Nomination Procedures for Officers and Directors

The nomination cycle is currently closed. It will reopen in early October 2015 for the following positions:

  • 2018 President
  • At-Large Director
  • Technical Director, Drilling & Completions
  • Technical Director, Projects, Facilities & Construction
  • Regional Director, Canada
  • Regional Director, Eastern North America
  • Regional Director, Mid-Continent North America
  • Regional Director, North Sea


Katie Krug, Senior Board Relations Manager


Nominees for Regional Director must reside in the region they represent.

Review the qualifications for the open positions:

Regional Director+
Technical Director+
At-Large Director+

About the Board of Directors

SPE is governed by a 29-member Board of Directors composed of member representatives from around the world. Each of SPE's geographic regions and technical disciplines are represented by a director. These directors, together with two At-Large directors, a Director for Academia, the President, President-elect, immediate past President, and Vice President – Finance, constitute the SPE Board of Directors.

About the election process

The nominating committee is chaired by the immediate past president and meets in January to make recommendations for the available positions. View the 2015 Nominating Committee Roster.

The recommendation of the Nominating Committee is submitted to the Board of Directors for ratification at its March meeting. Biographical information on approved nominees is provided to the membership via and through an article in the April issue of the Journal of Petroleum Technology.

The SPE Constitution provides for these nominees to stand as elected unless SPE members nominate additional candidates by 1 June. Additional nominations require a petition from at least 1% of SPE membership or, for Regional Director nominees, 1% of the region’s membership (with no more than 75% of the petitioners from any one section). The Constitution also specifies provisions for a ballot election if any qualified petitions are received by 1 June.