Produced water, typically viewed as a waste stream, accounts for the largest volume byproduct associated with oil and gas production. Management of produced water is particularly challenging as the quality and quantity of produced water varies with geography, time, and site-specific factors. An effective full life cycle management program of produced water that improves operational efficiency, optimizes cost, and maximizes it as a resource is critical for the success of upstream development.


As the industry navigates the energy transition, there are new challenges and opportunities for produced water management.  During this workshop, a diverse group of speakers and panelists will share knowledge on best practices and technological innovations of produced water on topics, such as 1) good environmental stewardship and minimized carbon footprint; 2) volume reduction strategies; 3) reuse for unconventional development, beneficial reuse, and mineral extraction; 4) Opportunities in carbon capture and renewable energy production.



Early Registration deadline 25 April
Registration will open in January