Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) management within the petroleum industry continues to be a significant area of interest among stakeholders everywhere and Africa is no exception. 

The oil industry in Africa has seen remarkable growth in recent years with new countries exploring and producing oil on both onshore and offshore assets. 


The aim of this workshop is to bring together key stakeholders in the African region—operators, service companies, academicians and regulators, and others, to discuss the achievements and challenges, and propose ideas for sustaining effective HSE management in the petroleum sector.


This workshop will provide the platform for experts, practitioners and participants to engage in stimulating discussions. The discussions are expected to bring about recommendations and solutions for operation optimisation to deliver further value from existing capacities as well as sustain best HSE practices in Africa.




Using big data as a predictive tool to prevent incidents; the most effective ways to increase competency in the oil industry; produced water re-injection sustainability solutions; reasons why incidents happen—analysis from over 150 process and occupational safety incidents; and the role of the regulator and impact of local content on HSE management.



Protection of oil and gas assets

Process safety and asset integrity management

Emergency response and health management

Oil Spill response and its management