir Characterisation of Low Resistivity- Low Contrast Pays from Deepwater Exploratory Field using Integrated Analysis R. Shiwang, C.T. Varghese, A. Panchakarla, Baker Hughes
11:30 - 13:00
082  OPERATIONAL EXCELLENCE: Innovative Solutions to Overcome Production Constraints
Session Chairpersons Hesham Fathi Mohamed Haleem - Worley Ltd., Carlos Mata - ADNOC E&P
Time Paper # Presentation
1130-1150 202643 Projects, Facilities & Construction Dynamic Process Optimisation Using a Reduced Order Modeling Framework S. Sankaran, Xecta Digital Labs; R.R. Guddeti, IPCOS Inc
1150-1210 203217 Production & Operations Asset Reliability Enhancement by Implementing “100%Integrity Assurance Approach” for Well HSE Critical Equipment. M. Abou Amad, T.A. Al Daghar, S.M. Kunhi, A. Iqbal, A. Basit, A. Al-Ketbi, R. Al Muhannadi, ADNOC Offshore
1210-1230 203321 Projects, Facilities & Construction Integrated Debottlenecking Approach Revitalizes Aging Platform by Increasing Production 30% in Gulf of Mexico A. Gandhi, S.L. McConkey, J. Kimbrough, H.F. Bolingbroke, Y. Kapoor, T. Walker, B. Buquet, R. Beecher, B.R. Tryon, N. Rodrigues, Occidental; K. Kalich, Arion Engineering
1230-1250 202895 Completions Breakthrough Formulation of Novel Modified HF Acid System: Realising Remarkable Value in Sandstone Reservoirs S.J. Mohd Jeffry, S.R. Mohd Shafian, S. Mohd Hatta, B. Madon, PETRONAS; K.I. Mohamad, E. Adlan, Setegap Ventures Petroleum Sdn Bhd, now with MISE ENERGY SDN BHD
11:30 - 13:00
083  WELL COMPLETIONS: Redefined Technologies in Sand Control Applications
Session Chairpersons Mohd Nazri Bin Md Noor - Schlumberger Saudi Arabia, Karan Gupta - Weatherford
Time Paper # Presentation
1130-1150 202736 Completions Slim Hole Multi-zone Sand Control Completion in an Over-pressured Gasfield: First Eni Worldwide Application E. Pederiva, G. Ferrara, A. Salomone, V. Gioia, A. Concas, Eni SPA; V. Tomassetti, K.C. Hodcroft, H.J. SENDEL NDEM, J. Roche, D.M. Agee, Schlumberger
1150-1210 203192 Completions Sand Consolidation by Enzyme Mediated Calcium Carbonate Precipitation A.M. MANAR, M.A. Bataweel, Saudi Aramco PE&D; A.A. Humam, Saudi Aramco; A. AlMajed, King Saud University
1210-1230 202877 Completions Chemical Sand Consolidation Design in Jasmine Field: Lessons Learned and Critical Success Factors from an Operator Point of View S. Dachanuwattana, P. Prasongtham, S. Kulchanyavivat, I.T. Chigbo, A. Sreeroch, D. Grassian, Mubadala Petroleum
1230-1250 202848 Completions Advanced Combination of Proppant Fracturing and Sand Control Completion System Unlocks gas Potential of Unconsolidated Jauf Formation in Bahrain V. Prasad, H. Sultan, A. Al-Rumaidh, A. Fateh, N. Altarif, Tatweer Petroleum; A.V. Yudin, M.B. Md Noor, F. Fortuna, M. Guleryuzlu, Z. Al-jalal, Schlumberger
11:30 - 13:00
084  PROJECT MANAGEMENT: Risk Management and Mitigation
Session Chairpersons Tanios MATTA - Total E&P, Tomislav Bukovac - Schlumberger
Time Paper # Presentation
1130-1150 203431 Projects, Facilities & Construction Dealing With EPC Project Management Problems and Challenges ( A Case Study on Petrochemical, Oil and Gas EPC Projects in Middle-east) M. Akhtar, Al Dhafra Petroleum (ADNOC Group)
1150-1210 203110 Projects, Facilities & Construction Brownfield Projects, Cost & Schedule Optimisation S.F. Mahmood, Saudi Aramco
1210-1230 202601 Projects, Facilities & Construction Commissioning and Startup Management for Integrated and Complex Facilities M. Azman, Petronas
1230-1250 203443 Projects, Facilities & Construction Challenges in Execution of Brownfield Projects without Production Shutdown - Case Study R.K. Meena, S. Subramanian, B. Mudu, H. Singh, F. Kamal, O.H. Takieddine, National Petroleum Construction Company
14:00 - 15:30
085  OIL FIELD DEVELOPMENT: Innovative Development Solutions for Marginal Field Optimisation
Session Chairpersons Bader Saif Albadi - ADNOC Offshore, Mahmood Khalfan Al-Oraimi - Petroleum Development Oman
Time Paper # Presentation
1400-1420 202924 Production & Operations Stimulation of Oil and Gas wells in Carbonate Formation by using Supercharged Nanoparticles V. Sergeev, VI-ENERGY LLC; K. Tanimoto, M. Abe, Nissan Chemical Corporation
1420-1440 202896 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Optimising Production from Marginal and Challenging Prospect to Unlock Field Potential: Success Cases in Jasmine Field, Gulf of Thailand M. Yusuf, P. Prasongtham, N. Nuada, A. Laoroongroj, S. Dachanuwattana, S. Kulchanyavivat, R. Watcharanantakul, T. Limniyakul, Mubadala Petroleum (Thailand) Ltd
1440-1500 203132 Production & Operations First co-implementation of Inflow and Interwell Tracers in Offshore Abudhabi: Towards cost Efficient Reservoir Monitoring and Management M. Elbaramawi, H.T. Al Menhali, A. Samantray, S.A. Loobari, F.S. Alshkeili, Al Yasat Petroleum LLC; B. ELTahir, O.K. Huseby, E. Leung, RESMAN
1500-1520 203394 Production & Operations Successful Water Shutoff Treatment of Fractured Carbonate Horizontal well under Aquifer Pressure Support L. Hernando, N. Martin, A. Zaitoun, Poweltec; H. Al Mufargi, H. Al Harthi, A. Al Naabi, K. Al Subhi, M. Al Harrasi, Daleel Petroleum LLC
14:00 - 15:30
086  WELL COMPLETIONS: Zonal Isolation
Session Chairpersons Ricardo Cesar Bezerra De Melo - Repsol S.A., Fahad Mustafa Alhosani - ADNOC - Upstream
Time Paper # Presentation
1400-1420 202748 Completions Epoxy Resins - Cement Slurries for Primary Cementing Application A.A. Hashmi, A.M. Al-Yami, A.A. Al-Dahmoush, V.B. Wagle, K.A. Alanqari, S.Y. Alshaikh, A.M. Gumsani, Saudi Aramco; W. Ali, F. Al-Turki, Taqa Sanjel
1420-1440 202915 Completions Industrial Implementation of Emulsion-suspension System with Nanoparticles for Oil and Gas Wells Completion and Maintenance V. Sergeev, GR Petroleum LLC; K. Tanimoto, M. Abe, Nissan Chemical Corporation
1440-1500 202635 Completions Ensure Zonal Isolation Behind Liner Across Multiple Reservoirs with well on Total Losses S. Zahoor Ullah, A. Ruzhnikov, Schlumberger Saudi Arabia; U. Khalid, Schlumberger; A.S. Alatiyyah, Schlumberger Saudi Arabia; A.M. Al-fakih, Schlumberger oilfield UK plc; J.A. Jaffar, Schlumberger Saudi Arabia
1500-1520 203270 Completions HPHT Subsurface Barrier Valve Technology:Enhancing Reliability in Harsh Well Condition G. Zhao, C. Zuniga Jurgensen, N. Batita, G.L. Arauz, V.R. Battula, A. Sharma, N. Perrotti, M. Zhao, Schlumberger Technology Corp.
