Net Zero Emissions by 2050 (NZE2050), the major mile marker, will require technical solutions that thread through multiple energy transition cores – such as leveraging carbon capture to enable ‘blue’ hydrogen, using renewables to produce ‘green’ hydrogen, or to combine digital, material technology and deep-water operational experience to create autonomous floating wind farms.

This workshop will bring oil and gas technical communities together with adjacent energy specialities to exchange the latest advances and identify portable technical competencies which could be shared to fast cycle a cross-functional fit-for-purpose solution. 


Keynotes, presentations, and panel discussion topics will include:

Trends and underlying technology imperatives for the mobility sector

Economic, Policy and Strategic aspects of NZE2050

Common Role of Digital Transformation

Role of Start-ups in reshaping the Energy Transition Ecosystem

Energy Transition Segments – Low Carbon Fuels, Carbon Capture, Electrification/Battery, Renewables, Hydrogen, Geothermal


Invitations to present will be extended to subject matter experts from academia, start-up companies, and government research organizations. 

This workshop should be of interest to technology executives, thought leaders, and contributors in the oil and gas and related service sectors, especially those open to the ways in which business models may evolve over the coming decade and with an interest in the technologies underpinning such an evolution. 

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