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Webinar: The Circular Economy

Sophie Theys will present the application of circular economy concepts to decommissioning and propose ways of integrating such circular concepts at the earliest stage of building oil and gas assets. Register Today.

Webinar: DRY HOLE ANALYSIS: What I have Learnt about the Upstream Petroleum Industry from my Failures

Originally aimed at Young Petroleum Professionals, the concepts have been expanded to help all professionals see the industry as a business. As well as uncovering technical findings from failures, we can also find out a great deal about the industry that will help working in it become more rewarding and exciting! Register Today.

Webinar: Cognitive Computing for Reducing Wellbore Positioning Uncertainty

In this webinar, we will look at a patented cognitive computing method for continuously modeling the bit position in real-time to reduce uncertainty between surveys. Examples will be shown where this modeling has resulted in better decisions, leading to wells with less tortuousity and higher accuracy. Register Today.

Webinar: Mitigating Security and Safety Risks of Sealed Radionuclide Sources Used in the Petroleum Industry: Regulations to Protocols to Technology

The presentation first discusses the varied landscape of source use by the industry and associated risks. It then describes the mitigation steps underway, especially their complex nexus, associated challenges and cross-disciplinary impacts to pose the question: Would these steps suffice or must source-use be abandoned? The talk explores why and how the industry can partner with various stakeholders in the mitigation efforts to address this multilayered challenge. Register Today.

Webinar: PDC Bit Design Optimization and Applications

This presentation focuses on our recent research work in three parts: 1) the development of a new bit-rock interaction model which is a key part in bit optimization; 2) a new method to layout primary cutters to increase drilling efficiency and stability; 3) a new method to layout backup cutters to extend bit life without sacrificing rate of penetration. Register Today.

Webinar: How Human Error In Wellbore Placement Can Adversely Affect Your Bottom Line

This webinar will cover the common causes for misplaced wells and their typical impact. It will refer to unidentified real world examples where better procedures, equipment, management or communications could have avoided very significant cost or production delay. Register Today.

Webinar: Computational Fluid Dynamics and Real Time Data Analysis - Assurance and Efficiency on Cement Jobs

This presentation will try to untangle some of the concepts introduced and discuss if a connection can be made between accurate modelling and real-time data analysis. A strategy is also proposed to take advantage of the modelling tools available and the data feeds streaming from rigs. Register Today.

Webinar: Digital Oilfield Series: From Infancy to Current Day

This new webinar series provides comprehensive information about the Digital Oilfield (DO), from its history to current applications. Register Today.

Webinar: Well Collision Avoidance

The webinar will review the management practices and lessons to be learned from the collision events. The discussions will also touch on the proposed collision avoidance rule which is scheduled to be presented in greater detail in the paper SPE 187073 at the forthcoming SPE 2017 Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition (ATCE) in San-Antonio, Texas. Register Today.

Webinar: Insights Into the Physical Phenomena That Influence Automatic Gain/Loss Detection During Drilling Operations

We present in this paper an analysis of the transient phenomena that limit the existing detection techniques, and explain how those effects can be accounted for with proper modeling. This leads to a significant extension of the domain of applicability of the traditional approaches. Register Today.