14:00 - 15:30
087  UNCONVENTIONAL RESOURCES DEVELOPMENT: Simulation and Implementation Case Studies
Session Chairpersons Ahmed Rashed Al Hanaee - ADNOC
Time Paper # Presentation
1400-1420 202760 Completions Tight oil from Shale Rock in UAE -A Success Story of Unconventional Fracturing N. Lazreq, R. Kumar, E. Al Shamisi, H. Al Marzooqi, F. Al Dahmani, A. Al Hashmi, ADNOC; Y. Luo, T. Bukovac, M. Al Kalbani, Schlumberger
1420-1440 202672 Reservoir Description & Dynamics A Unique Approach of Numerical Simulation with Multistage Hydraulic Fractures Modeling of a Complex Regional Scale Unconventional Biogenic Gas Reservoir. A Case Study of Miocene Gachsaran Formation, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates A. GUEDDOUD, A. Al Hanaee, R. Khan, R.K. Erdy Waiddin, A.F. Abdel Aal, A.A. Al-Ameri, Abu Dhabi National Oil Company
1440-1500 203426 Reservoir Description & Dynamics A Micro/nano Scale Fluid Flow Model in Tight Unconventional Reservoirs M.A. Aldhuhoori, H.K. Alkuwaiti, H.A. Belhaj, R.A. Qaddoura, Khalifa University of Science and Technology
1500-1520 203164 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Fracturing and Testing Observations from the First two Horizontal Well of Shale oil Exploration in the Ordos Basin Y. Hou, X. Hu, Y. Wu, PetroChina Changqing Oil Company; M. Tang, Oil & Gas Technology Research Institute of Changqing Oil Company; Y. Liu, J. Zhang, L. Niu, Schlumberger; W.J. Xu, ProTechnics
14:00 - 15:30
088  ENHANCED OIL RECOVERY: Surveillance and Field EOR Applications
Session Chairpersons Victoria Rodrigues - BP Exploration Operating Co, Eric Delamaide - IFP Technologies Canada Inc.
Time Paper # Presentation
1400-1420 203038 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Miscibility Tracking in Reservoirs with Large Compositional Variation Undergoing Miscible gas Injection K. Mogensen, A.E. Ali, ADNOC
1420-1440 203126 Reservoir Description & Dynamics A Single-well Chemical Tracer test Simulator for Data Interpretation and Sensitivity Analysis N. Shi, J.M. Servin, A.I. Abdel-Fattah, Saudi Aramco
1440-1500 203483 Production & Operations Impact of wax on Asphaltene Deposition Under Jet Pump Operation as Revealed by Asphaltene Inhibitor Field Test T. Yoshimoto, M. Kurosawa, J. Fukuda, H. Yonebayashi, Y. Murakami, INPEX Corporation
1500-1520 203023 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Impact on Corrosion of Different Types of EOR Polyacrylamides in Various Conditions of Salinity and Temperature J. Bonnier, C. Rivas, SNF SA; V. Martin, M.E.C.M. - Materials Engineering & Corrosion Management
14:00 - 15:30
089  DRILLING OPERATIONS: Environmental and Waste Management
Session Chairpersons Daniel Jack Richardson - Wintershall Middle East GmbH
Time Paper # Presentation
1400-1420 203274 Health, Safety, Security, Environment and Social Responsibility World First Integrated Zero Waste Discharge Solution in Restricted & Highly Environmentally Sensitive Areas. T.H. Hamdan, M. Husien, S. Alblooshi, M. Alhammami, M. Hussain, A. El Shahat, M. El-Meguid, V. Oko, ADNOC Onshore; C. Turpin, Brandt NOV; B. Al Ramahi, F. Saleh, EMDAD LLC
1420-1440 202873 Drilling Maximising Operational Efficiencies and Reducing well cost Through Effective Drilling Waste Management Solutions P. Hinden, S. Tyldsley, A. Morris, H. Farouk, G.L. Innes, TWMA
1440-1500 203246 Drilling Dynamic Settling, a New Technology of Mechanical Solids Separation Enhancing Ecd Control - onshore, Abu Dhabi Demonstration B.V. van Opdorp, Evodos BV; S. Kustanto, B. Al Azizi, ADNOC
1500-1520 203389 Drilling Real-time Measurement of Drilling Fluid Rheology and Density Using Acoustics P.C. Ofoche, S.F. Noynaert, Texas A&M University
14:00 - 15:30
090  OIL AND GAS 4.0: Internet of Things???Advanced Technologies
Session Chairpersons Peng Cheng - CNPC, Chris Wilhelm Kuyken - Al-Mansoori Specialized Engineering
Time Paper # Presentation
1400-1420 203461 Production & Operations Digitalisation in Oil and Gas Industry - A Case Study of a Fully Smart Field in United Arab Emirates M. Arif, A.M. Al Senani, ADNOC Onshore
1420-1440 202811 Projects, Facilities & Construction How Deep Graph Analysis Based on Piping & Instrumentation Diagrams can Boost the Oil & Gas Industry F. Hertling, M. Bergmann, S. Marquardt, Bilfinger Digital Next GmbH
1440-1500 203460 Management & Information One Adnoc - Adnoc Gas Processing Innovative Transformation from Local to Global Optimisation N. Ghanayem, S. Kumar M., ADNOC Gas Processing
1500-1520 203066 Projects, Facilities & Construction The Green Revolution for Oil & Gas Using Batteryless Nb-iot IIot Devices Powered by Waste Heat for Process Maintenance. D. Aragones Ortiz, R. Nicolas Alegret, R. Malet Munte, D. Comellas Vogel, D. Voces Merayo, ALTERNATIVE ENERGY INNOVATIONS SL; D. Oliver Malagelada, P. Ferrer Ramis, Universitat Aut??noma de Barcelona
