Oil and gas resources remain the world’s major contributor to energy supply even with the recent energy generation from renewable sources. With more than 70% of world’s reserves remaining in mature fields, it becomes critical to accelerate their production through new cost-effective technologies. Chemical EOR activities have shown rapid growth world-wide during the last decade; yet fewer amount of work has been done on complex and highly heterogeneous reservoirs.






Mohamed Al Marzouqi
Senior Vice President, Development Function


Attendees will have ample opportunity to interact with industry professionals, experts, and scientists who have been extensively involved in cEOR projects. Moreover, they will be able to share knowledge, experiences and gain insight details about recent projects on best practices and obstacles.


This workshop is intended to address the main cEOR challenges that hinder its implementations at large scale in complex reservoir and propose novel techniques, including hybrid mechanisms, to mature field development at an economic limit. The two-day workshop will be highly interactive where the sessions are designed to capture a comprehensive assessment of innovative technologies, case studies, monitoring and surveillance, reservoir conformance, and surface facilities.  


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