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This year we celebrate the 30th Slugging it Out Conference

This event served as a forum to connect Heavy Oil professionals and discuss key topics within the industry. The pace of change continues to accelerate in today’s world, particularly with respect to environmental and social concerns, government regulation, digitalization, and technology development. This year’s content covered both macro and local scale topics that will enable the Heavy Oil industry to adapt, thrive, and continue to grow as we move into the future.




In the highly competitive world of oil production, heavy oil and oil sands projects face headwinds on multiple fronts.  The Slugging it Out conference provided a unique environment to collaborate with industry professionals, share knowledge and promote the success of all projects.


Presentations focused on project updates, performance and reservoir case studies, new and emerging ideas and technologies, facility design and project economics.  


The format of the event encouraged open dialogue with both attendees and presenters to maximize knowledge sharing and learning.



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