14:00 - 15:30
Session Chairpersons M Motiur Rahman - Khalifa University of Science and Technology, Alexandre Bezerra De Melo - ADNOC Offshore
Time Paper # Presentation
1400-1420 202713 Completions Building Multifrac Completion Strategies in Tight Gas Reservoirs: A North Sea Case H. Buijs, C. Guerra, R. Sonwa, P.E. Nami, L. Vecchia, R. Ishmuratov, Wintershall Dea
1420-1440 202762 Production & Operations Overview of Recent Waterless Stimulation Technologies A. Alharith, S.I. Batarseh, D.P. San Roman Alerigi, W.J. Assiri, Saudi Aramco PE&D
1440-1500 202679 Completions Deep Learning Approach ro Predict Rheological Behavior of CO2 Foam Fracturing Fluid Under Different Operating Conditions S. Ahmed, W. Al Ameri, Khalifa University of Science and Technology; W. Waseem, S. Khan, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology
1500-1520 202641 Completions Secret Weapon to Improve Recovery of Remaining oil in Tight Glutenite Reservoir of Junggar Basin: Employing Chemical Diverting Agents in Refracturing Operation Y. Wang, X. Zhao, J. Shang, W. Liu, C. Tang, J. Deng, H. Xin, S. Su, PetroChina Xinjiang Oilfield Company; W. Li, J. Wu, J. Li, B. Xu, Y. Xing, X. Liu, Gepetto Petroleum Technology Group Co., Ltd
14:00 - 15:30
092  GEOSCIENCES: Tight Reservoirs, Faults, and Fractures Characterisation
Session Chairpersons Haruo Kojima - Japan Oil Development Co. Ltd., Arjan Matheus Kamp - ADNOC Onshore
Time Paper # Presentation
1400-1420 203108 Reservoir Description & Dynamics High Resolution Fracture Analyses and 3d DMX-DFN Modeling of Triassic Dolomites; Wadi Bih, Ras Al Khaimah (UAE) J. van Dijk, IC; R. Lazzar, Geomodl
1420-1440 202995 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Characterisation of Karst Development Using an Integrated Workflow in an Upper Cretaceous Carbonate Reservoir from Onshore Field, United Arab Emirates U. Farooq, A. Al Obeidli, M. Ben Maroof, S. Baloch, S.K. Dey, M. Almarzooqi, ADNOC Onshore; A. Meyer, Total
1440-1500 203189 Completions Integrated Reservoir Characterisation and Completions Design Using Petrophysical and Acoustics Logs in Unconventional Tight Formation R. Das, C. Chatterjee, V. Jain, C. Majumdar, A. Hussain, S. Marino, Schlumberger
1500-1520 202876 Completions Models cross-validation as a best Practice for Optimisation of well Stimulation N. Gaisina, A. Lisitsyn, CET MIPT; A. Bochkarev, D. Chernyshev, Phystech Geoservice, LLC
14:00 - 15:30
093  GEOSCIENCES: New Approaches in Characterisation and Modelling of Complex Reservoirs III
Session Chairpersons Raffik Lazar - GeomodL International, Humberto Parra - ADNOC Upstream
Time Paper # Presentation
1400-1420 202805 Reservoir Description & Dynamics An Innovative Carbonate Facies Modeling Workflow that Honors Geological Concept, Case Study of Thamama S. Aidarbayev, S. Pamungkas, T.N. Al Dayyni, C.T. Lehmann, L.M. Ramos, ADNOC Onshore
1420-1440 202775 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Application of Stratigraphic Forward Modelling to Carbonate Reservoir Characterisation. A New Paradigm from the Albion R & D Project J. BORGOMANO, AIX-MARSEILLE UNIVERSITE CEREGE -; G.J. MASSONNAT, C. LANTEAUME, C. DANQUIGNY, P.M. SAMSON, M. REBELLE, TOTAL SA
1440-1500 202800 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Reservoir Structural Imaging using Azimuthal Dipole Sonic and Vertical Seismic Profiling F. Van Kleef, R. Verma, M. Waqas, ADNOC Offshore; J.A. Donald, N. Bennett, I.A. Salim, S. Al-Kharusi, N. Hirabayashi, Schlumberger
1500-1520 203326 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Derivation of Permeability Logs in Carbonate Cores Using X-ray CT Textural Analysis M.R. Dernaika, S.K. Masalmeh, Abu Dhabi National Oil Company; S. Koronfol, D. Gonzalez, O.A. Aljallad, F. Mahgoub, Halliburton
14:00 - 15:30
094  OPERATIONAL EXCELLENCE: Intelligent Diagnostics, Prediction, and Mitigation
Session Chairpersons Carlos Mata - ADNOC E&P, Richard David Mohan - ADNOC Onshore
Time Paper # Presentation
1400-1420 203144 Production & Operations Looking at the Bigger Picture - Better Understanding of Well Behavior Through Integration of Petrophysical, Production Logging and Corrosion Evaluation data in a Challenging Environment, Ensuring Maximum well life and Overall Productivity. U. Anjum, Z.L. Al-Kindi, L. Jassem, N.S. Sookram, B.S. Al Afeefi, G. Jabbour, Schlumberger; S.N. Chitre, H. Mustafa, A.K. Anurag, A. Bazuhair, M.U. Kuliyev, K. Javid, ADNOC Offshore
