Virtual Workshop Guidelines

Workshop Format

Workshops maximize the exchange of ideas among attendees and presenters through brief technical ‎presentations followed by extended Q&A periods. Focused topics attract an informed audience eager to ‎discuss issues critical to advancing both technology and best practices.‎

Many of the presentations are in the form of case studies, highlighting engineering achievements and ‎lessons learned.‎  In order to stimulate frank discussion, no proceedings are published and members of the ‎press are not invited to attend.‎

Registered attendees will receive instructions by email on how to access the virtual platform for this workshop.


In remaining consistent with workshop objectives and SPE guidelines, commercialism in presentations will ‎not be permitted. Company logos should be used only to indicate the affiliation of the presenter(s).‎

Continuing Education Units

Attendees will receive 1.6 CEUs.‎ One CEU equal 10 contact hours of participation. CEUs are awarded through SPE Professional Development ‎for participation and completion of SPE workshop. A permanent record of a participant’s involvement and ‎awarding of CEUs will be maintained by SPE.

Data Privacy Policy

By registering for this virtual event, you are agreeing to the Privacy Policy and to participating on a virtual platform where registered participants can interact with each other. SPE complies with applicable privacy laws, including GDPR, in collecting and processing your data. Basic information that you share during registration will be used to access the platform, and included in the attendee list if you consented to share this contact information.  You have the ability to edit your profile once you have joined the event.  SPE collects and processes data for the purposes of fulfilling your registration order, analyzing how this site performs and is used, and marketing for future related SPE events. All users maintain the right of erasure and can withdraw their consent at any time. Please see SPE’s privacy policy for additional information.

Virtual Event Code of Conduct  

At SPE events, oil and gas professionals come together from across the globe to discuss technical innovations and advancements in petroleum recovery, and to network with one another. SPE values the participation of all persons at its events, and seeks to provide them with a respectful, harassment-free and inclusive environment for all, regardless of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability status, ancestry, citizenship status, age, gender, sexual orientation, and others. At the same time, all persons are expected to be respectful and courteous to others throughout the event. Therefore, SPE has adopted this Event Code of Conduct (“Code of Conduct”). Read more.

Photography and Videography

SPE encourages open and respectful discussion in the live event environment, participants are not allowed to post images or video online without obtaining permission. Participants are required to respect the privacy of others and refrain from any unauthorized or unwelcomed recording or photography, including recording of any direct or indirect interactions or electronic messaging. Participants are not allowed to take photos or videos of presentation materials shown without prior written consent by the presenter.

Recording of complete oral presentations is not allowed unless these are done by a professional entity that has been contracted for this purpose by or on behalf of the organizer. Photo taking and recordings within the live event environment for professional use is not allowed without obtaining prior written permission from SPE.


All content contained within this live event is copyrighted either by SPE or other providers and its use and/or reproduction outside the portal requires express permission from the content owner(s).