SPE Disciplines

We organize our activities into eight primary disciplines, offering news and programs tailored to each area. Many of our members may have interests in more than one area.


discipline icon Completions

Topics include completion design and installation, intelligent wells, sand control, hydraulic fracturing, acidizing and stimulation, and well integrity. Special interests are supported through technical sections, and peer-reviewed papers are published in both SPE Drilling & Completions and SPE Production & Operations journals. Go to Completions


discipline icon Data Science and Engineering Analytics

Topics include information systems, data use and management with specializations covered in technical sections and articles published in the Data Science and Digital Engineering online magazine. Go to DSEA


discipline icon Drilling

Covers topics from well planning and wellbore design through drilling equipment, systems and operations to casing and cementing. Special interests are supported through technical sections, and peer-reviewed papers are published in the journal SPE Drilling & Completions. Go to Drilling


discipline icon Projects, Facilities, and Construction

Topics include processing, flow assurance and subsea systems, measurement and control, platforms and floating systems, and facilities operations. Peer-reviewed papers, as well as articles, are published in the Oil and Gas Facilities magazine. Go to Facilities


discipline icon Health, Safety, Environment, and Sustainability

Comprises core HSE topics as well as research and sustainability issues. Specializations are covered through technical sections, workshops, publications, and international HSE conferences held in both the US and abroad. Go to HSE


discipline icon Management

Topics range from strategic planning to energy economics with specializations covered in Technical Sections. Peer-reviewed papers, as well as management related articles are published in the SPE Economics & Management journal. Go to Management


discipline icon Production and Operations

Focuses include artificial lift, well operations and optimization, surveillance and monitoring, production chemistry, well intervention and decommissioning. Peer-reviewed papers are published in the journal SPE Production & Operations. Go to Production and Operations


discipline icon Reservoir

Topics range from simulation and formation evaluation to unconventionals and enhanced recovery processes. Specialized topical covered in global events and the peer-reviewed journal, SPE Reservoir Evaluation & Engineering. Go to Reservoir