1420-1440 203332 Projects, Facilities & Construction The Overlooked Condition Monitoring Technique - Multiple Case Studies on Critical Rotating Machinery R. Seshadri, P. Nicolas, S. Rengasamy, Baker Hughes
1440-1500 203402 Production & Operations Improving well Production Performance by using Realtime Wash Desalting Planning tool (WDPT) in the North Sea R. Octaviano, J. Poort, P. Shoeibi Omrani, R.v. Linden, H. Slot, TNO; E. Hornstra, B. Dechelette, Total E&P Netherlands
1500-1520 202961 Production & Operations Prediction of well Production Event Using Machine Learning Algorithms Y. Alatrach, C. Mata, L.A. Saputelli, R. Narayanan, ADNOC; P. Shoeibi Omrani, TNO; M. Hamdan, Heriot Watt University
14:00 - 15:30
095  WELL COMPLETIONS: Well Integrity Management
Session Chairpersons Salim Taoutaou - Independent Consultant, Manish Srivastava - ADNOC Offshore
Time Paper # Presentation
1400-1420 202739 Completions Assessment of a 30 Years Corrosion Management in oil Producers Under Carbon Dioxide Environment in a Giant Field Offshore Abu Dhabi (case study) N.M. Odeh, K.A. Al Azeezi, K.R. Aldhaheri, S.A. Aljasmi, T.K. Ban Hidarah, F.B. Almheiri, K.M. Alhammadi, ADNOC Offshore
1420-1440 202648 Completions Primary Cementing Utilising Epoxy Resins as Additive: Experimental and Application K.A. Alanqari, V.B. Wagle, A.S. Al-Johar, A.S. Al-Yami, Saudi Aramco; W. Ali, A. Abbas, TAQA Sanjel
1440-1500 203157 Completions Casing Shearing Failure in Shale Gas Wells Due to Fault Slippage Caused by Hydraulic Fracturing-case study K. Liu, Y. Zeng, Q. Tao, Z. Wang, H. Zhang, Sinopec Research Institute of Petroleum Engineering; Z. Chen, CNPC Engineering Technology R&D Company Limited; H. Cao, China University of Petroleum (Beijing)
1500-1520 203195 Completions Extending the Life of a Storage Field Through Full Integrity Characterisation M. Loizzo, Consultant; N. Bonnier, C. Maurin, L. Guenel, Geostock; K. Singh, Schlumberger
14:00 - 15:30
096  PROJECT MANAGEMENT: Case Histories in Projects Management
Session Chairpersons Lee Smith - Alaskan Energy Resources Inc., Irina Baca - Weatherford International
Time Paper # Presentation
1400-1420 203071 Projects, Facilities & Construction An Agile Approach to Achieve early oil Production by Adopting Alternative Strategy M. Akhtar, E. Al Romaithi, M. Bara Adi, I. Al Obeidli, Al Dhafra Petroleum Operations Co.
1420-1440 202756 Projects, Facilities & Construction Unconventional Resources gas Operation Optimisation Efforts F.S. Alqahtani, M.A. Altraiki, M.M. Bergas, Saudi Aramco
1440-1500 203124 Projects, Facilities & Construction Successful Project Delivery Through Effective and Well-timed Operation and Maintenance Involvement During Project Life-cycle Z. Jaafar, M. Zainuddin, Petroliam Nasional Berhad
1500-1520 202833 Production & Operations A Novel Approach to Maximise Revenue by Maximising the Condensate Production in a Giant Field Using Molar Fraction Optimisation in an Integrated Production System Platform A.S. Alsaeedi, F. Alharthi, S.M. Alsenaidi, A.M. Al Bairaq, Adnoc Onshore; S. Soni, D. Tripathi, M.A. Hidalgo, H. Alkuwaiti, Weatherford

Thursday, November 12

09:30 - 11:00
097  OIL FIELD DEVELOPMENT: Integrated Asset Modelling
Session Chairpersons Osama Mohamed Keshtta - ADNOC Offshore, Mahmood Khalfan Al-Oraimi - Petroleum Development Oman
Time Paper # Presentation
0930-0950 203151 Projects, Facilities & Construction Integrated Production Optimisation Using Implicitly Coupled Multi-reservoirs and Facility Modeling with Miscible gas Injection K. Kumar, P. Agrawal, Z.A. Alias, T. Narwal, A.G. Al Hadhrami, Petroleum Development Oman; V. Pathak, R. Eastick, R. Krenz, J. Wong, Y. Hamedi Shokrlu, Computer Modelling Group Ltd.
0950-1010 202726 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Enhancing Projects Value by Embedding the Full-scale Production System into Reservoir Model - A Case Study of Karachaganak Field, Kazakhstan K. Aktassov, Y. Karlykhanov, K. Imagambetov, K. Abonaem, S. Muratbekov, Karachaganak Petroleum Operating b.v.; O. Tleukhabyluly, A. Folefac, G. Uxukbayev, Shell Kazakhstan; T. Channa, ENI
1010-1030 203109 Production & Operations Integrated AssetModelling to Optimise new Brownfield Project A. Alghafli, A.Y. Aladsani, K. McNeilly, N. Abujarad, M. Akhtar, S. Alkaabi, ADNOC Onshore
1030-1050 202911 Management & Information Harnessing Benefits of Integrated Asset Modelling for Bottleneck Management of Large Offshore Facilities in the Matured Giant Oil Field Y. Nomura, S. Ramadoss, ADNOC Offshore
09:30 - 11:00
098  WELL COMPLETIONS: Multistage Hydraulic Fracturing and Matrix Stimulation I
Session Chairpersons Hamed Al Ghadhban - Tatweer Petroleum Bahrain LLC, Ricardo Cesar Bezerra De Melo - Repsol S.A.
