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description of model 2


This model has a sufficiently fine grid to make use of classical pseudoisation methods almost impossible. The model has a simple geometry, with no top structure or faults. The reason for this choice is to provide maximum flexibility in choice of upscaled grids.

At the fine geological model scale, the model is described on a regular cartesian grid. The model dimensions are 1200 x 2200 x 170 (ft). The top 70 ft (35 layers) represents the Tarbert formation, and the bottom 100 ft (50 layers) represents Upper Ness. The fine scale cell size is 20 ft x 10 ft x 2 ft.


bulletreservoir description


Porosity for the whole model, 74K

Figure 1 (a)

Part of Upper Ness sequence, 56K

Figure 1 (b)

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