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Webinar: The Circular Economy

Sophie Theys will present the application of circular economy concepts to decommissioning and propose ways of integrating such circular concepts at the earliest stage of building oil and gas assets. Register Today.

Webinar: DRY HOLE ANALYSIS: What I have Learnt about the Upstream Petroleum Industry from my Failures

Originally aimed at Young Petroleum Professionals, the concepts have been expanded to help all professionals see the industry as a business. As well as uncovering technical findings from failures, we can also find out a great deal about the industry that will help working in it become more rewarding and exciting! Register Today.

Webinar: Oversizing Separators - Too Much of a Good Thing?

This presentation aims to highlight unforeseen consequences as well as provide design solutions or operating adjustments based on historical troubleshooting that address the entire field life. Register Today.

Webinar: Verifying Performance and Capability of New Technology for Surface and Subsea Facilities

This lecture summarizes the required steps involved in qualifying technology and how to keep track of technology development through the Technology Readiness Level (TRL) ranking system. In addition, some of the pitfalls in executing a TQP program are identified and discussed with emphasis on both component and system testing. Examples are given to illustrate the danger in taking shortcuts when executing the qualification plan. Register Today.

Webinar: Reservoir Fluid Sampling for Flow Assurance Fluid Characterization

In this talk, an overview of available reservoir fluid sampling methods will be provided with an emphasis on recent developments related to subsea sampling. Guidance will be provided on recommended sampling practices for flow assurance related characterization processes. Register Today.

Webinar: An Introduction To Recognition And Treatment Of Microbial Corrosion (MIC): Practical Tips For Engineers

In this webinar, MIC is explained in engineering terms. In addition, existing methods for recognition and treatment of MIC with their limitations and intrinsic drawbacks will be explained. A short introduction to hydrostatic testing, hydrant rings failures and the possible role of intelligent pigging and the link between these practices and MIC is explained. Register Today.

Webinar: Career Advancement Series: How to Get Ahead

This new webinar series provides you with career tools to get noticed and rise above the rest. Register Today.

Webinar: Liderazgo inspirador: Como aumentar la implicación de los empleados y la conexión con los clientes

Este seminario virtual trata de como alinear a todos los empleados con su pasión en el trabajo, para se convierta en implicación total en sus actividades; desarrolle al máximo su creatividad; impacte en los niveles de innovación de la empresa y mejore las relaciones con los clientes internos y externos. Register Today.

Webinar: Digital Oilfield Series: From Infancy to Current Day

This new webinar series provides comprehensive information about the Digital Oilfield (DO), from its history to current applications. Register Today.

Webinar: Eelume Resident AUV

The presentation will discuss the novel and disruptive technology for Subsea inspection, maintenance and repair. (IMR). The Kongsberg Eelume vehicle is an Autonomous underwater vehicle or rather a self-propelled dexterous robotic arm. Register Today.