Time Paper # Presentation
0930-0950 203354 Completions Unique Openhole Metal Expandable Annular Sealing Systems in High Pressure Multistage Fracturing Completion K. Wood, Welltec; I. Nugraha, Z. Al-Hassan, N.K. Purusharthy, Saudi Aramco
0950-1010 202670 Completions No More Premature Collapse of Acid Wormholes: Extend Wells Productivity with Particulate Diversion Technique Modelling M. Omer, F.E. Fragachan, C.M. Rodriguez Cruz, Weatherford International Inc.
1010-1030 202834 Completions Operational Challenges of Hydraulic Fracturing of Thin, low Permeability and Highly Sour Reservoirs in the UAE - A NOC Journey G.F. Edmonstone, N. Turniyazov, A.I. Jaiyeola, A. El Shahat, H. Al Shehhi, N. Nazri Talib, L.G. Cardozo, ADNOC; T. Martin, Kew Petroleum Ltd
1030-1050 203411 Completions A Practical Approach from Design to Evaluation of Matrix Stimulation Operations in South Pars gas Condensate Field H. Panjalizadeh, A. Safari, M. Kamani, h. Jafari, Mehran Engineering and Well Services
09:30 - 11:00
Session Chairpersons Fayez Issa - ADNOC - Upstream, Mohammed Saleh Al Saadi - ADNOC Offshore
Time Paper # Presentation
0930-0950 203113 Production & Operations An Effectiveness Descaling Production Tubing Utilising a Torque Action Debris Breaker (tadb) to Restore Wellbore Accessibility in Offshore oil wells A.M. Al-Dhafeeri, Saudi Aramco; Y.R. Al-Dhaferi, B. M. Al-Enezi, A.A. Al-Fawwaz, E.A. Atwa, Al-Khafji Joint Operations
0950-1010 203075 Completions Well Integrity Management in Brown Fields A. Yugay, S. Vorozhikhin, H.B. Daghmouni, M.H. Al Shamsi, A. Yousef Alblooshi, M. Silchenok, A. Bin Ali, E.I. Al Mohammed, F. Rinaldo, ADNOC Onshore
1010-1030 203480 Production & Operations Development of a Novel Solution for Multiphase Flow Metering in ESP-lifted Wells A. Al Qahtani, M.A. Alqahtani, B.A. Alqahtani, PetroART
1030-1050 202843 Completions Flow Numerical Simulation of Tubing or Casing Leakage in gas well Z. Hong, Y. Guangjie, L. Guotao, L. Jingcui, W. Jifang, F. Pan, CNPC Engineering Technology R&D Company Limited
09:30 - 11:00
100  GAS TECHNOLOGY: CO2 Capturing
Session Chairpersons Mubashir Ahmad - ADNOC Onshore - GAS-DEV, Kassem Ghorayeb - American University of Beirut
Time Paper # Presentation
0930-0950 203479 Projects, Facilities & Construction CO2 Capturing in Gas Treating Plants Technology Review and Selection S. Sivanandam, M. Al Ali, ADNOC Gas Processing
0950-1010 202716 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Alternating N2 and Co2 Injection as Prospective Technique for Delaying Co2 Breakthrough During Enhanced Gas Recovery in Consolidated Rocks N. Mohammed, A. Abbas, G. Enyi. C, University of Salford
1010-1030 202794 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Advanced Analysis of CO2 Storage Development Plan and its Unique Compared to Field Development Plan A. Widyanita, R. Zairudin, PETRONAS RESEARCH SDN BHD
1030-1050 203020 Health, Safety, Security, Environment and Social Responsibility A Thermodynamic Robust Model to Assess Hybrid Solvents for CO2 Capture. I.I. Alkhatib, A. Alhajaj, M. Abu Zahra, L.F. Vega, Khalifa University of Science and Technology
09:30 - 11:00
101  DRILLING OPERATIONS: Geomechanics and Wellbore Instability
Session Chairpersons Juma Sulaiman Al Shamsi - ADNOC Onshore, Mahmoud Elgizawy - Schlumberger Oilfield Services
Time Paper # Presentation
0930-0950 203026 Drilling Innovative Technology Detecting Formation Collapse On Casing- A Case Study F. Ahmad, E. Khairallah, H. Shuber, M. Shastri, A. Al-Othman, A. Ramesh, A. Al Batani, M. Al Foudari, T. Dutta, M. Aly, Kuwait Oil Company; M.A. Fituri, N. Alhamad, P. Rebaud, Schlumberger
0950-1010 202933 Drilling Geomechanics Characterisation of Nahr Umr and Laffan Shales Through Anisotropic Geomechanics and Shale Stability Analysis for Drilling Optimisation G.F. Xi, E. Draoui, J. Alblooshi, S.M. Al-Jaberi, B.S. Albadi, ADNOC Offshore; E. Muniz, J. Guerra, J.A. Donald, M. Povstyanova, J.W. Martin, N.M. Balliache, C. Deenadayalu, Schlumberger
1010-1030 202902 Drilling Hybrid Workflow Integration For Deep Reading Measurements And Geomechanics Process Enhanced Drilling Performance A. Javay, G.I. Santoso, A. Syamsudhuha, S.M. Amer Ali, S. Ahmed, Schlumberger
1030-1050 203472 Drilling Geomechanical Laboratory Studies to Mitigate the Wellbore Instability Problems in Nahr Umr Shale Formation in Offshore Abu Dhabi M.A. Shaver, D.P. Yudhia, S.M. Al Ameri, E. Couzigou, A. Al Marzouqi, ADNOC Offshore; F. Mahgoub, K. Vican, S. Koronfol, Halliburton; J.W. Martin, E. Muniz, Schlumberger
09:30 - 11:00
102  OIL AND GAS 4.0: IOT Intelligent Operations
Session Chairpersons Chris Wilhelm Kuyken - Al-Mansoori Specialized Engineering, Mariam Alhendi - Abu Dhabi National Oil Company
Time Paper # Presentation
0930-0950 203251 Drilling Drilling in the Digital Age: Harnessing Intelligent Automation to Deliver Superior well Construction Performance in Major Middle Eastern gas Field B. Goodkey, G. Hernandez, A. Nunez Davila, M. Corona, K. Atriby, M.R. Alawfi, R. Carvalho, C.A. Herrera, Schlumberger
0950-1010 203082 Management & Information Drilling Real-time Data: Data Acquisition Time Synchronisation Framework for Critical Ir 4.0 Solutions B. Otaibi, W.B. Contreras, M.A. Zahrani, Saudi Aramco
1010-1030 202988 Projects, Facilities & Construction Digital Automated Mobile Pipeline Construction A. Stevenson, D. Everard, M. Bobat, Sustainable Pipeline Systems Ltd
1030-1050 203262 Production & Operations Digitalisation and Remote Monitoring for Cathodic Protection and Chemical Injection in Gas Asset to Enhance Facilities Integrity H.K. Zaidan, M.M. Al-Ghaferi, M.I. Al Janahi, F.O. Al Jaberi, M.M. Albadi, M.S. Al Ameri, A.I. Al Hosani, V. Shivade, O.A. Abual-Haj, S. Konkati, ADNOC
