About the Conference

The ‘lower for longer' oil price in recent years has forced upstream oil & gas companies to look hard at their costs. These operational savings have been largely achieved by placing discipline and focus on productivity, squeezing the supply-chain to achieve better margins and streamlining business operations.

Moving forward, competing on a global scale will involve a different mindset and a new understanding of the working landscape and how companies should adjust to maximise their competitiveness.

There will be factors that we can influence and some that we cannot such as global oil prices. Some factors we can influence are:

  • People
  • Organisational Culture & Structure
  • Processes & Practices
  • Products & Intellectual Property
  • Capital & Natural Resources
  • Technology

Oil and Gas companies are already engaged with using new technologies and new working practices that result in a leaner, more agile organisational model whilst delivering significant cost savings.  This needs to continue and be applied across the full value chain and across the regions key stakeholders.  However, we do need to consider the next wave of talent that will continue to help us be globally competitive.

People are the driving force behind most competitive advantages.  The workforce of today looks quite different than the workforce of yesterday. Today’s leaders are characterised by agility, language and cultural proficiency, and the ability to function across multiple product lines, markets and national boundaries. As an industry we must develop new strategies for finding, attracting and bringing on board the workforce of the future.

Today’s working environment has made the whole industry almost reinvent itself.  Many of the challenges faced by the industry have never been experienced before.  The energy industry has to continuously demonstrate its ingenuity, flexibility in order to remain viable. It will still be important to talk about keeping our costs low, pushing the boundaries of innovation and focusing on excellence in our operations.

Being able to respond to changing regulations, business needs, global trends and unforeseen situations quickly and innovatively is crucial.  


Adapting to a digital platform this year allows us to avoid current uncertainties brought on by the global pandemic, but still bring you the same high quality content and inclusive learning experience you'd receive from our in-person event.

Join energy experts from the Caspian oil and gas industry along with international senior executives and technical experts, to analyse the current climate and discuss latest technologies, new developments and first-hand insights in upstream oil and gas.

Who Attends?

Oil and gas professionals, experts, and managers | Service, supply and consulting companies | Government regulators | Health, safety, and environmental professionals and representatives | Local, national and international governmental organisations | Non-governmental organisations | Professional societies | Universities, research centres, and institutes