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SPE EuropEC 2023, held at the 84th EAGE Annual Conference & Exhibition was the ideal environment for energy professionals from across the world to share ideas in order to advance their knowledge in the complex and wide fields of geoscience and engineering.

As a part of Europe’s largest multidisciplinary geoscience and engineering event, the 2023 SPE Europe Energy Conference brought together key leaders and professionals from the energy, oil and gas, mining and other subsurface industries providing a unique opportunity for collaboration, research and innovation with the aim to advance decarbonisation. 

SPE EuropEC Covered

Capture, utilisation and storage of fluids in the subsurface -  CO2, Hydrogen, Nitrogen and Air, coal gasification, CCUS for improved recovery and co2 storage.  Efficient production of conventional reserves.

Extraction of heat (geothermal) and materials (e.g. metals) from the subsurface fluids.  Including high and low geothermal, recovery of lithium and/or other metals from enriched brines, Rare earth elements, solution mining.

Carbon efficient reservoir management –EOR and IOR for higher recovery efficiencies.  Reservoir characterisation, modelling and simulation.  Novel Well testing and design for conventional and Geoenergy reservoirs.  Reservoir management under uncertainty and risk. CCUS and low emissions reservoir management, Net Zero reservoir operations, decarbonising onshore and offshore operations, well-to-wheel co2 reduction. 

Machine learning, AI, and Digitisation for more efficient operations – Use of machine learning and AI in subsurface operations and reservoir optimisation. Maximinsing value and reducing impact through better use of data.  Handling Big data.  Uncertainty quantification and reservoir optimization technologies for improved decision making. 

Sustainability in the energy industry - Human and environmental safety, HSE, socioeconomic impacts of the energy transition, stakeholders in reservoir developments, decision making under uncertainty and risk, education and outreach for the energy transition, NetZero business structures for current E&P businesses.

Net Zero energy economics –circular economics, economics of the environment and carbon.  Value creation from utilisation of C02 (synthetic fuels), macro-economics of the energy industry, investor relations and drivers, security of energy supply through the energy transition, macro and micro Geoenergy projects


Who Should Attend

Geologists | Geophysicists | Petroleum Engineers | Reservoir Engineers | Environmental Engineers | Petrophysicists | Geochemists