09:30 - 11:00
103  UNCONVENTIONAL RESOURCES DEVELOPMENT: Optimising Fracturing Performance???Process Analysis and Case Studies
Session Chairpersons Joseph T Reid - Halliburton Worldwide Ltd., M Motiur Rahman - Khalifa University of Science and Technology
Time Paper # Presentation
0930-0950 203356 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Enhancement of Well Deliverability and Scrutinise the Proppant Discretion Based on Net Present Value. A. Sial, A. Memon, A. Baig, S. Nawab, Mehran University of Engineering & Technology, Jamshoro
0950-1010 202653 Production & Operations Screening Artificial Lift and other Techniques for Liquid Unloading in Unconventional Gas Wells C.E. Ejim, J. Xiao, Saudi Aramco PE&D
1010-1030 202960 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Interpretation of Mini-frac and Flowback Pressure Response: Application to Unconventional Reservoirs in the Uae O. Alhashmi, ADNOC Onshore; I. Eker, H. Kazemi, Colorado School of Mines
1030-1050 202789 Reservoir Description & Dynamics The Impact of Fractal Characteristics on The Performance of Structurally Complex Reservoirs S.J. Al Rbeawi, Middle East Technical University Cyprus
09:30 - 11:00
104  GEOSCIENCES: R&D: Geoscience Technology Development and Deployment
Session Chairpersons Zahie Anka - TOTAL UEA, Subrata Kumar Chakraborty - Schlumberger
Time Paper # Presentation
0930-0950 202930 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Application of Machine Learning-assisted Fault Interpretation on Large Carbonate Field with Subtle Throws M. Oke, M.T. Gacem, A.A. Mawlod, K. Al Daghar, ADNOC; S. Tilley, S. Manral, H. Ben Jeddou, H. Mustapha, C. Li, Schlumberger
0950-1010 203080 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Pressure Index (pi): A Practical Way to Normalise Formation Pressure in Offshore Malaysia Y.E. Sugiharto, B. Ralphie, D. Johare, Petronas
1010-1030 202710 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Machine Learning Based Seismic Data Enhancement Towards Overcoming Geophysical Limitations S. Nakayama, INPEX CORPORATION; G. Blacquiere, Delft University of Technology
1030-1050 203094 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Automated Selection of Inputs for Log Prediction Models Using Domain Transfer Analysis (DTA) Derivative R. Arkalgud, Helio Flare Ltd.; A. McDonald, R. Brackenridge, Lloyd's Register
09:30 - 11:00
105  OPERATIONAL EXCELLENCE: Topsides: New Technologies Driving Cost Down
Session Chairpersons FAISAL ALALAWI - Abu Dhabi National Oil Company, Ahmad Ali Malik - ADNOC Offshore
Time Paper # Presentation
0930-0950 202941 Projects, Facilities & Construction Introduction of 66kV Infrastructure in UAE Offshore Oil & Gas Industry S.A. Bin Ruken, M.B. Kuwair, Al Yasat Petroleum Operations LLC; O.H. Takieddine, F. Kamal, R. Paul, S.K. Mazumdar, National Petroleum Construction Company
0950-1010 202825 Projects, Facilities & Construction Predictive Anomaly Detection in Natural Gas Pipelines A.M. Alqassab, M.H. Al Habshi, ADNOC Gas Processing; H.K. Karki, Khalifa University
1010-1030 203123 Projects, Facilities & Construction FPSO 4.0: Powering Deepwater Production and Optimising the Lifecycle Performance of Offshore Rotating Equipment Packages C. Seghal, M. Khan, Siemens Energy
1030-1050 202842 Projects, Facilities & Construction Applied Cognitive Cleaning Technology to Increase Average Heat Transfer Coefficient of Heat Exchangers I. Rodin, E. Cherednik, A. Dolbunov, Angara Industries Ltd
09:30 - 11:00
106  OPERATIONAL EXCELLENCE: Managing Ageing Production Facilities
Session Chairpersons Houssam Al Din Sabry - ICE, Hesham Fathi Mohamed Haleem - Worley Ltd.
Time Paper # Presentation
0930-0950 203432 Management & Information Life Extension of the Jasmine and Ban Yen Oil Field - Exceeding Expectations While Managing Constraints M. Techasirithaworn, V. Tachavarakul, N. Krittaphol, D. Grassian, Mubadala Petroleum (Thailand) Ltd
0950-1010 203299 Management & Information Operations Excellence Journey on Digital in Enhancing Production Operations, Planning and Process Cycle Efficiency A. Choudhuri, PETRONAS Carigali SDN BHD
1010-1030 203339 Projects, Facilities & Construction Life Extension Challenges in Ageing Sulphur Containments T. Subramanian, I. Al Awadhi, K. Adel, ADNOC Gas Processing
1030-1050 203391 Health, Safety, Security, Environment and Social Responsibility Removal of oil from Oily Industrial Wastewater Through Resin Technology A. Tejero, S. Das, V. G??mez, H. Pandya, DuPont
09:30 - 11:00
107  WELL COMPLETIONS: Well Monitoring and Data Acquisition
Session Chairpersons Jane Mason - ADNOC Offshore, Euan Murdoch - Weatherford Completion Systems
Time Paper # Presentation
0930-0950 202615 Production & Operations Real-time Fiber-optic Coiled Tubing Delivered Well Intervention Savings Through Faster Decision-making Process S. Spagnolo, L. Pelusi, M. Lerose, M. Scarso, M. Colombo, V. Mittiga, F. Battaglia, S. Cicione, G.A. Bartolotto, S. Riva, Eni S.P.A.; M. Gaeta, Y. Santin, Halliburton
0950-1010 203307 Production & Operations Successful Water Shut-off Based on Comprehensive Pre and Post Well Diagnostics V. SKUTIN, D. Abasher, TGT Diagnostics; T. Izawa, K. Watanabe, S. Nihei, H. Kuramata, S. Iwasaki, H. Matsuda, M. Nakata, ADOC; A. Alobeidli, ADNOC Offshore
1010-1030 203447 Completions Well Integrity Flow Detection Using Novel Acoustic Pattern Recognition Algorithms L. Noble, T. Langnes, P. Thiruvenkatanathan, Lytt; C.R. Jones, S.J. Fletcher, A. Saisbhan, J. Ali, BP p.l.c.
