Research & Development

Oil and gas is a high-technology industry, where companies, scientists, and engineers continually challenge the barriers of what is possible to find and produce energy. New techniques and technologies discovered through R&D have been vital in enabling the industry to meet global energy demand, and will continue to be vital as the industry overcomes current and future challenges.

Find information on SPE activities that encourage and facilitate R&D in the oil and gas industry with a focus on exploration and production.

  • Grand Challenges Facing E&P Industry Explored
    What are the biggest research challenges facing our industry? The Research & Development Committee identified five areas it considers key grand challenges in E&P and is developing articles on each.

  • Additional R&D Articles and Papers
    Download and read R&D committee's white paper and Technology Tomorrow series and Spotlight on R&D series articles published in the Journal of Petroleum Technology.

  • R&D Technical Section Online Community
    SPE members interested in research and technology development can engage in discussions and share documents in our online community.

R&D Standing Committee

This is a standing committee whose role is to identify and facilitate global R&D activities that will provide needed technology for future use of petroleum engineers. Volunteer for the committee.

  • David Curry, Chairman
    Baker Hughes Inc.
  • Vikas Bhushan
    Sarawak Shell Berhad
  • Chris Buckingham
    Southwest Research Institute
  • Ian Calder
    CBMC Ltd
  • Ramona Graves
    Colorado School of Mines
  • Annabel Green
  • Sunil Kokal
    Saudi Aramco
  • Olga Koper
    Batelle Memorial Institute
  • Kishore Mohanty
    University of Texas
  • Rajesh Nair
    Indian Institute of Technology
  • Jack Neal
  • Shahin Negahban
    Abu Dhabi Co Onshore Oil Opr
  • Luigi Saputelli
  • Mike Wells
    Baker Hughes Inc
  • David White