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2015 SPE Canada Heavy Oil Technical Conference

The 2015 SPE Canada Heavy Oil Technical Conference, themed “Barrels of Knowledge”, will build on a strong tradition of using the formal paper presentations combined with congenial fellowship to share and advance corporate and individual industry learning. The conference will cover the latest and most current technologies, processes and best practices related to the exploration and production of heavy oil in the region.

You can submit an abstract of a maximum of 450 words by the 19 November 2014 on any of the topics.  Find out more »

JCPT—The Legacy Continues

2015 brings improvements to our esteemed technical journal. The January issue of the Journal of Canadian Petroleum Technology (JCPT) is proud to deliver more relevant local content and snapshots into high-quality papers presented at Canada’s two major conferences. Combined with the respected peer reviewed technical papers JCPT is known for, this makes the journal even more of a must-have Canadian industry resource. Make sure your subscription is up to date so you won’t miss out!

Regional activities

Technical and networking luncheons

SPE sections in Canada offer Technical and Networking Luncheons on a monthly basis. Contact Jill Thomas, Member Services Specialist or your local section for the upcoming luncheons.

  1. SPE HSSE-SR: Beyond Conventional Oil & Gas: New Social Opportunities and Risks Workshop

    2 - 3 Dec | Banff, Alberta, Canada

  2. SPE Vision 20/20: Exploring the Future of Heavy Oil Workshop

    27 - 28 Jan | Lloydminster, Saskatchewan, Canada

  3. SPE Progressing Cavity Pumps Conference

    31 Mar - 1 Apr | Calgary, Alberta, Canada

  4. SPE/CHOA Slugging It Out Conference

    14 Apr | Calgary, Alberta, Canada

  5. SPE Tight Oil Workshop

    28 - 29 Apr | Lake Louise, Alberta, Canada

  6. SPE Emerging Analytical Techniques in the Oil and Gas Industry Workshop

    6 - 7 May | Canmore, Alberta, Canada

  7. SPE/CSGM Gas Migration Challenges - Identification and Treatment Workshop

    13 - 14 May | Banff, Alberta, Canada

Training Courses
  1. Practical Decline Curve Analysis

    24 - 25 Nov | Calgary, Alberta, Canada

  2. Introduction to Reservoir Engineering

    1 - 5 Dec | Calgary, Alberta, Canada

  3. In-Situ Recovery Methods and SAGD

    29 Jan | Lloydminster, AB, Canada

  4. Steam-Solvent, Solvent, and Steam-Additive Recovery Process Design Reservoir Description and Dynamics

    9 - 10 Feb | Calgary, Alberta, Canada

  5. Evaluation of Canadian Oil and Gas Properties

    23 - 27 Feb | Calgary, Alberta, Canada

  6. Shale Selection, Completions, Fracturing and Production

    10 - 11 Mar | Calgary, Alberta, Canada

  7. Casing and Tubing Design Seminar

    12 - 13 Mar | Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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