1030-1050 202782 Completions Deployment of Water Tracers Using Modified Dummy Gas Lift Valves - An Added Value to Field Operations and Reservoir Management J.S. Gomes, A. Shmakhy, D. Narayanan, A. Rawahi, ADNOC
09:30 - 11:00
108  PROJECT MANAGEMENT: Project Supply Chain Management
Session Chairpersons Toshio Matsunaga - Japan Oil Development Co. Ltd., Werner Otmar Rohracher - Androna Limited
Time Paper # Presentation
0930-0950 203089 Management & Information Adaptive Framework for Resilient Supply Chain using 3D Printing in Oil & Gas Industry Y. Al Tartoor, ADNOC LNG; A.M. Khalaf, ADNOC Offshore; M. Awadallah, ADNOC LNG
0950-1010 202945 Management & Information Debottlenecking of Supply Chain Management Process with Blockchain Technology and Automation : A Case Study of a Typical Sub-saharan African oil and gas Company K.A. Odachi, First Bank Nigeria Plc
1010-1030 202626 Projects, Facilities & Construction Leading Capital Projects to Repeatable Success R. Gachter, A. Marton, Independent Project Analysis Ltd
1030-1050 202954 Projects, Facilities & Construction Addressing the Current Practice of over Estimation of Structural Resistance of Existing Strengthened Structures M.S. SHARMA, T. Omar, A. Sarkar, ADNOC Offshore; P. Patel, M.A. Atia, W S ATKINS
11:30 - 13:00
109  OIL FIELD DEVELOPMENT: Maximising Value from Mature Fields
Session Chairpersons Medhat Abdou - ADNOC, Bader Saif Albadi - ADNOC Offshore
Time Paper # Presentation
1130-1150 203100 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Maximising Hydrocarbon Recovery and Water Injection Support Through Pattern Reviews Between Injector-producer Pairs in a Large, Complex, and Faulted Brown Field in Se Asia A. Ali, M. Gupta, R. Salleh, C. Bong, Brunei Shell Petroleum
1150-1210 202692 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Redevelopment of a Supergiant Southern Iraqi Oil Field with Horizontal Wells S.A. Khan, F.A. Hassan, J. Wang, J. Gan, Y. Liu, J.F. Patz, ExxonMobil Iraq Services Limited; S.K. Abdulshbeb, E.M. Al Lawe, Basra Oil Company
1210-1230 203420 Completions Novel Approach to Height Growth Control Rejuvenates Ostracod Formation’S Potential with Massive Fracturing A.V. Yudin, M. Elsebaee, V. Stashevsky, A.D. Al Baik, Schlumberger; A. Aljanahi, S. Abdelrady, S. Darwish, N.Y. Alaskari, Tatweer Petroleum
1230-1250 202602 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Deep Water Disposal (DWD) Insights for Optimised Field Development: A 25-year Story from South Sultanate of Oman A. Al-jumah, F. Shuaibi, A. Lawati, A. Kindi, G. Urdaneta, D. Brashdi, Petroleum Development Oman
11:30 - 13:00
110  WELL COMPLETIONS: Multistage Hydraulic Fracturing and Matrix Stimulation II
Session Chairpersons Hamed Al Ghadhban - Tatweer Petroleum Bahrain LLC, Abdul Naser Abdulla Al Mulla - ADNOC Onshore
Time Paper # Presentation
1130-1150 202614 Completions Complex Stimulation Approach to Low-temperature Carbonate Formation Revitalizes Bahrain Brownfield A. AlJanahi, S. Abdelrady, H. AlMannai, F. AlTawash, Tatweer Petroleum; A.V. Yudin, Z. Al-jalal, W. Qadir, M. Guleryuzlu, Schlumberger
1150-1210 203284 Completions Critical Review of Multistage Fracturing Completions and Stimulation Methods E.A. Alali, M.A. Bataweel, R.E. Arias, A. Bulekbay, Saudi Aramco
1210-1230 203096 Completions Minimising Erosion of Downhole Proppant Flowback Control Equipment During Fracturing G.E. Woiceshyn, V. Agnihotri, A. Dikshit, G. Chochua, M.B. Md Noor, Schlumberger
1230-1250 202612 Completions Self-degradable Particles Mitigate Communication Between Stages in Multistage Acid Fracturing Completion A.H. Alabdulmuhsin, J. Hansen, H.F. Kulaib, Saudi Aramco SAOO; A. Khan, Schlumberger Saudi Arabia
11:30 - 13:00
111  DRILLING OPERATIONS: Drilling Optimisation
Session Chairpersons Anurag Sharma - Wellbore Integrity Solutions, Asif Khan - ADNOC Onshore
Time Paper # Presentation
1130-1150 202795 Drilling Digital Twin Implementation on Current development Drilling, Benefits and way Forward P. Bimastianto, S.P. Khambete, H.M. Alsaadi, E. Couzigou, A. Al Marzouqi, ADNOC Offshore; B. Chevallier, A. Qadir, L. Vallet, W.A. Pausin, Schlumberger
1150-1210 203361 Drilling Accuracy Prediction of Zero-Survey Time Definitive Dynamic MWD Surveys M. Elgizawy, R. Lowdon, M. Breen, M. Edmunds, W. Ekwue, Schlumberger
1210-1230 202625 Drilling A Data-based Approach for the Prediction of Stuck-pipe Events in oil Drilling Operations A. Brankovic, School of Inf. Technology and Electrical Eng., Univ. of Queensland; M. Matteucci, M. Restelli, L. Ferrarini, L. Piroddi, Dipartimento di Elettronica, Informazione e Bioingegneria, Politecnico di Milano; A. Spelta, F. Zausa, Eni Spa
1230-1250 202761 Drilling New Insights on the Interaction of Stick-Slip and HFTO Shown in a Case Study in North Sea D. Heinisch, A. Kueck, A. Hohl, Baker Hughes
11:30 - 13:00
112  ENHANCED OIL RECOVERY: Thermal, Nano and Low Salinity Applications
