For the past 30 years, fiber optic sensing (FOS) has progressed from distributed temperature sensing (DTS) in the 1990s, to include fiber optic-based pressure gauges and flowmeters in the 2000s, to the introduction of distributed acoustic sensing (DAS) in the 2010s. The evolution of the optical sensing system including sensors, gauges, fibers, cables, deployment, processing and interpretation technologies have yielded astoundingly better and novel quantitative well and reservoir monitoring results. These improvements have shown to return significant value at early project stages as well as throughout the producing asset lifetime.




This workshop will address fiber-optic monitoring technologies used to optimize reservoir and field development and operations. Field case studies will highlight new or enhanced technical applications, including:


Hydraulic fracture stimulation diagnostics

Workflows, data management and analytics

Well and infrastructure integrity

Reservoir geophysics and geomechanics

Downhole flow quantification


The keynote focus will include a panel discussion of technical and business gaps which have limited FOS deployment, how to address these challenges and ways to glean additional value. 

The workshop will have participation from operators, service companies, and the OEM sector (instrumentation, fiber, cables, etc.) with multiple networking opportunities.   


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