This Forum will focus on the current understanding and future need to develop better ways to predict, identify, mitigate, and minimize casing deformation occurrences in future completions.  The potential commercial benefits are substantial, as deformations currently cause non-productive time, extra completion and remediation costs, lost stages, lost wells, and in some cases can render field developments uneconomic.

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The Forum is a limited-attendance meeting for up to 75 people, designed for professionals in the oil and gas industry interested in discussing better ways to predict, identify, mitigate, and minimize casing deformation occurrences in completions over the next 5-10 years.


Casing deformations have occurred since the inception of the oil and gas industry. Present in a variety of forms, these events tend to result in additional operational issues for hydraulic fracturing operators during the drilling, completion, fracturing, production, intervention, and abandonment stages of the life of the well, and can threaten the underlying productivity and economics of a well, and indeed a field development.

This Forum will build on efforts that have been ongoing with the SPE Well Integrity Technical Section (WITS) Casing Deformation Work Group since 2021 to increase the understanding and reduce the impact of future casing deformations in multi-fractured horizontal wells. The Forum specifically aims to create an inclusive and diverse technical environment where interdisciplinarity will be both adopted and encouraged as we consider future steps in this domain that will accelerate industry progress.

The general approach will include:

🧿 Understanding current practices and challenges in multi-fractured horizontal wells in different basins globally.

🧿 Deriving key learnings from casing deformations in other applications and environments.

🧿 Identifying existing knowledge and technology gaps that could be addressed to improve understanding and reduce impact of casing deformations in unconventional multi-fractured horizontal wells.

🧿 Mapping future path(s) with a technology roadmap and associated challenge statements to catalyze industry’s next efforts to address this issue. 



ℹ️ A written summary will be prepared and distributed to participants after the forum at the discretion of the steering committee and SPE approval. 




🧿 Drilling, completions, and hydraulic fracturing engineers

🧿 Geomechanical Specialists

🧿 Production and Reservoir Engineers/Technologists interested in how they can better support the management of casing deformation and its impacts

🧿 Service companies and equipment suppliers involved in drilling and completions operations in hydraulic fracturing wells

🧿 Academia and research and development specialists working on casing deformation challenges

🧿 Those involved in multivariate analysis, financial analysis, and digital solutions and software



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