Session Chairpersons Kristian Mogensen - ADNOC Upstream, Omar Falih Hasan Al-Fatlawi - Curtin University of Baghdad - Iraq
Time Paper # Presentation
1130-1150 203211 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Microscale Investigation of Dynamic Wettabilityalteration Effect on oil Displacement by Smart Waterflooding Using Synchrotron-based Microtomography T. Qin, P. Fenter, Argonne National Laboratory; M.B. Alotaibi, S.C. Ayirala, A.A. Yousef, Saudi Aramco PE&D
1150-1210 203210 Reservoir Description & Dynamics A new Effective Multiwalled Carbon Nanotube-foam System for Mobility Control R. Ramanathan, O. Abdelwahab, H.A. Nasr-El-Din, Texas A&M University
1210-1230 203281 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Effect of Total Acid Number and Recovery Mode on Low-salinity Eor in Carbonates T. Uetani, H. Kaido, H. Yonebayashi, INPEX Corporation
1230-1250 203131 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Optimisation of Microsphere Injection by Balancing the Blocking and Migration Capacities in a Heterogeneous Carbonate Matrix D. Cao, Aramco Asia; M. Han, J. Wang, A. Sofi, Saudi Aramco
11:30 - 13:00
113  DRILLING OPERATIONS: Performance Improvement Using Drilling Technologies
Session Chairpersons Gilles Pelfrene - Varel International Energy Services, Mahmoud Elgizawy - Schlumberger Oilfield Services
Time Paper # Presentation
1130-1150 202929 Drilling Demonstrating Reliability, Improved Efficiency and Robustness Whilst Deploying Novel Shaped PDC Cutter Geometries N. Shamea, A. Suleiman, M.J. Bailey, R. Rivera, A.A. Thallab, NOV ReedHycalog
1150-1210 203201 Drilling ROP Enhancement in High Mud Weight Applications Using Rotary Percussion Drilling B. Li, A.S. Aljohar, G. Zhan, O.R. Sehsah, A.S. Alotaibi, Saudi Aramco; Z. Suo, Y. TU, SINOPEC
1210-1230 202859 Drilling Analysis of Surface and Downhole Drilling Dynamics High-frequency Measurements Enhances the Prediction of Downhole Drilling Dysfunctions and Improves Drilling Efficiency S. Jones, J. Sugiura, Sanvean Technologies
1230-1250 202891 Drilling Offshore Dubai Directional Casing While Drilling (DCWD) Application Sets a new World Record and Enables a Revolutionary Wellbore Construction Process Through Problematic, Unstable and Reactive Formations D.C. Herrera, Schlumberger Middle East SA.; A. Ghani, F. Senan, S. Byrne, A. Mellor, Dubai Petroleum
11:30 - 13:00
114  OIL AND GAS 4.0: Digital Practices and Workflow
Session Chairpersons Praveen Agnihotri - ADNOC Onshore, Alvaro Escorcia - ADNOC - Upstream
Time Paper # Presentation
1130-1150 203182 Management & Information Intelligent Annual Reservoir Performance Reporting System (i-ARPR) - A Fascinating Journey from a Concept to Reality M. Khan, M. Albishr, R.D. Mohan, M.A. Al-Marzouqi, A.B. Al-katheeri, M.A. Al Nuaimi, M. Abdou, Abu Dhabi National Oil Company
1150-1210 203408 Management & Information Optimisation of Production Portfolio with Dynamic Compositional Fluid Properties from Rock to Stock - A Successful Case Study for a Countrywide Network J. Asarpota, C.C. Hernandez Labrador, H. Ge, J.K. Pires, Halliburton; J.A. Rodriguez, Landmark Graphics Corporation; K. Mogensen, L.A. Saputelli, Abu Dhabi National Oil Company
1210-1230 202926 Projects, Facilities & Construction New Artificial Intelligence and Big Data Analytics Process to Enhance Non-metallic Pipe Deployments in Digital oil Fields Using Workflows for Disparate Data Sets M.N. Al-Rabeh, A.I. Abuzaid, Saudi Aramco PE&D
1230-1250 203458 Production & Operations Well Portfolio Optimisation: Rapid Screening of Production Enhancement Opportunities R.R. Sinha, P. Songchitruksa, R. Holy, K. Vadivel, S. Ramachandran, H. Martinez, Schlumberger
11:30 - 13:00
115  GEOSCIENCES: R&D: Geoscience Technology Development and Deployment II
Session Chairpersons Hani Nehaid - ADNOC - Upstream, Wael Fares - Halliburton Worldwide Ltd.
Time Paper # Presentation
1130-1150 203485 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Introducing a wew Logging-while-drilling Ultrasonic Borehole Imaging Technology Using Oil-based Mud in Mature Field, Offshore Abu Dhabi Y. Goraya, A.S. Alfelasi, H. Khemissa, B.M. Al Dhafari, M. Ashraf, I. Abdelkarim, O. Al-mutwali, T. Okuzawa, ADNOC Offshore; A.C. Aki, A.E. Montasser, W. Fares, A.A. El Gammal, Halliburton
1150-1210 202766 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Subsurface Velocity Profiling by Application of Physics Informed Neural Networks A. Kumar, A. Murali, A. Priyadarshan, Caliche Private Limited
1210-1230 203335 Drilling Using Mse and Downhole Drilling Dynamics in Achieving a New World-class Record in an Extended-reach Drilling Well, Offshore Abu Dhabi N.A. Hassan, J.R. Al Noukhatha, ADNOC Offshore; W. Fares, E.M. Diab, A.C. Aki, L. Salgado, Halliburton
1230-1250 203283 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Multivariate Analysis for Single and Multi-well Synthetic Well Log Generation H. Ali Mohammadi, University of Calgary; S. Mahmoodi, Independent Consultant; S. Chen, University of Calgary