As the digital era continues to progress, it has become imperative that oil and gas companies stay on top of their game. The oil and gas sector is a sector where technology can make or break your company’s success. A move away from traditional analogue, paper-based processes towards computerisation has undoubtedly changed how oil and gas companies operate. The real impact of this transition has yet to be seen but the future looks bright for those who are willing to take it on headfirst.


Whether you're an oil company employee or just want to learn more about how digital transformation can change your life, this workshop will provide you with some insightful information about what digital transformation in oil and gas entails.

The workshop will start with an executive plenary session addressing the opportunities and challenges of remaining competitive in an increasingly globalised marketplace. Following that will be a session on sustainability, which all manner of energy companies have a role in tackling, to look for and innovate different ways to decarbonise the energy system, as well as shedding light on the process of adapting and revamping new processes, workforces, IT systems, business models and culture to new demands brought about by emerging technologies to maximise efficiency in well drilling, workforce management, and production decisions.

Closing out the workshop will be a future of operations session, addressing where worldwide oil and gas is experiencing a shortage in critical skill sets needed for future roles, and how many have already initiated different programmes investing in reskilling and upskilling the workforce.


As we look back on the rapid ascent of oil and gas 4.0 in the wake of COVID-19, what new technologies we will see rise up to challenge other aspects of our working lives, what do you see as being the next process or industry ripe for reinvention, and how we are moving towards innovation and digital transformation across the oil and gas sector? Are we unlocking potential opportunities to stimulate growth?



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