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As a member of SPE, you are connected to industry professionals from around the world and at every stage of their careers.  

Deepen your membership experience by getting involved, from sharing knowledge in online discussions with others in your discipline, participating in events and activities, and recognizing members' achievements, to serving on committees that guide the future of SPE. 

Here are some of the many groups, channels and opportunities to enhance your connection to the SPE community.

SPE Connect

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Our online community where members share information and collectively invest, contribute, and build on a body of knowledge, including:

  • Technical and Non-technical Sections
  • Discussions, Blogs, and Libraries
  • Networking Opportunities

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Professional Focus and Networking

Join members who share your interests:

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Technical Discussion Communities
CompletionsData Science, Engineering AnalyticsDrillingHealth, Safety, Environment, and Sustainability | ManagementProduction and OperationsProjects, Facilities, and Construction | Reservoir

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Technical Sections
Interested in a specific technical topic? Find a technical section group here.


Non-technical SPE Connect Communities
Business Management & Leadership Forum | Energy Education Community | University & Faculty Network | Volunteer Community  

Share Your Knowledge

Volunteering and mentoring build strong connections within our community. Share your time and your industry knowledge with members of SPE and beyond.

Our Stories

Members Fueling Progress

Compelling stories about members who go beyond their own careers — fueling progress for the future of energy.

Members SPEak

What do SPE members around the globe have in common? And how are they different? Hear from our members in our series of short video interviews.

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The #WeAreSPE hashtag unites members across the world. Share your SPE stories with #WeAreSPE.