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Director’s Note: Public Acceptability

Oil and gas companies are making long-term investments around the world in costly, technically complicated projects where unanticipated community concerns can significantly reduce the return on investment.

New Web Event on Crude Oil Separators and Systems

Join the 14 January web event on “Upgrading Crude Oil Separators and Systems for Mature Oil Fields” presented by Graeme Smith.

New Web Event on Global Decommissioning

Join Jim Christie on 3 February as he discusses global decommissioning. How do you go about decommissioning three interconnected offshore platforms in the UK North Sea, comprising almost 100,000 tonnes of topsides and 40,000 tonnes of jackets, together with abandoning over 100 wells and hundreds of kilometers of pipelines?

SPE Members—Keep Your SPE Membership Producing for You

Renew before it ends on 31 December 2014.

New Web Event on Facility Operability

Join the 18 November web event on ‘Facility Operability: Designing Operable Facilities’ presented by Bill Capedevielle.

New Web Event on Fatigue Risk Management

Join the 10 December web event on “Emerging Approaches to Fatigue Risk Management“ presented by Martin Moore-Ede and Daniel Mollocone. This web event includes presentations from two speakers on the topic.

New Web Event on E&P Asset Developments

Join the 14 October web event on “PFC: Improving Business Decision-Making to Improve Asset Development Economics” presented by Neeraj Nandurdikar.

Latin America is Calling for Papers

Share your expertise and get recognized at the SPE Latin American and Caribbean Health, Safety, Environment, and Sustainability Conference.

New SPE Technical Section—Carbon Dioxide Capture, Utilization and Storage (CCUS)

SPE has formed a Technical Section to give members the opportunity to focus on Carbon Dioxide Capture, Utilization and Storage (CCUS), an area of interest for petroleum engineers worldwide. Industry interest in CCUS as a way to reduce emissions and for sequestering or storing carbon dioxide, has increased over the past decade. In response, SPE has stepped up programming in this area.

New Web Event on Human Factors

Attend a web event on “Human Factors in Drilling: Are there practical tools for use at the wellsite?” presented by John Thorogood on 12 November.