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Join us on 28 May for the Human Factors Technical Report webinar

Ken Arnold, Ford Brett, and Andrew Dingee will present a summary of the two-day Human Factors Summit held In July 2012. This presentation is intended to provide guidance on human factors risks in E&P operations and what can be done to reduce those risks and increase safety.

SPE R&D Competition: Help Spread the Word

The oil and gas E&P industry faces big challenges as it rises to meet the world’s growing energy needs. And we don’t have all the answers. For that reason, SPE is holding a Research & Development Competition specifically to encourage researchers from the basic sciences and other engineering disciplines to engage in our six Grand Challenges.

Flow Assurance Engineer—What are our Career Expectations?

SPE Flow Assurance Technical Section Presents: Flow Assurance Engineer—What are our Career Expectations?

Presenting the 2013 SPE Faculty Innovative Teaching Award

This 17 April webinar will feature three recipients of the SPE Faculty Innovative Teaching Award, David DiCarlo, Shenglai Yang, and Phaneendra Babu Kondapi, for their innovative teaching techniques and excellence.

Register Today for R&D Study Group—Developing an Artificial Heart with Assistance from Cameron, an Oil Field Equipment Manufacturer

In November 2010 the Texas Heart Institute contacted Cameron asking if they would participate with them from an engineering standpoint in the design and development of the next generation total artificial heart.

Register Today for 18 March SPE Flow Assurance Technical Section Luncheon

This overview presentation will cover a holistic approach to analyzing and mitigating flow assurance concerns in existing fields. The program will consider an example offshore system from reservoir to sales point, and present a “Flow Assurance 101” primer. Specific attention will be given to the inter-relationships of the flow assurance risks and the impact of mitigation strategies on the total system.

Predicting Droplet Size Distributions

Join Gene Kouba on 25 June for his web event that will discuss a modified two-parameter methodology in which the minimum droplet size that can be created from available energy along with the maximum droplet size that can survive in the flow are used to characterize the droplet size distribution.

SPE Web Event—Social Investment Performance, 29 April

Sonia Gupta and Alison Colwell will discuss successes and challenges in determining social investment priorities, managing design and implementation, assessing social investment performance, and reporting on impact.

Water Treating—Taking the Mystery out of Water Soluble Organics

Join John Walsh on 10 June for a webinar discussing the fundamentals of water soluble organics and chemical and mechanical methods for their removal.

Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) as a Catalyst for Culture Change

This webinar on 22 April by Howard Duhon discusses methods for generating SOPs that accomplish the dual goals of improved design and improved, safer operation.