The Abu Dhabi International Petroleum Exhibition & Conference (ADIPEC) 9 - 12 Nov 2020 Virtual [GST; UTC +4]

SPE ADIPEC Virtual University Programme

Sunday 8 Nov 2020 | Monday 9 Nov 2020 | Online


What is the SPE ADIPEC Virtual University Programme?

This programme is for the benefit of the best undergraduate geosciences and engineering students from across the Middle East and North Africa Region. The purpose of this programme is to give students clear insight into the industry that they are about to join; to allow them to return to go back to their peers with a positive message; and to provide opportunities for students to form new friendships and to work together on joint virtual activities.

Contact Us

If you have any questions or require further information, please feel free to email Jackie Hoffmann, Regional Activities Manager, or spedub@spe.org.

This year the programme is going virtual! 

The Virtual Programme will allow students to participate in a number of virtual speaker sessions, virtual tours and networking.  There will also be a competition component in which the top five teams will be selected to create a video presentation based on a provided Project Brief.  These five teams will have a chance to present their ideas to a panel of qualified young professionals for a chance to win top team in the region.

Virtual Programme Overview

The 2-day virtual programme, consisting of 3 – 4 hours per day, will take place alongside Virtual ADIPEC.

Professional Development, Speaker Sessions and Virtual Tours: Students will participate in a variety of virtual speaker sessions, followed by a set of virtual tours from leading organizations in the industry. This day will be open to all students in the MENA region.


  • Students log-on
  • Welcome Remarks and Introduction
  • Speaker Sessions with live Q&A
  • Break


  • Virtual Tours
  • Final Session and Day 1 Closing Remarks
  • Close of Day 1 of the 2020 SPE ADIPEC Virtual University Programme

Virtual Presentation Contest, Judging & Awards: Only the top five student teams will have the opportunity to present their video presentation to a panel of qualified judges. Student teams will join virtually to participate in a live Q&A with the judges. The day will start with a virtual networking session followed by the student presentations and awards. This day will only be open to participating teams.


  • Students and Judges log-on
  • Welcome Remarks and Introduction
  • Virtual Ice Breaker Networking Session – students will be divided into small virtual breakout chatrooms and given a task to work on with one another
  • Round of Introductions and Procedures for the Day
  • Student Team Presentations and Q&A with Judges
  • Break


  • Student Team Presentations and Q&A with Judges Continued
  • Judges Deliberation
  • Awards Announcement and Closing Remarks
  • Close of the 2020 SPE ADIPEC Virtual University Programme

Student Team Nominations

University Faculty Advisors will nominate a team of students who should meet all of the below criteria. In general, the nominated students should be top performing students – those who have shown excellence in leadership, participation in extracurricular activities as well as academic performance.  Students in their senior years of study (3rd or final year) tend to benefit more from this type of programme as they are about to enter the professional world. Our aim is to host students who excel in a variety of areas, not solely based on academic grading. 

Team Member Criteria

  • Current SPE student member
  • Enrolled in an undergraduate programme focused on geosciences and engineering
  • Attending a qualified institution from within the Middle East and North Africa Region; please visit https://www.spe.org/ for more information
  • Must not have participated in previous SPE University Programmes/Education Weeks.
  • a maximum of two (2) student team members can be from the current Student Chapter Officer Board
  • Students should also be aware of current sanction laws which may not allow them to participate in this event. Details of current laws can be found here.

The Project Brief

A new project theme is chosen each year by the committee – it is often based upon the industry at the time.  Students will use this theme as an umbrella for which they can develop their project/presentation.   Nominated student teams will submit a preview and proposal based on the Project Brief prior to the Event so that a panel of Young Professional (YP) Judges will be able to select the top five teams.  These teams will then be paired with a Young Professional Mentor and will have up to two weeks to complete their final virtual presentation recording – these will then be played on the day of the event for a live panel of YP Judges.


Amna Al Bloushi

Emad Walid Al-Shalabi
Khalifa University of Science and Technology

Hissa Al Hajri

Izwan Adnan
Dragon Oil

Jyotsna Asarpota
Halliburton Global Consulting

Luisa Gharzelddine


Ahmed Al Shoaibi
Khalifa University of Science and Technology